Optimize contents for both users and search engines

Create Content for Human Readers and Also Optimize it for the Search Engines

One of the worthwhile options to ensure that websites are being taken in the right direction for their upward escalation is to imply focused strategies. If you are keen and willing to generate traffic through ranking your posts on the search engines, then you have to take smart steps and even turn smarter especially with contents created for use in the website. Contents generated for the said purpose must be optimized for the search engines as much as for the human readers who must take ample interest in reading them. Your contents should always attract readers.

It is not an easy task though. One of the biggest challenges which most bloggers and content marketers face is how to generate contents which are optimized for the search engines yet they have ample potentiality to appeal to the common readers. Remember a proven fact that SEO is not a complicated factor if it is handled with a firm determination and through the meticulous strategies. If you understand this fact that people come first in SEO even before the search algorithms, you are ascertained for a mega success in improving the ranking of your pages thus generate traffic thereafter.

The fact is undeniable that to attain success in any business, you need to imply several strategies, including content marketing which has lion’s share in business propagations. While generating contents for the said purpose, you should have the two major goals in mind: first to appeal to end-users which includes customers, special clients, prospects, readers and any other stakeholder to secondly solving any particular problem of the end users under a systematic plan.

Generate contents which rank well with Google besides persuading your readers to turn loyal

Generate contents which rank well with Google

While generating contents, you should keep several points into consideration to ascertain that generated contents are being optimized well for search engines and so do they prove worthwhile as capable enough to persuade the readers.

Insert Keywords

By inserting keywords naturally to your contents, you indeed take a concrete step to optimize your content for search engines, especially Google. Webmasters and SEO experts always add keywords for the rest programs/tools/websites/search engines as well to keep those elements in mind. Through a focused approach and with a planned keyword stuffing strategy, they aim to persuade their readers to come to their websites thus start reading your contents. The more are the readers, the more interested would be Google search engine thus giving a new boost to the websites concerned.

Keep it in mind that you try to insert the keywords into appropriate places. There should remain a balancing act in the meta description, meta title, meta keywords, title (h1 tag), the first paragraph of the text and the alt text of at least one image to avail the benefits to the fullest. Inserting the focus keywords or focus key phrases into such places would prove helpful for the search engines to catch and to evaluate your subject. This way your website starts availing the benefits.

Aim to Solve a Problem or Add Value

If you are keen to create contents for the human readers as much as optimizing them for the search engines, then you must aim to solve a problem or add value. Try to understand the problems of your prospects keenly. And, also ensure solving them meticulously through generating customized and fully tailor-made contents to suit such needs. In case you are having a hard time identifying the problems of your potentials as well as existing customers, you need to do some more research.

Use Internal Linking and External Linking

Both Internal linking and external linking are extremely helpful for you to engage your readers and to provide them genuine source about provided information. The fact is that Internal linking boosts SEO and thus generates traffic. On the other hand, some outbound links or popularly external linking can be defined as the links which go to some other domains from your website. They are also helpful for readers and search engines.

Length of Your Blog Texts

The length of your blog post plays a significant role in getting your posts ranked in the search engines. Lengthy blogs provide sufficient information to your readers so do they always remain preferred options as considered best in all respects. Creating long-form contents means you have a blog post of at least 2000+ words. Long-form content ranks well in the search engines besides helping to retain the readers who would seek some expert information on the specific themes.

Create Actionable Contents

Make sure to create actionable contents only because your potential customers would like to read and take action. Take a definite action while offering contents that they must meet readers’ perspective to fit into specific parameters, therefore, they get benefitted. Apart from influencing your prospects, actionable contents are also considered great choices for search engines for an easy catch. Such contents improve the number of leads which a company generates each month. That is why you must take all the effective measures in content creation to make them worthwhile and an impactful one. In fact, such contents are bound to leave an irrefutable impact.


While you are creating a content strategy for both users & search engines, this post is certainly going to prove helpful for you as it carries lots of valuable information and guidance for you. Always remember that your content strategy in compliance with both users & search engines would be extremely helpful to improve rankings thus you must ensure better engagement of the target readers.

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Make sure that you create contents for your human readers as much as you do that for the machines. If your readers like the contents and engage in actively, search engines will automatically like that thereafter giving them preference in rankings.

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