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How to Avoid Google Penalties for Better Protection and Maintaining the Ranking of Your Website?

Working on a website idea from its creation to designing until giving that final shape might take just few days. In the nutshell, you can say that it is an easy affair to get your website developed within one week or even in less time. You approach freelancers or agencies to hire them for the required services from developing as well as creatively designing the site in a stipulated time frame. You will have the freedom to advise them to customize your site as per your specific requirements. This phase is not worrisome enough to make you feel annoyed at any stage.

Where do you feel then that things are not in your control and or you need to keep your caveats in consideration to let your website operate ceaselessly? You have to be extra cautious in running sites whose development phase would have been easier but maintaining thereafter remains a tough nut to chew. And, the next important factor is keeping that momentum towering by avoiding all types of possible piqued scenarios. The most notable step is that you take proper measures to protect the site from Google penalties. It will ensure that your site attains greater recognition. It is indeed toughest of all the tasks which webmasters need to focus at to run the websites successfully for them to leave a bigger impact.

It is obvious and understandable that you do hard work and best possible efforts for years to ascertain your site finally attains organic rankings on the search engines, you had sought to attain. Once you receive that desired ranking position, then you start receiving the queries from the potential clients. What would you do if your website gets penalized and you lose the attained rankings as well at a time you were ready to enjoy reaping the fruits of your hard work?

Little bit of carefulness and doing your best efforts at the right juncture would pave the way for you to attain best solutions. You can definitely avoid Google penalties easily and thus protect your site from losing its rankings. It is possible if you are in a position to take a prudent decision at the right time.

What is Google Penalty?

know about Google Penalty

A Google penalty can be defined as a negative impact on website organic search rankings and then sudden traffic losses based on the updates to Google’s search algorithms or manual reviews. Google rolls out the updates on regular intervals to reward those websites that have stringently followed its rules in the search results therefore they met the “quality standards,” as are defined in the webmaster guidelines.

Some Popular Google Penalties are as Follows:

1. Google Panda: This update was all about the quality of website’s contents and the effect of repetitive website contents.

2. Google Penguin: It was all about the quality of the links. Websites with low or poor quality backlinks were penalized.

3. Google Hummingbird: It affected websites which didn’t have natural use of the language in the search engines.

How to Check It If My Website is Penalized by Google?

You might be keen to know whether your website is penalized or not? It is obvious that you will be taking the better steps possible for the same to ensure that you aren’t penalized anyway. All you have to do is register and log-in with the Google Webmaster tools or Google Search Console to reconfirm for the same. Webmaster tools are most important mediums which Google always employs to communicate with SEO experts and webmasters to keep them informed about the potential problems which their websites might face. Google directions also include detailed information about the possible manual penalties.

If your SEO ranking has dropped, you must look for the newer ways and opportunities to face such unforeseen challenge to recover faster from that troublesome situation.

How to Avoid a Google Penalty?

Even if your website performs exceptionally well in search engines and you are fully satisfied with the large volume of traffic, you must ensure checking the site on regular basis. Your focus should also be on investigating it minutely whether your webmasters are doing any activities which might be going against the Google Algorithms. Our experts bring before you some notable points. Such points will definitely prove helpful for you to protect your site from possible Google penalties. Furthermore, your precautionary measures will equally prove helpful for you to maintain the site SEO rankings.

#1. Avoid Selling or Purchasing Backlinks

Link building has been considered one of the essential SEO tactics to boost overall rankings on Google’s SERPs (search engine result pages). And, thereby generating traffic, you resultantly increase the sales. Google though discourages buying or selling of links therefore this rule must be strictly followed. Before creating backlinks, you should have a look for SEO Techniques Which Are No Longer Relevant and create only high quality backlinks. Be an informed SEO strategist to avail maximum benefits.

#2. Avoid Over-Optimization

To attain rankings on the search engines and to maintain that as well, you should look for the natural ways and means for link building besides ensuring to create quality contents. It will ensure that you keep your website at a natural route and so do you help that maintain its relevance to the best extent possible. Over optimization might also create red flags for your website to forcefully take that out from the search engines.

#3. Don’t Target the Specific Anchor Texts

Use different anchor texts while creating backlinks for a particular page. If you target specific anchor texts, Google finds it a fishy practice. So, does it detect and penalize for the anchor text hyper-targeting that you must avoid. Brian Dean from Backlinko also suggests you to use the branded domains and webmaster name anchor texts most often.

#4. Avoid Low-Quality and Duplicate Contents

This fact has been proven time and again thus remains undeniable that “Content is a King” for any website to survive and to prove the mettle. If you don’t take care of the king while it comes to maintaining quality, the same king might become a red flag for your site. Google always admires and loves fresh as well as quality contents. You should thus try to understand the requirements sincerely and ensure creating only engaging contents which prove beneficial. While generating contents, you must keep the following points into consideration:

  • Use small paragraphs
  • Use bullets as much as possible
  • Inculcate relevant data
  • Align contents with images

#5. Complaint with SEO and Google Algorithm Updates

Google algorithms are attaining constant advancements thus turning cutting-edge each passing of the day. The main motive of Google is to provide the visitors or searchers with the required information they seek. To provide genuine and authentic information, Google keeps changing algorithms to maintain its standard. You must align your SEO activities to match with the latest Google webmaster directions. Update your strategies and stay relevant while improving the rankings.


Are you one of those webmasters or website owners scared of Google penalties? Make sure that you don’t encourage or try to manipulate Google’s search engine rankings at any cost. Let the work move ahead naturally while you are in the verge of building your brand. Use social media to cement online reputation etc., and avoid penalties. While doing so, you also attain success in maintaining organic rankings.

The points discussed above will definitely prove helpful for you to avoid penalties. If you seek best SEO services, online reputation management services or high quality content marketing services from a trustworthy agency, do get in touch with us now. We at SEOContentIndia are well-established company with countless number of satisfied clients from the global locations. We will be pleased to serve you.


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