Refund & Cancellation Policy


Refund & Cancellation Policy


                          Refund & Cancellation Policy

SEO CONTENT INDIA is a company which keeps the interests of its customers into prime consideration. We follow the Refund & Cancellation Policies depending on the nature of the projects and domains. Our company always values the satisfaction of our respective esteemed customers as paramount. We don’t have any hidden Terms & conditions pertaining to payments and refunds thus you can bet on us for a reliable business transaction with us.

Know more about our Refund & Cancellation Policy for the respective Services to be availed:

Internet Marketing Services:

Please note: Refund Policy won’t be applicable in the cases of monthly packages for which upfront payment(s) is done, if you are approaching us 72 hours upon a project gets assigned, project framework prepared & shared thus subsequently approved for kick-start.

It would be understood thereafter for the coming days and subsequent months for that the payment(s) would be liable and agreed upon for projects assigned, as we would consider your consent that you remain a satisfied party. If more than 1 week of time passes upon project start, you cannot claim for refunds anymore.

Our Marketing & Operations Department does an extensive discussion on all sorts of services to offer prior to agreeing on working on the projects and signing of contracts thereafter.

SEO CONTENT INDIA team does thorough analysis and assessment of the projects thus involves the resource(s) team to utilize time and energy by involving them to comprehend projects thus begins the work.

Once the team in involved, after an assurance and assumption that an understanding develops within 5 working days that there is least or no possibility of project cancellation, dispute or reversal, no fund wound be refunded at any cost in the midst, if in any case, the other party doesn’t want to continue.

As far as the 2nd party are willing to discontinue projects from subsequent month(s), they must give prior notice at least one week in advance. The refunds, if any applicable for surplus funds, would be subject to return after the deduction of the applicable Taxes, any other Fees and pre-conditions set by the Accounts Department thus abiding the laws appropriately indicated.

Writing Services:

Once Content Projects are won and brought before the notice of the Content Creation Management & Editorial Department, they discuss projects extensively. Upon receiving an upfront payment advance payment, it is understood by us that the 2nd party agrees on it that our content style & pattern cater to their needs and we are therefore accepted.

SEO CONTENT INDIA team thoroughly assesses project(s) and involved writers’ team to dedicatedly use the time and energy with thorough involvement to start writing contents. Once the team in involved, after an assurance and assumption that an understanding develops and our writer(s) start creating contents within 24 hours post payment receipt, and there is least or no possibility of project cancellation, dispute or reversal, no fund wound be refunded at any cost in the midst, if the 2nd party doesn’t want to continue.

We though offer limited number(s) of editing and proofreading services for free, decided after assessing the level of negligence from our end—and then those services too would be chargeable, at the nominal rates.

  • Cancellation Policy – Please Go Through Them

    You as a service seeker can approach for the cancellation of our services within 24 hours in case of Writing Services and 72 hours for the Internet Marketing Services, provided we haven’t begun working on the projects.

  • In case work has started and you are keen to cancel within the said time frame, 50% of the amount would be refunded besides deducting the applicable Taxes which are already submitted to the GoI and the respective government authorities/wire transfer that charge their fees.
  • In case someone asks for cancellation/refund of funds after the said time frame, no refund of payment(s) made would be entertained. They may though discontinue our services from then with immediate effect.
  • There won’t be any cancellation of services or refund of funds in case the service(s) we offer as part of any promotional discount campaign or an eagerness to offer service on special occasions like festivals Christmas, New Year, Independence Day and et al. Not to mention the limited edition offers, we won’t be able to refund for deliberate offers.

Refund Policy – Note Them

  • Since we win a project and start working on that until we finish and submission to the respective parties, we do best possible team effort at SEO CONTENT INDIA to bring out the best. Our various courses of actions make it possible to accomplish the targets. Thus, cancellation and refund policy would differ from one service to the other after doing of thorough assessment of the efforts done.
  • Taxes and many other applicable fees paid on the service levied by the regulatory bodies won’t be refunded at any cost.
  • In case services cancel through the 2nd party’s end as a biased attempt which might violate the terms stated in the work agreement(s), no refund would be entertained.
  • There won’t be refund for services meant for the short term projects of 12-24 hours delivery time frame.
  • In case a delay occurs or service disruption happens due to the unspecified reasons from the 2nd party’s end, SEO CONTENT INDIA won’t entertain cancellation or refund of funds.

We believe at SEO CONTENT INDIA that while agreeing to assign us your project(s), paying an upfront advance payment, you have agreed to accept the Terms & Conditions which have been stated in this website, and that you agree to each and every content of it thus abide by that without any further question and objection, until and unless otherwise the fault lies from our side.

Disputes Jurisdiction – As Applicable

We at SEO CONTENT INDIA build relationships thus try our level best to maintain that relationship through mutual understanding. We even come out of the way to help our esteemed customers considering their valuable relationships and mutual growth perspectives.

In case of any possible dispute, which might have occurred and that seeks to be resolved through the court of law, the matter has to be presented before the District Courts at the Gautam Buddha Nagar (U.P) for hearing and judgment.

This rule applies to both domestic as well as International clients. We though urge our client(s) parties to initiate resolving such situations amicably as the respective businesses to flourish smooth. If any doubts, contact us now.