Why Blogs Article Arenot Ranking

The Real Reason behind Your Blogs and Articles Failing to Rank on the Search Engines

It goes without saying that revolutionary changes and transformations are already happening in almost all sectors in the current context. All the businesses which are primarily focused at the online routes with their global target markets can’t rule out such metamorphosis thus adopt all those means as if following the tide for the sure and certain success to retention strategies. Take for example you may have heard a popular saying that “Content is the King”. Why it remains relevant even today while the entire digital world is constantly adapting to each and every newly introduced communication strategies as the feasible infrastructures.

Always remember this proven fact that if your content marketing strategies are in place and right in order, then none can stop you from securing your place on the first page of Google with the constant rankings being achieved. It helps you to start building the traffic, acquiring new customers and also boosting brand awareness in the least possible time period. That is why reputed companies and the webmasters ensure always for the frequent publishing of fresh contents to meet the set purpose of proving the mettle.

Some Key Stats of Publishing Blogs;

Suppose you have done your market research, read the consumer behavior as well, created unique contents too and last but not the least published contents on your website yet fail to get noticed. What step should you take in such situations then? If you don’t find the pages ranking on search engines, even after a few months, you need to look out for the reasons and their solutions without any further delay.

In fact, you’ve done everything you knew to rank your pages but still for certain known or unknown reasons, it just didn’t work. Obviously, that situation is the most frustrating one for you. If you failed to avoid such situations, you will have to shut your company down today or tomorrow. So, make sure that your articles and blogs rank organically in the search engines. Such cautious approaches by keeping the caveats in consideration will greatly help you to avoid facing the bad omen.

Why Your Blog Posts and Articles Don’t Rank High in Google Search?

Blog Posts and Articles Don’t Rank Organically

In this post, we have enlisted 5 probable factors why search engines aren’t picking up your contents. Unless your articles and blog posts are ranking well in the search engines, you’re not going to improve traffic to generate more leads. If such is the situation, then all your efforts go in vain. Here are certain effective guidelines which should be followed to have that charismatic impact.

1. You Don’t Choose Your Topics Carefully

There are hundreds of factors which search engine algorithms consider before ensuring a place of a web page in the searches. Such factors range from your link profile, mobile optimization, Title Tag Optimization to your page speed amongst others.

Before moving ahead to the technical point of views, we should also discuss your topics. Choose the topics carefully.

  • Are the topics relevant to the industry?
  • Use the latest and genuine sources
  • Will the topics be useful to the wider audiences?

If your posts are not original, hardly an authoritative one and or not relevant to the webpages where it would be posted, rewrite them and fix the issues to avail the desired benefits.

2. You Don’t Optimize Your Posts

If you don’t optimize your posts, then you are surely going to miss out a chance to improve the ranking of your webpages. And, thus you fail to attain organic traffic which you had expected to seek. Whenever you are creating online content, you should think about the readers first by keeping yourself at the readers’ perspective. By doing that you are definitely ascertained of not only ranking but also engaging the readers to the best extent possible. While writing the posts, keep in mind that they are being optimized for both search engines and also for loyal and potential audiences as human readers.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Write Great Titles
  • Use Fresh Keywords
  • Use Keywords in Your URL Structure
  • Create a META Description
  • Ensure Internal and External Linking

3. You Don’t Update Your Old Posts

We are aware of this fact that relevant contents infused with the long tail and short tail keywords will help your website find a place in the organic rankings. But with the time, your contents can start going out of the search. In fact, a website can also begin to decline in the rankings if the regular update of old contents is ignored. So, you must start updating your old posts to maintain the ranking of your website.

Technically updated websites with their old domains hold certain weight in a key factor of determining organic rankings. But it won’t be much help if your contents are stale. Search engines give priority to websites with their relevant, authoritative and optimized contents.

4. You Don’t Build Backlinks

You cannot imagine good organic ranking of your contents if the post has the weak inbound links. One of the vital ranking factors is high quality and relevant backlinks. Apart from the relevant contents, you should equally create some quality inbound links too for the contents to rock thus literally create wonders.

Search and replace broken links with quality sources. The authority of a website comes with a robust backlink profile.

5. Your Word Count is Not sufficient

Create rich or long-form contents, say at least 2000+ words length of high-quality and well-researched blog posts. It will help you generate the backlinks, improve the rankings and therefore boost the traffic.

If you are busy and don’t have much time to write 2000 worded blogs, then you must at least consider 1200 as the minimum word limit. Your primary goal should be to feed the audiences with right and accurate information which comes with the proper sources. Say in 500 words, you won’t be able to tell your story in detail.

To Sum Up

If your blogs and articles aren’t ranking, then don’t panic but make certain strategic steps instead. First of all, find out the reasons and equally should you think about the ways to find the proper solutions to use. We have elaborated a few most common reasons above due to which many blogs and articles don’t rank.

Mobile speed, page-load timing, and other on-page problems can also drive the users away from your website. If such technicalities are not giving you trouble, read through our 5 points again to imply them for the better outcomes.

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