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How to Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral with Little Efforts or Time

Bloggers do extensive efforts to write blogs with this primary aim that they get noticed by their target readers. If you are one of those writing the blog posts on regular intervals, you will have an ardent desire that let they go viral. If you fail to seek readers’ attention, then it’s high time you should think on that key factor why such posts of yours aren’t going viral and the possible solutions to look at with immediate effect?

It is not a hard nut to crack to make the blog posts go viral if you are updated with the latest SEO strategies. What matters the most is how prepared you are for that. “Going Viral” means a countless number of social media shares, likes and comments, and therefore receiving the unusually enormous traffic to resultantly popularizing a post. However, there are plenty of strategies which you may try to increase your chances.

Take for example what new research has identified. Approximately “53% of the marketers say that blogging is their top content marketing priority.” If you skip blogging for your business, you are literally going to miss out a great opportunity to get the new customers.

Data also reveals that any website with a blog would have 434% more indexed pages than the rest. The thought of writing a post which rocks on social media to generate traffic is what motivates as well as energizes you to keep blogging consistently. A viral blog post can indeed make you an Internet celebrity in a matter of days. And, that is what you dream.

But how do you make it happen?

5 Popular Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral

ways and means to get the blog posts viral

Although there are lots of ways and means to get the blog posts to go viral, SEO Content India team shares with you 5 easiest ways, which indeed requires little efforts or time to fulfill this earnest desire.

1. Create Informative and Useful Contents

Remember that only informative and useful blog posts go viral. So, don’t expect it that whatever you write and your post would go viral. Proper research and interviews of the professionals involved in other related resources deemed suitable would help you create lots of great contents for your readers. That would resultantly increase your chances of getting some of your posts to go viral at the right juncture.

Always use the latest information and data. If possible, you should mention the source of the data to further authenticate what you are trying to convey to your readers. They are smart readers and always seek authentic data plus their authenticated sources which you can offer through proper referencing.

2. Create Unique Blog Titles

Always remember that catchy titles speak louder than what you are trying to convey in the subsequent sentences. Create unique and eye-catching blog titles. It should always be remembered that titles are what people would see first in a blog. If you attain success in getting the attention of your prospects through their first sight of a title itself, you will for sure get the clicks in the next level. It will develop an interest of your reader further thus chances are high that your blog post is read from start to end.

In addition to that, blog titles too have lots to do with how search engines index your posts. The more indexed pages you have, the more chances of getting your posts ranked. Giving the posts catchy and attention-grabbing title will definitely increase the chance of readers sharing them both intentionally and unintentionally thus for others to take interest and read them.

3. Create SEO Friendly Blog Contents

If the content in your post is SEO friendly, then you have an increased chance of your post being deliberately noticed by the search engines. While writing contents, you must ensure that you had placed proper headings, subheadings and bullets with an aim to ease for the search engines to catch your contents. Headings always support Google to comprehend the topics addressed. And, so do subheadings prove helpful to engage human readers through increasing their engagement and interest in the contents presented to them.

Use long tail and short tail keywords in order to attain the stipulated search engine rankings. Using exact keywords means your blog posts will appear while such keywords are being searched by the prospects.

4. Use the Lists and Images

It is a proven fact that people from all walks of life always love lists and images. You should thus ensure using various types of lists and images. With your creative and professionally designed images, you can definitely increase the chances of your blogs going viral. Image optimization is equally helpful to improve the ranking of websites. This way you can make your blog posts go viral in the least possible time.

5. Use Great Designs

Your readers won’t stay or share your blog posts if their designs aren’t eye-catching or fail to appeal them all. That is why you should use great designs in contents to ascertain images/videos/lists fit perfectly. In addition, you must focus on the long-form content instead to improve ranking, therefore, engage the readers. The design of your blog posts should also incorporate your contents so that your readers don’t face any type of hurdles while reading them.


As one of the reputed content writing agencies in India which offers professional content solutions, we at SEO CONTENT INDIA have always believed for the blogging ratio at 20% content writing while 80% through the promotions. Instead of writing too many blog posts every month, concentrate on the select few but ensure that they are made unique and informative. You must always learn to create great blog contents which have ample potentiality as influencers in your niche so that readers would love to link them to share with their followers. That is how your blog posts will begin to go viral.

To help you make your blog posts go viral, we compiled a list of the most trusted yet easiest recommendations above which can guarantee ultimate results with best outcomes. There are several other ways and means as well. You should concentrate on them too to assess how they can work out for you.

SEO Content India has been supporting its esteemed patrons with the blog contents in various niches like SEO article writing services, website content writing services and et al. Write us back for the customized content solutions exclusively designed for you.


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