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5 Tips to Write Social Media Content Which Get More Likes, Comments and Shares

Social media has become the order of the day in all walks of life nowadays. It is as much popular in the personal front as in the corporate operations. When such is the value and demand of social media, can you ignore it at any point in time? It is a proven fact today that the mode, applications and benefits of social media have changed dramatically thus it can’t be ignored or taken lightly in business operations especially if running them through the digital mediums or platforms.

It is thus well understood that you would like to improve engagements on each and every social media network in the verge to expand your business operations. It’s high time that you remember an important factor that being active on social media channels isn’t enough or suffice to fulfill the desired purpose. Now is the time to use all sorts of resources meticulously to ascertain generating user-friendly and also clickable contents which receive guaranteed maximum likes and shares.

Social media engagement plays a pivotal role in giving a new boost to social media marketing strategies. Every single effort you do to generate quality contents might literally go in vain if you fail to bring your contents into the notice of your prospects and the search engines, by keeping a perfect balance.

Social media signals such as re-tweets and shares play a major role in popularizing blog contents thus helping the posts get indexed. In addition to that, it also helps to improve your brand awareness besides creating an online reputation and generating the leads for a newer boost in the customer engagements.

Whether social media improves ranking or not is a debatable topic but it is already confirmed by the market researchers that they can increase engagement and traffic of the websites concerned. And, the fact is undeniable that traffic improves organic rankings.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that generating social media likes, comments and shares aren’t as easy as it seems. Indeed, it is a tough nut to chew. Therefore, if you are keen to engage your audiences you must have effective strategies including best of the plans to generate user-friendly and informative contents as the mandatory steps beside considering rest timely strategies for proven results. Also, remember the recent research outcome that ‘marketers should not ignore the social media channels as it is estimated at around 2.77 billion social media users in 2019 itself.

Tips to Generate Social Media Contents which Get More Likes and Shares

social media likes, comments and shares

So what strategies you have in mind to boost your social media likes, comments and shares to turn your engagements as desired? Here we have enlisted five tips to help you achieve such goals of yours for incessant success:

1. Identify Your Audiences

Being a social media manager, you should identify your target audiences and create each and every strategy by keeping in consideration the needs and requirements of the potential targets. Strategically planned activities will be helpful for an assured increment in the social shares, likes and comments. Having a great social media presence will equally be effective for your business growth to get a total boost like a wildfire. Identifying your audience means you are in the know-how of audiences or targets, therefore, remain aware of their exclusive demands from you as well.

2. Identify the Goals and Objectives

The first step to help your audiences to get engaged through ensuring growing your social media presence is to identify the goals and objectives. While generating the social media contents, you must, therefore, keep your goals and objectives in mind. It will definitely help you get your contents to go viral. Land your prospects in a page you want them to. Carefully planned SMO services by the professional companies will definitely boost to prove helpful for you to achieve the goals.

3. Use a Catchy Headline

Whether it is a print media or an online platform, any content is initially judged by the headlines put in. After reading headlines though, people further decide whether to go through the whole content or not. It plays a great role to increase reader engagement. The headlines you write for social media too has to be tailored as brief and concise yet catchy to seek everybody’s attention. Besides maintaining the total relevancy, you should also keep them shorter. Remember it such headlines leave a more significant impact than the longer ones.

Each social media channel is different in their perspectives and target assessments. So, you should consider writing different types of headlines for all alternate social networks.

4. Post Sharable Contents

Write for your readers and give them the freedom to share contents when and how they want to do so. Sharable contents always motivate your audiences to not only read but also share the posts with the people in their networks whom they want to make aware of something they personally liked. You can also ask your readers at the end of the content pieces to share them. Motivate readers to like, comment and/or share the contents for their further popularity and channelization.

5. Motivate Your Readers

To capture the attention of your readers and to literally motivate them to share, you need to turn the contents scannable as much as possible besides making them easy to read yet effective pieces to be admired. Use easy to understand words besides ensuring to remove all unnecessary jargons which might not be easily grasped by the laymen readers. Rather than being verbose, try to convey the ideas smoothly so that your contents become perfect in terms of their readability elements as much as for their shareability values.

Tips to increase the readability and shareability of your contents:

  • Use an active voice in your social media posts
  • Use short and easy to understand words or phrases
  • Use small and simple paragraphs
  • Use easy sentence structures

Over the period of time though, social media has become one of the most powerful tools to promote or market the companies and/or their products and services. But, with the increasing number of contents shared on the social media each passing of the day, it becomes difficult for a social media marketer to create contents which get clicks, likes, comments or shares in the desired pace. All the 5 tips discussed above are definitely going to prove helpful for you to write clickable contents which become successful on each and every social network.

Plan your strategies carefully to implement them through taking help of the skilled team of professionals from any reputed content agencies. Remember that LinkedIn Marketing services completely different from Facebook marketing and or YouTube marketing and also Twitter marketing services amongst others. Only professional agencies will guide you to evaluate and judge all such factors.

Share your ideas if you have any on the said topic. Do write your concerns in the below-commenting section.


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