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6 Popular Ways to Get Your Startup Funded

Strong willpower, diehard attitude and an untiring zeal to attain success until the last efforts bring the rewards to remain key prerequisites to smoothen ways for the startups to reach the zenith of success. You might be one such individual willing to start your own dream startup yet think and rethink on multiple factors, especially how to take your ideas into the next stage of concrete implementation. While in the verge of translating your ambitions into success stories, you must take some of the most distinguishing steps which get recognized and remembered by all and sundry.

Is your answer in the affirmation that you are the one who seeks to do whatever efforts are required to fulfill an entrepreneurial dream? If so then you need to think out of the box. Some never-ending yet haunting questions will always be beforehand as a few most hindering forces keep creating undue chaos with the constant brouhahas. Your firm determination to overcome them would be the first resistance as a strong step to help you emerge into a touchstone.

Questions like are you ready with the funds and whether adequate corpus funding is there for a backup would always keep demotivating you. But can you still go for starting a business plan and take that to the next level while there is a total scarcity of funds? Think about all such factors but still rethink on fulfilling your dreams with a newer zeal. Overview the success paths of all those ventures from around the world that proved their mettle with their mega successes even though they had to face the worst struggling phases, including financial crunch, but still, they monopolized their markets.

Let lack of financial resources doesn’t stop you from pursuing your dreams. Look for certain effective avenues and get the financial matters resolved while you are ready to fulfill your own startup dreams.

There are many reasons behind the failure of a startup, including you are running out of cash. A key job of the management is to understand that important factor to keep tracking the financial health of an organization and running that smoothly. If needed, they should get their startup funded to lead to successful financing or to ascertain positive cash flows.

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While explored keenly, one comes across to multiple avenues through various types of funding availabilities for the startups. The entrepreneurs and management are thus advised to consider and evaluate all such funding types available for each stage of business, therefore, they easily retain their operations.

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6 ways on how to get your startup funded

Startup Funding Procedure

Some of the world’s fastest developing countries are those where startups have been unconditionally promoted by their respective governments. It is high time you start your own business even if you are in a financial constraint. Below mentioned 6 ways will definitely be helpful for you to get your startup funded thus translate your dreams into realities.

1. Bootstrap as long as you can

Convincing others to invest in your idea is a tough nut to chew thus an utterly frustrating task. Therefore, you can bootstrap as long as your finances allow. By investing your own money, you can protect yourself from the outside influences. On the darker side though, you will not be in a debt trap to someone else, in case of failure. Bootstrap funding will allow you to create a project the way you dream and plan that to move ahead. You can always attract investments at any other stage. So, at the initial point, the primary aspect should be to start right and get the results first.

2. Seek help from your friends and family

In the United States, friends and family remain the second on the list for the top startup funding sources. The simple logic is applicable for them that friend and family love and trusts you, therefore, they keep offering you motivational financial supports. Furthermore and most importantly they are aware of you personally traits thus as the initial supporters of your startup, they believe in you and your potentialities.

On the other hand, unlike banks, you are not likely to pay any interest to your family and friends. In case your idea fails, they would be co-operating you by giving sufficient time to you to repay them at ease.

3. Find a Naïve Investor

Find a naïve investor who invests in your idea. Nowadays, most of them are hooked as attracted towards Internet companies thus they remain eager to invest after seeing the success of Facebook and WhatsApp to name a few. They would be ready to invest in your startup as well if they like your idea and you are able to convince them. In lieu of the funds they contribute, they will seek for their share in the form of equity. It’s high time to approach only those investors who understand your market better.

4. Credit cards or bank loans

One of the easiest options to generate funds for a startup at its initial stages is by promoting the use of credit cards. It does not take long to get the approval for any such business credit card if you are ready with the documents. Such cards also come with the features of installment options to ease card repayments. Credit cards can prove an attractive option until you don’t miss any installment.

Besides credit cards, bank loans for startups can also be availed easily through the minimum documentation process. Make sure that you strictly adhere to payment date schedules in the bank loans and never ever miss any installment to develop your business rapport before the banks to ease for your future bank funding.

5. Get in touch with the Venture Capitalists

Venture Capitalists are the group of professionals who always look for the genuine startups which have the success potential to fund them. VCs usually look for those startups which have the maximum potentiality to grow as a strong team. If you are the one opting for Venture Capital funding, you must be flexible enough to take their inputs to learn from them and vice versa.

6. Try Angel Investment

A countless number of individuals with surplus cash in hand often looks forward to investing in the startups and earns profits once they grow and start generating funds. They screen startups with huge potentialities before thinking to make investments. It is also seen that Angel Investment comes with the high-interest expectations and lesser investments as compared to the Venture Capitalists.


Your ideas require outside financial support too in the form of funding to sustain in the long run. If such avenues are beforehand, you feel more comfortable to give a new wing to your startup. Above mentioned ideas are some of the best ways to get your startups funded that too with facing little or no hurdles at all. Think on becoming a passionate entrepreneur who dreams big through figuring out how to make things happen even with the scarce resources.

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