Product Description Writing Services in India

In cutthroat competition today, you can’t sell a product without promoting that to popularize at the desired level. Manufacturers and eCommerce companies thus always value the need of creatively written Product Description Writing Services with an aim to seek the attention of potential customers. It is the main reason that the demand for such effective content solutions is sought after everywhere.

We, at SEO Content India, have accomplished several such projects. Our writers have been applauded for writing unique short pages to fulfill such specific needs. Our writers cater to a wide range of clients ever since we delved into the SEO content creation industry. Product manufacturers & distributors looking for professional online product description writing services approach our Agency to create short content for them.

Our group has been working with many domestic and international customers, which are represented by diverse industries. Irrespective of which eCommerce platform your site is built on, we emphasize the value of product descriptions that eases for you to reach up to the maximum target group. Such short descriptive writings play a vital role to influence readers to buy the kinds of stuff. In fact, they bring ample transformation in the behavior of potential buyers and often compel them to buy products. Can you ignore such highly persuasive promotional factors at any point in time?

Apart from enjoying SEO benefits, product descriptions constantly prove helpful for you to convince customers why should they prefer your products on others. Our eCommerce product description writers write content to persuade potential buyers in easily understandable language with complete information accuracy about the products you deal in. Our professional product description writers write highly convincing copies to coax readers why your products are best suitable to them.

Our Product Description Writing Services Are All About Increasing Sales

seo product description writing servicesSEO Content India has its team of qualified and highly experienced writers. They have got exposure in various niches and thus creating artful and compelling product descriptions for diversified clients for decades now. Our customized services distinguish by the creation of highly informative descriptions that have the ability to create buzz to generate energy. Such features augur the potential buyers to get excited about what you offer them.

Through a boost with well-written and SEO optimized content, your website ranks high, and its presence in search engines increases to bring definite popularity while visitors throng to your site. Obviously, chances go higher for you to witness that countless readers convert into customers so is a tremendous increase in the sales.

Throughout the copies our writers prepare, we mainly focus on promoting the main features of products you deal in. What customers look for is information we ultimately provide them with short description contents. Our SEO product description writing services are keyword incorporated naturally to rank higher in search engines.

Product Description Writing Services in India

Both multinational companies and individual entrepreneurs look for Indian writers to get their product descriptions written professionally. Besides sufficient availability of resources, Indian writers are trained to create high quality and convincing product description contents whose tone appeals to every reader.

Our Qualified Writers Assure You:
  • Catchy headlines
  • Create SEO optimized and keyword-rich descriptions
  • Deeply research and understand the product features
  • We write descriptions to answer all queries shoppers might have
  • We use easy to understand the language

Customer Product Description Management Services

Apart from writing product descriptions, our team can manage your online store in multiple stages. We prepare content for your custom products writing carefully to ensure authenticity and uniqueness are retained to make them feel satisfied. Our team creates genuine customer review replies that would ultimately increase your ratings. No matter how many product descriptions you receive from customers, we will address them all to maximize your customer satisfaction level.

Initially, we might require some assistance while writing product reviews or product descriptions to hone in style. Once initial projects are approved our team will write and submit to ensure you enjoy peace of mind. We will send you a batch of 5 so that you go through them and give your suggestions. We will keep editing and rewriting if required until the customer is satisfied. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

Benefits of Involving Professionals to Write Product Descriptions

product description writing Online

Product description writing is the most important service which all reputed eCommerce entrepreneurs choose to beat competitors. Surprisingly, a large chunk of companies still forgets the benefits of customized product descriptions. They believe that mere copying and pasting manufacturers’ content would suffice. However, there are many vital reasons why top online stores and eCommerce companies must use well-written & SEO product descriptions on their pages.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals:

No Penalties: Getting eCommerce descriptions written by professionals from scratch is the best way to prevent Google and other search engines penalizing you for duplicating content.

Improve Online Exposure: Product description contents with relevant keywords increase their visibility in search engines. Therefore, you will have traffic, which you can convert into sales.

Coax Visitors: Our writers bring features and technical specifications in front of every visitor. Such features persuade today’s smart buyers to choose your item.

Improve Brand Loyalty: If your products have so many reviews, then people start believing your company’s genuineness and thus your brand loyalty improves.

Support Ongoing SEO: Unique and professionally written product descriptions support your ongoing SEO strategies. Professionals create unique content, which is loved by search engines and humans.

Hire Dedicated Product Description Writers

Are you keenly willing to hire a dedicated product description creator for your eCommerce or product based company? We offer you innumerable facilities. You should select parties after a thorough assessment of different content creation teams. We encourage an assigned writer directly reports to clients on a daily basis. You are provided with the writer’s direct number for easy communication to discuss the requirement to work on. We never compromise with quality. Alike other projects, your content also goes through our quality checking process before being supplied to you.

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Why worry about the cost of hiring product description writing services from our company when you can get big savings, which is up to 50%, with us now? In fact, we keep our rates well within anyone’s budget and the best part is that we don’t compromise on the quality of work at all. All you need to do is, just send us your order and we’ll get back to you with our samples.

Service or Product descriptions need to be created in India only

There are a number of people all over the world who want their eCommerce product descriptions and service descriptions written in India only. There are a number of reasons, including Indian writers are trained for SEO friendly product descriptions and service descriptions.

Now people want scannable product descriptions so that potential buyers start reading them and make a buying decisions. Indian writers and editors demand money for their services only after delivering a project and getting their customers satisfied. Until satisfaction, they remain ready for multiple rewriting and editing services.

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Don’t hesitate to hire our team today, and let our professional writers and editors make your product descriptions stand out! Apart from unique and creative product descriptions, we are also popular for creating actionable blog content writing and other writing and digital marketing services. We could be your one-stop solution for all your amazon product description writing service requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Product Description Writing

Q. What Do you Mean by Product Description?

A. A product description is a marketing copy, which summarizes the features and benefits of a product and why to buy it. The product description copy is to supply customers with all the vital information, including the features and benefits of the products. After reading the descriptions, customers can place their orders.

Professional product descriptions also helpful in providing a ranking of your products, and thus you increase sales.

Q. Why is Product Description Important in SEO?

A. eCommerce product descriptions are important in SEO as they help your products get a place in SERPs. SEO-friendly product description writing services have become the need of the hour.

SEO product description means add keywords strategically throughout the description content.

Q.How long should Product Descriptions be?

A. If you want to know how many words a product description should have, the answer would be a length between 350 and 400 words. However, there is no one-size-fits-all, make sure your word count does not exceed 600 and within the limit, you address the main features and benefits of a product.

Creatively written product descriptions will serve your purpose of educating your prospects and getting users’ engagement.

Q. How do I Write an Amazon description?

A. While writing the Amazon product description, you must keep in mind that with over 500 million products in stock, Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. It works as a search engine among customers, so try to incorporate the basic SEO strategies.

Use the right keywords in the right place as keyword stuffing will not work for you. Proper keyword research will give your Amazon product descriptions a boost so that your products are seen by the right customers.

Q. How do you Write Product Content?

A. We write product content for human readers and also optimize it for the search engines. This way we get success in improving the ranking of the products and boosting sales.

Q. What is the Product Description Copywriting Rate in India?

A. The Product Description Copywriting Rate in India depends upon company to company, but most of the companies charge INR 1 per word.

Q. How can I Write Product Description to Boost your Online Sales?

A. While writing a product description to boost online sales, you need to keep in mind many points, including:

Q. Do Customers Actually Read Product Descriptions Online?

A. Yes, your customers read your product description content online before making shopping. If they find the description appropriate, they buy from you without further inquiry. So, write well researched and informative descriptions only.