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Scannable and Actionable Content Improves Conversions

Long term planning and vision for sustainability would be possible only if a website planner equally focuses on content creation aspect. It is crucial that you must have simultaneous planning to develop your website alongside having a keen focus on the content creation aspect. If understood in laymen’s language, then it can be said your contents actually work as a portrayal of the company’s facts. Besides genuine efforts to create the required website contents, your focus should also remain on the effective content plan for promotions and similar other purposes.

It is a must to differentiate the types and categories of contents before you create any. Major content categories are SEO content, articles, blogs, product descriptions, and et al. Website contents are those which you need only once at the time of designing the website. Rest content categories are the ongoing process. Thus, their needs are always there to keep the website on the right track. You need these contents at regular intervals to support the ongoing SEO strategies. They are also important to execute content marketing strategies.

When it comes to writing contents, do simple SEO based contents actually work for you? Have you ever realized this fact that several successful companies invest huge sum as allocated funds besides their resources, energies and manpower to land a potential customer in the websites to turn into future customers? If he/she leaves the website without even filling in the online form or make a purchase, then isn’t it an utter failure.

You can appeal to your website visitors to fill in the Query Form and make purchase decision thereafter through persuasive contents. It would be possible only if you focus on providing them readable, actionable and highly engaging contents which can easily catch the attention of your site visitors.

How to Turn Your Content Readable & Actionable?

Create Readable Content

There are several positive factors in contents which leave a charismatic impact on the readers. Experts at SEO Content India especially our writer and content marketer team have prepared a list of select factors that can make your content unique. Your potential customers will read and definitely take action if your contents meet such parameters as mentioned below:-

1. Write Scannable Content

It is a human tendency that people often ignore even high-quality well-researched contents unread until they are properly formatted and easily attention-grabbing. Always try to make your contents scannable through the use of catchy headlines and sub-headlines. Bullets also attract the readers thus you must not forget to use them. Your readers often decide to go through the whole content stuffs only after reading the headings and sub-headings.

Only after going through the content, the potential buyers make a decision about whether to buy the products or services or not. So, you must not compromise with the quality of content.

2. Make Your Content Actionable

Apart from writing contents with a primary focus on your company and its products or services, you should concentrate on relating your products & services to common masses. Make your readers feel as if whatever ideas you discussed were actually too much close to the common masses and mattered to them. How your company’s products & services are useful for them and what made them better than the rest?

Also, make them understand what distinguishes you from the competitors. Tell them each and everything which is appealing. Make your readers part of the mission by auguring to share their ideas in comments or to share your content on different social media channels. Such association and persuasiveness also work great to turn contents truly actionable. Focus on such ideas for maximum perceptiveness.

3. Avoid Grammatical or Factual Errors

No matter how actionable, well-researched and focused content you prepare, if it carries grammatical or factual error then chances are high that you will be ignored by the readers. They will start considering you a novice, unprofessional and even a copycat. Grammatically poor contents will make your audiences think twice before willing to make any purchase or to even fill the Query form. In fact, grammatical or factual errors can easily mar your online branding too. You can resolve such major issues by hiring content editing services to approach the professional editors.

After editing, proofreaders crosscheck each page before sending for final approval so that no errors are left. Organizations must focus on editing and proofreading in order to create the best contents and stay ahead in the cut-throat competition.

4. Problem Solving Content

Ensure that the content you create is completely problem-solving and worthy in all respects. Make your content communicative and engaging by asking a question to your readers throughout the post. It should also provide sufficient and genuine reply of questions raised to coax readers that you are indeed solving many of their problems. Such integrity and consistency will also ascertain your content maintains relevancy. Thus, it will appeal to the readers from start to end. Apply simple logic that throughout the post you are actually solving the problems of your potential customers. Such consistency and focused approach will not only invite readers to take action but also prove helpful for you to improve your branding.

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5. Use External Links

Undoubtedly, external linking is always useful for SEO purposes. You must use them prudently. Try their use in the last instead. If you use any such external links on the top, your reader might go to the linked page and remain engaged to that only. This way you will easily lose a reader who could go through the whole post to read your ideas thereafter. In many cases, people don’t come back to the original posts thus the chances are high that forget your content. Therefore, you must ensure using external links in the last. It will pave the way for you to avail the SEO benefits without losing your loyal readers—potential customers.

6. Write a magnetic headline

Writing a magnetic headline is the first step towards creating readable content. It will not only help you grab the attention of your readers but also increase your click-through rates. So, grab your user’s attention with a magnetic headline and evoke their interest to click into your website.

7. Write in a conversational tone

Write for readers, not for search engines. You do not know exact qualification or English understanding power of your readers, so writing tough and long sentences will demoralize your brand’s value. To improve readability, you should write in a conversational tone. To believe in you or your brand, the readers have to connect to everything you write.

8. Length

Do you know what should be the ideal length of a blog post? People create short-length content and long-form content, and just post. However, there is no rule to the perfect post length, but long-form blog posts with a word length of at least 1000 words are considered as the best in terms of engagement and organic ranking.

9. Leave them wanting more

A good post with a strong call-to-action helps you grow your audience & sales by manifold. If you want your prospects to take action, your CTA should be easily available. If your readers want more, they will explore other posts of your brand. Your CTA should be like “Download,” “Share,” “Join,” “Sign Up,” “Learn More” or “Watch”.

10. Add relevant and helpful links

Internal links back to your other relevant posts will keep readers on your website and reading your best material. Apart from keeping your readers engaged, internal linking also boosts SEO. Good content uses both internal and external linking to expand their reader’s understanding and add value. So, make sure you write actionable content for your readers.

Final Say

Writing high quality and well-researched content is not enough for the websites to showcase the charismatic impact. Make your contents as much readable as actionable to maintain their worthiness and reader engagement. Our experts highlighted a few significant tips about how to make your contents readable and appealing. Thus, you must urge your readers to take prompt action. Think on outsourcing your writing work to get contents written by professionals if you don’t have in-house writers.

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