Writing Meta Descriptions for SEO

Web pages won’t prove helpful to showcase any charismatic impact until they reach to the desired audiences. Proper optimization of web pages paves the way for easy rankings thus they generate traffic. It resultantly smoothens generating leads. There is no dearth of the ways or means to get the pages made available to the variegated audiences. Social media optimization, email marketing and organic ranking strategies are robust choices. When it comes to organic rankings though, you can’t ignore the importance of Meta Description & Title Tag writing steps. Both are crucial in the organic ranking strategies, therefore, the equal focus should be given to them.

What is Meta Description?

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Meta Descriptions can be defined as the HTML tags of up to 320 characters which concisely summarize the content of any particular page. When Meta Descriptions are being optimized meticulously, they start playing a crucial role to improve web page rankings. Search engines bring the Meta Descriptions in search results in all those cases while a scene is of ‘searched for phrases’ thus contained descriptions are being highlighted easily.

Notable benefits of Meta Descriptions are that they remain extremely helpful for the visitors from Google to evaluate and understand the pages to click and land on the websites instantly. Search engines do have this perception that there is no direct effect of Meta Descriptions in rank improvements but it is a proven fact that search engines use the click-through-rate (CTR) as a way to determine the rankings.

The feature of Meta Descriptions

It must be ensured that mere writing a Meta Description won’t suffice or remain enough to achieve a targeted goal. Make sure that it is prepared uniquely as well as actionable one capable to improve CTR. The moment you are a success in improving the click-through-rate, Google would start giving weightage in the rankings. In order to make the descriptions unique, you need to keep the below-mentioned points in consideration. By doing so while creating them for your web pages, you are definitely on the verge to attain success.

Maintain length of up to 320 characters: Google keeps changing its search algorithms time and again to ensure that searchers are provided with the best results possible. Meta Descriptions of up to 320 characters are considered ideal and best. Previously, it was mere 180 characters.

Write actionable contents: If you want the searchers from Google to take action and click to your link, then you should write actionable description contents. It will definitely encourage them to click and resultantly bring improvement in CTR as well as an organic ranking of your website.

Include a call-to-action: Including a call-to-action like ‘Learn More, Get It Now, Try for Free,’ etc., in descriptions would help you to coax the readers to click.

Include the primary keywords: Whenever the search keyword matches with text in the Meta Description, search engines become more inclined to use that particular meta thus they highlight that in search results.

Write fresh Meta Descriptions: Search engines, including Google, always emphasize, love and prefer fresh contents. It is therefore important to avoid duplicate contents for Meta Descriptions. Fresh and quality Meta Descriptions perform better.

Meta Description Mistakes You Must Avoid

Meta Description Mistakes You Must Avoid

While writing Meta Descriptions, the above-mentioned points would help you the most to improve the click-through rate. On the other hand, there are some Meta Description mistakes, which might hurt your CTR.

Common meta description mistakes

  • Writing no meta
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Not including keywords in meta

If you don’t include the meta, then search engines will pick up a few first lines and display. Keyword stuffing is also a bad idea. Writing a few lines give your readers an idea about the page thus you can easily land them in your page. Keyword stuffing is equally bad idea. It is neither liked by search engines nor by the readers. If you attain success in getting someone in your website from irrelevant keywords, he/she will rather leave your page immediately to literally increase your bounce rate.

You must use your long tail keywords naturally. Benefits of using keywords are that whenever someone searches for a keyword or keyword phrase in search engine, then the keywords present in your Meta Description would be bolded. It will get the attention of the searchers to increases this likelihood that they click on the results.

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