Medical Writing Services India: An Economical Option

Like many other sectors having a direct or indirect impact on human societies, medicine & healthcare too witnessed tremendous boost due to such causal relation. Since the last couple of years, its ardent need has been felt most often. Presenting medical services in laymen’s language is important for easy information reach and understanding. As a Content Development Agency, we at SEO Content India realized this crucial need. We began to offer Medical Writing Services ever since our agency was formed.

Today, medical writing has become an integral part of the content creation strategies to promote the latest clinical researches for popularization amongst readers. Our agency has onboard writers whose background in medical & healthcare industry boast us. We assure customers to deliver contents with complete accuracy in information. Our timely delivery of projects with an added advantage of cost-effective contents has turned us market leaders. As a team our agency always maintains the highest ethical, scientific & medical standards while preparing contents for this important niche.

Whether you are a corporation that runs hospitals or offers medically related services to target customers, you always need enriched medical contents. Having quality medical content regularly enables you to get connected with and to influence your targeted audiences easily. Our company has recruited experienced medical writers who have a tremendous flair for creative writing. They are skilled and well trained thus they focus on the highest standards of readability and simplicity in scientific and medical information shared with the readers.

Choosing Our Medical Writing Services in India

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The writers in our agency are expert medical content writers. They comprise of primarily scholar scientists, researchers and medical practitioners with the excellent communication skills acquired through training and years of practical experiences.

Main Functions of Professionals Working With Us:
  • Medical website content, blogs and press releases
  • Clinical development plans and Protocols
  • Clinical study reports
  • Clinical sections of common technical documents (CTDs)
  • Clinical sections of new drug applications (NDAs)
  • Abstracts, manuscripts and journal articles
  • Investigator brochures and annual updates
  • Informed consent forms
  • Periodic safety update reports (PSURs) and various other pharmacovigilance documents and et al
Our Working Process

1. Inquire: Send us a brief overview of your medical writing requirement.
2. Communicate: One of the medical writers from our Agency would coordinate and communicate with you to develop the customized service quotes.
3. Pay: Complete your payment by using any credit/debit card or PayPal account.
4. Collaborate: Connect with our writers to elaborate your exact requirement.
5. Review: Review the works completed by our medical writing team to provide us feedback, if required.
6. Approve: Receive final manuscript draft, which is ready to submit for the publication purpose.

Our Services Are Crafted For Doctors And Healthcare Service Providers

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As an agency, SEO Content India caters to the content creation needs of customers represented by multiple layers of the healthcare sector, and from worldwide locations. Our clients are physicians and medical researchers thus they represent a diverse range of medical specialties having attained a broad range of research experiences.

Majority clients of SEO Content India are medical travel service providers; medical department heads; academic physicians; clinical fellows; medical researchers and healthcare personnel amongst others. Our Agency has noticed that all clients share one thing in common. They want us to prepare medical contents for publication without having willing to spend several weeks or sometimes months of their precious time to prepare a publication-ready content they are looking for.

Benefits Of Hiring Our Medical Writers In India

You are ascertained rewarding benefits by hiring our medical content writers for your needs. Apart from being experienced qualified professionals, our writers are trained to write SEO optimized copies. Our contents guarantee for easy ranking in search engines. The average professional experience of each of our writers is 20 plus, which is definitely going to offer you a great advantage. In addition, it might be impossible for you to hire a full-time writer to create 10 to 100 pages. Thus, teaming with us will definitely be an economical option for you.

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Where Do You Require Medical Writers?
  • At Pharmaceutical companies
  • For Healthcare communication companies
  • For Health and medical websites
  • For Medical journals
  • For Medical marketing and sales literature

Hiring Our Team For Dedicated Medical Writing Services

Outsource your medical writing services to a dedicated team. You can hire our agency for quality medical contents on which our expert medical writers are involved to work on. Our agency always follows the rule to offer maximum satisfaction to customers. We maintain this flexibility to get the customers connected to a specific writer once interviewed and assigned work on certain projects as per client needs. Furthermore, our agency always follows this rule strictly to send completed pages to our medical content editors for review and minute checking for approval before delivery to clients.

Our team overviews everything carefully until the final draft is deemed suitable post certain modifications. They must meet the guidelines of a particular clients’ project. It goes without saying that medical writing is a fast growing industry nowadays. It involves several things including writing on topics useful for the medical fraternity and to drug development teams. We thus maintain unfathomable sincerity from all parties concerned. Our team keeps such factors into consideration while creating contents.

Medical Guest Post Writing And Submission

SEO Content India also offers medical guest post writing and submission services to the clients. Our aim is to support you for an increase in website ranking through this exclusive service. We have a dedicated team who plans on strategies to submit guest posts in the high-quality sites (DA 20 to 80) with an intention to help clients obtain maximum benefit. Apart from ranking improvement, the initiatives through guest posts also increase the reader base. Henceforth, it augurs a maximum number of people to your website that enhances your recognition.

When your medical guest post is not approved in a particular guest post site, just let us inform. We will edit and if required we will rewrite the post as per the requirement. We will not leave clients until he/she is satisfied with our medical content and guest post writing and editing services. Once the post is published, we also help our clients to share it in popular social media channels.

How To Start Working With SEO Content India

To receive a customized service Quote, please mail our agency. You may also call us to discuss your needs and service packages we currently offer. Some of them might be of interest to you. One of our medical writers will respond to your queries within less than 24 hours. Our clients are located in New Zealand, Germany, France, America, UAE, Canada, Australia, Among Others.

You can also contact us to see our past medical and healthcare content writing and editing work. We can provide you both – online as well as offline medical contents. You may also advise us to write a sample for you to judge our quality.