SEO Benefits of Article Writing

SEO Benefits of Article Writing and Their Publishing

It is a proven fact that Internet has become a big source of information resurgence over the period now. Could it be possible for us to avail the benefits of a renaissance which Internet brought for us. We are witnessing it today by sharing or gathering any information at one go that too without moving anywhere. It is now possible on the click of a mouse thus entire world is literally summed up due to this vast information revolution. The added advantage which we have nowadays is that as and when any expert writes articles, blogs or numerous other written stuffs and publish them online, we have easy reach to every such scholastic ideas instantly.

Easy reach of scholastically written materials through online platforms ease for us to gather information and to attain knowledge. While we do so and appreciate writers, it takes little or no time for the latter to become thought leaders as credible voices online. They keep expressing their ideas on their respective industries to bring before us multiple facets of knowledge. Readers come to know of the new things and so do they admire the efforts of every writer.

Furthermore, such easy platform to publish and share written stuffs brings one more benefit to gain marketing and promotional advantages. Resultantly, one can witness the drastic improvement in overall web ranking of a particular website.

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SEO benefits of article writing services

Articles Improve SEO

There is array of SEO benefits if articles are written by professional writers for their submission in the authoritative websites for online publication thereafter. Keep the below mentioned points into consideration while you write an article to get that published on online platforms. Planned approaches surely yield ample SEO benefits.

SEO friendly article contents

Ascertain that the contents of an article written should be SEO friendly. Search engines will give those articles priority for ranking purpose. Without search engine ranking, websites won’t be able to generate organic leads. Several high quality article sites are beforehand today. They accept only thoroughly researched quality and readable articles. You can thus approach them to fulfill your dream to get SEO friendly articles published for their timely as well as credible ranking.

Keep article word length at least 500 plus

While writing an SEO article, you should keep standard word length of an article in your mind. It should be at least more than 500-worded to help you avail maximum benefit you seek. Remember that shorter articles are most often overlooked by both search engines and humans. Apart from long form content, try to write catchy headlines and sub-heads for improved reader engagement.

Write readable and actionable articles

It takes a lot to create high quality articles and get them published on the reputed sites. Once you get your audience in the form of a reader your priority should be to take that individual into your website as well. Actionable and readable contents will always coax the readers to visit your website and finally place an order for a business initiative.

Out link to reputed websites

While publishing an article, you must equally keep your article out linking to other reputed websites. If you interlink your article with your own website, then a wrong impression will create among the audiences that you have actually written an article with an aim to mere obtain the backlinks.

Article contents should be social media friendly

The articles you prepare should be crafted into social media friendly content stuffs. It is an easy step to engage audiences to have maximum accessibility to your content. Social media friendly content receives more likes, comments and so are they shared widely unlike mediocre contents which shrink to the limited audiences. Social media channels have huge number of traffic thus regular engagement helps you to invite the readers to land in your website through this fast growing medium.

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Submit your articles to reputed websites

Numerous authority websites are available today where you can submit your articles with a link pointing back to your website in order to help you receive the backlinks. Backlink in SEO is considered as one of the effective ways for improving ranking. You can thus improve traffic rate, Google authority and SERP positioning through doing such efforts.

Hire a professional writer

Writing is not a child’s play. We always hire dedicated writers to write high quality and well researched contents. Quality contents must have natural balance of key terms and keyword placings. Professional writers target the keywords with the help of safe keyword density and placement thus ascertain for the desired benefits. By taking the firm step to get your contents written by professionals, you save yourself from having duplicate contents.

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Above mentioned tips would be greatly helpful for you to become able to create high quality well-researched article contents. Well planned strategies will also ascertain that you get such contents published on reputed websites to avail the SEO benefits you were seeking. Apart from improving ranking, you also boost traffic and support to ongoing online reputation management strategies. To obtain such professional support from SEO Content India team, contact us now. You can send us an email or call our executives directly for an all-encompassing solution.


  1. Another benefit that comes with writing articles is the ability to establish yourself, your website, your company profile, etc. Sharing valuable information is a great way for businesses and individuals to help the world get to know them and trust their services or knowledge. In terms of optimizing your visibility on the internet, writing articles and giving reference to you as the source is something that can help people find more accurate information from you and also from the other sources connected to you.

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