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Content Marketing Success in 2020

We are already entered in 2020. If you do not walk with the time, you will leave behind your competitors. With time, content marketing has also changed a lot. So, get your content marketing program updated for 2018 and beyond. Proper planning on time will help you get ahead of your competitors.

With the constant development of the online industry, content marketing is also forced to keep up with new trends and re-innovate itself. The way people used to search and shop has completely changed.

There are many content marketing strategies to improve ranking and thus website traffic immediately. Improved traffic helps them to boost conversions. So, you should try your best to generate traffic and engage them.

You must have heard that content is king. It is true, but it is very difficult to figure out exactly what content works and how often one should post.

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Here we will discuss some general guidelines that will ultimately help you be more effective.

1. Start writing more

Publish articles and blogs on a regular basis. Create an editorial calendar and maintain it. According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), “companies that blog at least 15 times per month or at least every other day get five times more traffic than companies that don’t.

2. Write only after researching

It is a wastage of time if you do not produce engaging, fresh and search-friendly content. When creating a copy, just think the copy is really needed by your consumers. Think many times before you start writing. Don’t just create an article or blog post because someone said to do so. Understand why you need a blog first.

3. Track and monitor content

Closely measurement and analysis of content performance are helpful to decide the company’s content strategy. It will help you assess every piece of content that is working and what is not. If your content is engaging and getting returning customers, you should move ahead.

4. Include video

Video-sharing platforms, including YouTube, continue to remain a successful medium for content strategy. In your content strategy, including videos so that you grow in importance as part of a company’s content marketing plan. It is perceived a ten-minute video is much more successful as creating a 2000 word article.

5. Promote your content

Writing content is completely wastage of time if it does not easily accessible to readers. Even before writing, you should work on a content distribution plan.

In 2018, most content marketers are concentrating on getting new ways to promote their most valuable pieces. Some popular ways to promote your pieces include email marketing, social media and press releases.

6. Craft quality content that ranks on Google

Mere creating content does not work. Your content should be of high quality, well researched and SEO friendly. Google loves fresh content, so you can invite Google crawlers by updating your website with fresh content. Things you need to keep in mind while generating content that ranks on Google, include:

  • Leave readers with questions
  • Make your content scannable
  • Use keywords properly
  • Educate your readers

7. Diversify Social Media Strategy

Content marketers must rely on social media channels. Apart from generating traffic, social media posts educate your prospects and improve ranking. Social media channels are still one of the most preferred sources to spread your content. Once you get success in getting your prospects on your website, then your website content will play an important role in coaxing them to take action.


Every business strategy has to change with time. The content marketing strategy also needs to be changed in 2018 in order to get the most out of it. Content marketing works as a strategic marketing approach of connecting and engaging with an audience through the publication of highly relevant, informative, well researched and targeted SEO content pages.

Create high quality and relevant backlinks for an SEO boost. Avoid activities in 2020, which Google and other search engines do not link. When your content marketing and SEO work together, you will start getting immediate benefits.


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