Tips for Writing an SOP

8 Tips for Writing a Convincing Statement of Purpose

If you have a big dream to win a hefty pay package and achieve professional goals in this cutthroat competitive environment then, the first and foremost preparation is to get yourself enrolled in a prestigious College or University. Taking admissions in the reputed Colleges or Universities is mandatory for that as they pave the way for your smooth entry into the corporate world to attain name, fame and also enjoy the reasonably genuine financial gains for your professional acumen.

You might be one of the hundreds of thousands of students seeking admissions in such Colleges or Universities. Your know-how of the rules and regulations of getting enrolled through a proper application process for admissions will ascertain your candidature is not rejected at any point in time. The first thing you need to do is to write a concise yet effective admission essay  and present that before the Admission Committee while submitting an application. Once your essay gets approved, you should furnish the Statement of Purpose (SOP) as the secondary process and thus enjoy the maximum scope for getting enrolled easily.

The proven fact is that SOP probably remains one of the most misunderstood aspects of admission applications. Most students don’t know its importance and so they are not aware of the techniques to writer such customized essays. Such essays are crucial to present before the Admission Council for admissions in almost all prestigious Universities or Colleges.

Many students take it easy and write any monotonous stuff which doesn’t stand out and become a primary cause of application rejections. Admission seekers should, therefore, remain aware of this fact that University Admissions Committees put a hefty weight on the SOPs and their structures. That is why you shouldn’t ignore them and their value in enrollments.

Get your SOP written by the professionals to avoid any possible rejection. Admission Committees want to keenly assess or observe if a particular student interested in certain courses are worth enrolling or not. They can easily make an assessment of how much a student willing to study at that university are prepared to pursue a course. Their SOP speaks volumes about their analytical assessment of respective subjects of study.

What is a Statement of Purpose (SOP)?

Also called a Personal Statement or an Admissions or Application Essay, SOPs are tailor-made essays or the exclusively written statements which applicants write while applying to some of the reputed Colleges, Universities, or Graduate Schools to get them enrolled. The SOP is thus common yet vital part of the University or College admission process. Such essays offer students the best ways to express their goals and achievements in front of the Admission Officers and the Faculty Members of particular College or University evaluating the applications for enrollment purpose.

Why Do Colleges/Universities Ask for SOPs?

Almost all foreign Universities or Colleges of international repute seek for the SOPs because they want to decide whether applicants are truly interested in the specific programs they apply for. In addition, it also reveals students’ ability to pursue a program successfully as their analytical abilities are assessed through such essays.

SOPs also ensure whether students, if getting selected, would be able to contribute significantly to that particular Institute. Many such vital questions are replied through creatively written SOPs. Such essays are helpful for the applicants to highlight their strengths and the specific goals during admission process abroad. It is like a Cover Letter, which is helpful to convince the Admission Officers to choose your candidature among hundreds of applications.

SOP Writing Tips


As you are aware of this fact that an ordinary SOP will reduce your chances of getting admission, you need to learn and know the tips to write SOPs which gets accepted to the best extent possible.

1. importance of SOP in the admission process

Almost all reputed globally recognized Colleges and Universities demand an SOP for the application process. The courses you apply might differ but they all would be expecting certain answers for the same four pieces of questions:

  • What do you want to study?
  • Why do you want to study a particular course?
  • What experience you have in your field?
  • What is your next plan once you get a degree?

You must reveal through an SOP that you have an interest in your chosen discipline and have the background to support your interests, ideas and goals. Through that particular document, you need to prove that you have a creative mind and so are you committed for the courses applied.

2. Write Stories; Not Statements

Like yours, there would be thousands of other such statements in front of the Admission Committee. They have limited time to go through the stores. Your SOP must reveal your candidature by telling your goals. Write a concise and short yet great narrative about what made you make that particular choice. You should also demonstrate why you have chosen to study a certain course at that particular University concerned. If you attain success to impress the Admission Committee with your creative storyline, then your half work to admission is already done.

3. Grab the spotlight

Let your personality emerge and demonstrate your experience and interest through your SOP. Write a scannable content so that it appeals to the Admission Committee within a few seconds to decide w0hether to read that further or not.

4. Share your experiences and passion

Relate your past experiences with the course you are applying. Explain it that you are an avid learner and how that particular program would help you achieve your goals in life. Talk about your journey of encountering the hurdles, triumphs and the lessons learned. And, mention your passion for the course you want to study.

5. Ask for the feedback

Don’t send your statement directly to the Admission Committee. Once you finished that, share a draft with your professors or professional SOP writing companies. In fact, you need a content editing service now from the professional editors. A fresh set of eyes will often pick up the errors or some points you completely missed out.

6. Address your problems

You should address your past problems in a mature manner by a thorough mention that what you did to overcome them. It must reassure the Admissions Committee that you are capable enough to resolve any academic problem during your study period. Avoid demonstrating your personal problems. If you get success in telling your story effectively, it will enhance the Admissions Committee’s image of you as a confident and bold student. You can face many challenges to overcome them at the right juncture.

7. Be clear and concise

A professionally written SOP is not something to show off your writing skills. In this limited place, you need to prove your candidature for a course applied. You should send your message efficiently and effectively. They are not interested in your story. They want you to prove your capabilities for the course applied for.

8. Give yourself the time to write

Creating a powerful and convincing statement which reflects who you require from you lots of time and efforts. You should point out the ideas, create many raw drafts thus make a final draft. Once you’re finally satisfied, you need to crosscheck your work several times. So, give sufficient time to write an SOP.

Final Say

Follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks while writing your SOP. By being sincere and able to get success in following the SOP writing tips discussed above, your chances of getting accepted would increase to even 100%. Unless specific programs say otherwise, finish your statement between 500 to 1000 well-selected words. Do not unnecessarily increase it or write too short. It should incorporate your all points in the reasonable word limit.

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