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How to Promote a Travel Website?

Fast paced lifestyle has dominated us so much so that we always look for one sort of rejuvenation or the other as a respite. Planning a short trip as and when possible remains the most favorite and perfect idea for a change. Perhaps, it is the primary reason that the tour & travel industry has been emerging into one of the fastest growing industries in the worldwide scenario today. Indeed, its growth continues to leave an irrefutable impact with its constant leaps in the near future too.

According to Statista, the tourism industry had a global economic contribution of over 7.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016 and which is increasing continuously. Whether you are in a tour and travel business or an SEO company involved in managing different websites of several companies from the tourism domain, you would always require multiple avenues to find out various ways to promote the travel websites. It is necessary to give a new boost to them thus enjoy the best possible exposure in the industry.

Keep certain important factors into consideration especially the one universal rule—that ‘rather than waiting for anybody to approach you, let you approach them first’. It doesn’t matter how effective, informative and quality blogs you have written, it would perhaps remain perishable and useless until and unless people read them. The question is that why anybody should come over you to read your blogs. And, whether it is possible that someone keeps searching you exclusively that too while they are flooded with countless other options.

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The fact is undeniable that blogs are written for a dual purpose that they are to be exposed before the maximum audiences to read and at the same juncture they are being crawled by the search engines. Considering these two notable factors, besides an ardent need to promote websites to generate traffic and create brand awareness for online boost & improved ranking, multiple steps are sought.

Travel Website and its Online Promotion

Travel Website and its Online Promotion

There are several ways to promote a tour and travel website to get it noticed by the potential readers as the target groups. If you plan a proper online promotion strategy and follow the specific strategies for the same, nobody can defeat you ever. Our tour and travel experts point out certain major strategies which you need to mandatorily include in your marketing strategies.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Consider SEO – off-page (on someone else’s site) and on-page (your site). Hubspot reveals that 75% of SEO is off-page while 25% is on-page. Successful SEO strategies would definitely prove helpful for you to get your website on the first page of Google. SEO for a travel website is indeed different as compared to planning SEO strategies for rest websites. You must keep such technicalities and associated factors into consideration while planning them. Apart from making your website load faster & mobile friendly, keyword placements to optimizations et al play a pivotal role. They ensure smooth, constant and worthwhile ranking.

Benefits of SEO
  • Cost effective option
  • Definite increase in the traffic
  • Improves brand credibility
  • Builds overall trust
  • Better ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Your Competitors Are Doing That
  • Takes Your Business to the Next Level
  • SEO Makes You Stand Out among the 250 Million Websites on the Web

2. Start Blogging about Travels

Start blog writing from today onwards if you are keen to improve the ranking, generate traffic and thus obtain more leads. Search about the blog writing tips so that you can easily generate high quality and user-friendly posts for your own website and on other 3rd party websites too. Create unique and exclusive images for your posts in order to increase viewership. Blog posts with images get 94% more total views.

Advantages of Writing Travel Blogs
  • Generates inbound links
  • Creates outbound backlinks
  • Builds authenticity
  • Educates the prospects

3. Optimize Page Titles & Descriptions

Page Titles & descriptions always play a greater role in bringing improvement in the rankings of the websites concerned. Search Engines consider them important while assessing the pages for their ranking improvements. Perfectly optimized titles & descriptions equally increase the click-through rates of your website while your visitors see them on the search results to make a quick decision on whether to click on a link or keep scrolling without having any look on them.

While writing the meta titles and descriptions, try to use your long tail keywords. They will be helpful through perusing Google to recognize your page. Try to keep the meta descriptions between 150-160 characters only because Google usually truncates snippets which are longer than 160 characters.

4. Optimize the URLs

Several people managing a travel website often ignore some minor factors and things as considered useless to look at. Later, same ignored factors to prove a big barrier to bring improvement in the website rankings. Apart from your title and descriptions, URLs optimization also plays a greater role to ensure ranking of a website. Try to incorporate your keywords in the URL without making it long. That will surely prove helpful for SEO purpose and in all the efforts being made.

5. Optimize Contents for Users

Your travel website content should not only educate the readers but also literally coax them to fill in the Query Form. Do not write contents for search engines only, for which you simply need to incorporate the keywords. Write them for human readers alongside the machines. Your content must engage readers by answering several potential questions. Lead generating content will coax your readers to take action by filling in an online query form.

6. Optimize for the Local Searches

You should optimize your travel website for the local searches as well because it is one of the greatest ways to attract the travel-related service providers in your area. 97% people searched online to find a local business. In addition to that, you have a verified Google MyBusiness account with accurate contact details, descriptions, photos and other related information.

7. Social Media Presence

Whether social media helps a website to improve the ranking is a debatable topic. It is though confirmed that it greatly helps you to increase the number of visitors thus builds your brand. Use social media effectively and also involve your prospects to the best extent possible with the quality posts. Social media is a great tool to build an online reputation, educate the prospects and to let them get into your website in mere few clicks.


To run a travel website effectively or smoothly, you need to keep into consideration the above mentioned notable points. Such factors are very much important as they not only help you improve ranking, increase traffic, generate leads and boost the online reputation but also remain helpful to build your brands. Since content plays a vital role in supporting your SEO efforts, don’t compromise with their quality parameters to ascertain that your readers develop trust in you.

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  1. SEO basically deals with the website optimization such that it appears in front of the targeted audiences in Google search. For instance, if someone searched for ‘book hotel online’, and your website makes it to the top of the search results pages. If you get success in appearing on the first page of Google, then there is an increased chance that you will end up making the deal. You automatically boost your business when you offer your customers what they are looking forward to having. This is how tour and travel SEO blesses you.

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