Does Traffic Improve Organic Ranking

Traffic Boosts SEO and So Does Affect Google Rankings

Those in the online business or eCommerce trade often listen to the people who usually convey it repeatedly that “improve your organic ranking to boost traffic and thus sales”. What is your opinion and thought on it?

Do you have similar perceptions that there is a possibility to improve ranking through traffic?

An expert answer to this vital question would be in the affirmation—“Yes”. The fact is undeniable that there is a causal relation between website traffic with organic ranking. Both are directly connected with each other on the adaptable grounds. It is thus mandatory to understand such correlation as the core ideas behind any website promotional strategy in the context of traffic and organic rankings.

There are a number of ways you need to keep in mind to improve the organic ranking of a website, including SEO Copywriting tips. While writing copies, you being a copywriter need to keep in mind a number of points. Apart from catchy headlines and subheading, you may consider writing scannable content.

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The famous book, In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives conveys it that “if your site was clicked a number of times on a Google search and if the users stayed on the website, then Google ranks it better.” This book further described this phenomenon a ‘short click’ vs a ‘long click’ organic ranking.

CognitiveSEO equally confirms such perceptions that traffic improves organic search rankings.

There is an ardent need to understand various such diversified strategies which are applied by Google most often to crosscheck the authenticity of the particular website. Google implies lots of ranking factors for the accuracy of results. The use of such factors is pivotal to help decide the ranking accuracy of specific websites. Once such elements are understood one can easily judge the correlation between traffic improvement and organic ranking.

Traffic Improves SEO website

Countless webmasters have already started evaluating such factors nowadays. They have indeed realized this fact that search engines, including Google amongst others, have been paying more attention to the user metrics. So, time is rife today that the action plans must base on keeping a keen and focused approach on search engines.

Take for example the positive impact of a new Press Release if it gets published in an authoritative website. You will undoubtedly start receiving a huge number of traffic through that Press Release due to gaining authoritative website benefit. It will also add value due to the additional advantages you can explore. Resultantly, you must expect your website to improve in ranking. This is how it proves that causal relation between these two definitely works better for your long term advantage.

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The simple logic is applied here that any website with its increased number of direct visitors always gets considered and better recognized thoroughly into an authority website. The fact is beforehand that Google always prioritizes authority websites for rankings. So, your decisions should base on this unique philosophy.

The scholastic book In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives further elaborated with the reasoning that ‘if your site had been clicked a number of times on a Google search and if users stayed on the website, then Google ranks are expected to remain better. Uniquely explained as ‘short click’ vs. a ‘long click,’ this book opines that readers must judge all such factors on the elemental basis by keeping in consideration the reasons and scenarios into prime focus.

Improve ranking with Traffic

The proven fact is that the only way to protect your website from losing rankings is to build that revamped platform as a site exclusively meant for the common people, although machines also remain major targets. While getting adequate traffic and by gaining the benefit to have secured engaging contents for that scenario, you avail the dual benefit of taking your website at the zenith of success through your drastic improvement in ranking and at the same juncture converting traffic into sales. This is how you achieve your business goals.


Traffic always improves the ranking of any dynamic website. But, you should ensure to monitor if you are receiving genuine and relevant traffic or not. The moment you are a success in landing relevant traffic to your website, your actionable contents will equally prove helpful to start converting the said traffic into the paying customers. Several other sources of generating traffic without ranking, including social media platforms, blog commenting amongst others equally leave a greater impact. What you need the most is to maintain total consistency in doing every single effort. SEO services will help you improve ranking and thus traffic.

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