Social Proof for Brands

How to Social Proof Your Company/Brand

In the ever-changing and constant transformations beforehand, we come across too many new and innovative things almost every day. Maturity of a professional would be truly showcased only if such constant metamorphosis gets evaluated at the right juncture and thus maximum benefits are availed. Social proof for brands is one such factor that needs to be studied keenly in the current context of the fast changes that are happening everywhere and each passing of the day.

Now and then, you must have heard the social proof of your company/brands. It’s high time you give it a thought why such questions are raised and insistences made for the same. The proven fact can’t be denied that there remain several factors that can influence any customer’s decision-making psychology. But, your primary goal would be to let them buy your products/services instead of your competitors. It is a truth that everybody accepts without questioning any other related factors.

The question is that ‘how you can influence their opinions and what steps are to be taken and et al to find the convincing response.’ You can achieve this by leveraging social proof. And, it is proving into a reality today. Therefore, social proof in marketing has become the need of the hour.

To leverage social proof, you need to create a positive perception of your brand and its products and services. Resultantly, you can expect a remarkable outcome of it to benefit you on multiple grounds. For example, a customer is looking for a particular product online. He/she is not sure to buy the item from a particular online store only and often feels like at standing the crossroads then what steps are to be taken.

It is logically accepted in that situation that the prospect will explore a few websites and also read customers’ reviews keenly and observantly before finally buying any chosen item. One will have this sense of satisfaction after such deals that best efforts were made to evaluate and scrutinize products/services, therefore, an effective outcome was there. Therefore, social proof for the website is also in demand.

What Is Social Proof?

what is social proof
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Social proof can be defined as a type of user-generated content solution (UGC), where the customers leave the reviews, comments, recommendations and et al for social sharing purposes witnessed by countless others. They matter the most in keeping the customers hooked.

Your brand might be producing world-class products and or offering excellent services to the target groups but that would perhaps be of no use in the sales until and unless people come forward to know about them keenly. With the social proof, you are going to educate your prospects through instilling certain levels of values in them thus they turn into your loyal customers.

The most trusted example of social proof is the online reviewing process. It can leave a better impact on the prospects and also take them close to you for an enduring relationship. Online reviews are thus always vital for any firm’s reputation management strategies. You can’t ignore them at any point in time by keeping in consideration their exceptionally appealing values.

A positive review from any celebrity or an influencer can turn an unknown product or brand into a trendsetting sensation overnight. And, it can also lead to higher conversion rates and therefore sales increase. Just think about it and how it proves a reality today. Social proof in the advertising industry can do wonders.

Examples of Social Proof for Brands & Firms


Depending on the products or services you are offering, there remain various types of social proofs that can be used to help any brand improve its conversion rates. Some of the examples include:

  • Photos and reviews from customers
  • Testimonials from customers
  • Customer case studies
  • Ratings or feedbacks from customers
  • Reviews on the third-party sites, including Yelp or Google
  • Certificate of satisfaction from the customer organizations
  • Number of social shares, likes and comments
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • Endorsements from the influencers

Above mentioned social proofs are a few examples available but there remains many more to explore. The social proof you might display will depend on the industry you serve. For example, a travel company might show the number of bookings booked, while an eCommerce venture would rather prefer displaying a lump sum number of the purchases or customer reviews and et al that can appeal to all and sundry. Social proof for the eCommerce industry helps them generate more leads.

Types of Social Proof Which Work the Best

Until now, you have been explained to understand that social proof can help you in fulfilling your marketing and advertising goals. But the question is, what types of social proofs do work the best for your brand or company? This crucial aspect needs to be understood thoroughly.

We have mentioned below some of the noteworthy statistics about the types of social proofs that perform best for the brands, irrespective of the industry types. Please go through such statistics and conclude what you need to know about convincing your prospective customers:

Using Social Proof to Build the Confidence of Your Prospects

If you attain success in building the confidence of your prospects, your conversion rate will increase drastically. Being such a powerful psychological factor, social proof is indeed a great item to test across your website thus increase conversions and welcome a rewarding outcome. You might also incorporate social proof into your calls-to-action. For example, join our team of 1000+ Internet marketers and et al to witness the awesome results.

Make Social Proof Work for Your Brand

You can see in the above-mentioned contexts that social proof helps you to build your brand, therefore, support in increasing the conversions by manifold. Try out these unique and effective tactics mentioned above and see what type of results you can achieve. Social Proof for Brands assists them in winning over the psychology of their prospects.

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