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Why to Update Your WordPress Website Now?

Digital world has been exploring innumerable things since the advent of Internet-supported trade practices. Webmasters keep exploring the best Content Management Systems (CMS) for the said purpose. WordPress remains one of the most popular open-source CMS platforms in that context though. It is indeed liked, preferred and evaluated extensively throughout the world nowadays. Due to the unparalleled versatility which allows WordPress to be deployed everywhere with its primary attributes of carrying maximum flexibility from the uses in personal blogs to small company websites and or eCommerce portals, it has become sought after and preferable choice today. That is why it remains first preference of more than 26.4% of the web users nowadays.

Always remember certain notable factors why they merit for you to enjoy peace of mind if you have a WordPress supported website. It should be your primary duty to keep it thoroughly updated with latest versions. By keeping your WordPress site updated, you ensure its security from the potential threats of any of the spammers.

An important highlight from The Akismet that WordPress gets 132-million spam messages every month. It should be assessed, understood and judged carefully to avoid the future potential threats. If you neglect WordPress updates at any point of time now, your WordPress website would remain vulnerable and at risk from the unforeseen attacks in the form of impromptu as well as unwelcome vulnerabilities or inconveniences for which you weren’t prepared. That is why you should mandatorily focus at it with a complete preparation.

8 Benefits of Updating Your WordPress Website

Benefits of Updating Your WordPress Website

Here we have brought 08 common reasons and the key factor why you must keep your WordPress website updated to avail the desired benefits:

#1. Improve the Visual Appeal

Don’t forget this proven fact that your website is a reflection of your company. It is thus understood that any website which has been perfectly designed and also being loaded with the useful information is bound to support thus prove helpful for your company to be seen as an authority. It is gradually considered an expert opinion maker in the respective markets.

In its opposite scenario though, any website with outdated designs and information would literally mar the online brand reputation. That is why experts always insist that one should update the WordPress websites on regular intervals to improve their visual appeal for fast reachability to millions in one go.

#2. Make It Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Responsive websites are always designed and developed to restructure the contents so that they get displayed across all the smart devices in an easy-to-read & understandable format. If your website is not mobile friendly, then surely you are going to miss out huge potential traffic that could make a big difference upon being availed. A proven fact is that 52.2% of all worldwide online traffic had been generated through mobile phones or smartphones in 2018.

#3. Enhance Performance Level

Users always want to browse your website smoothly and so do they explore that without doing additional efforts. If it takes unnecessary longer time to load, then chances are high that several users would leave you to rather start one more search which assures them of the simplification of efforts. Upon getting your website updated thoroughly, you will not only be able to engage the prospects as the readers to come to it but also entice them to take an action after that positive influence which had developed in that specific context. Through updating your website, you develop a broader strategy and also ensure that every single user experiences that superior yet smooth performance you had desired for them.

#4. Ensure High Security

Safety and security of a website has always been considered most important reason why one must keep the WordPress websites fresh and up to date to avail several notable benefits. Since WordPress is an open source platform, anyone can study source code to learn. On the other hand, people with bad intentions in mind, especially hackers might analyze the code to find out the ways thus break into the website. It is mandatory to ensure highest level of security to keep the malicious forces away from your website.

#5. Get New Features

Each WordPress release comes with new features in order to make the browsing experience memorable for the browsers. For example, WordPress 4.0 update came with an improved plugin install experience. Likewise, WordPress 4.1 update introduced an inline image editing while WordPress 4.2 update came with the faster plugin updates.

#6. Effective Use of ‘Call to Action’

Call to Action helps you to convert your visitors into the paying customers. If your website lacks in the effective calls to action, you may lose a chance to convert the visitors into your potential customers. By updating your WordPress website, your CTA (Call to Action) too gets updated automatically as a resultant impact. WordPress ensures that your CTA must remain interesting enough to persuade the visitors to complete the desired action. It is necessary to take concrete steps to avail maximum benefit from the website with the robust CTA strategies.

#7. Improve the Content

Through redesigning your existing WordPress site, you definitely get an opportunity to re-address how to communicate with all your visitors by writing lead generating contents. In addition to that, you must also know this important fact that fresh contents are crucial as an important factor to encourage search engines and people to visit a site. Engaging content will help you to engage your readers and let them take buying decision instantly.

#8. Bug Fixtures

Despite the rigorous testing of major WordPress releases, sometimes minor and major bugs might be unintentionally neglected or ignored. In case you go to the WordPress Support Forums now to ask for any help, then the first advice you would receive from their experts is that let WordPress be updated instantly to fix the issues, whatever they may be. That is why updates are always encouraged.


Above mentioned 08 factors are the benefitting aspects which let you upgrade your WordPress website whenever there is a new WordPress release. Through upgrading your website, you move on to its better performance, high security, avail new features and last but not the least enjoys the compatibility benefits. They ensure that visitors keep coming back to your WordPress website without fail.

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