Local SEO in 2020

10 Simple Ways to Dominate in Local Search Rankings in 2020

Global aspirations find their success routes at the local level stimuli. Are you one of those entrepreneurs who run websites and seek global recognition? Start working from the roots—to make your base through local-level business operations instead. It will boost your business to upsurge with newer confidence. Sooner or later, you can take other steps to increase your base further. Local SEO will increase in importance over the next few years, so getting ready is a great idea.

So, what are the major and minor steps which can bring major transformation in online business operation to have a grip in the local market as much as in international one? The first and foremost step is to develop a completely renewed strategy that is relevant to the current time and trends. You should focus on changing your local SEO strategies. It will pave the way for your business to stay relevant in the respective industry through maintaining local rankings under a current ongoing prerequisite.

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The countdown has already begun and we are approaching the New Year 2020 in a couple of days. The time is rife now to prepare ourselves with the latest as well as the most advanced strategies for online business planning. It can ease for you to get yourself noticed in the search engines. Resultantly, you can expect to generate a maximum number of leads that turn into future customers thereafter. Won’t it be a great escalation in the year ahead? It is high time we think of fabulous resolution for the coming year.

Your products or services won’t see the light of the day in the New Year 2020 if you are ignoring proper Local SEO plans. Take advantage of current increased local online business demands to spread your wings for future goal fulfillment. Before moving ahead, let’s understand the importance of Local SEO in a digital marketing context.

What is Local SEO?

What is Local SEO 2020

If understood in laymen’s language, Local SEO is Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) step. Alike SEO, it is a process of getting businesses and/or the products or services being ranked to the local people at the exact time they are looking for. It is definitely a unique resource to help the website thoroughly to stand out in the local SERPs thus differentiate them from the rest.

A countless number of customers usually prefer local searches almost every day. They aim to explore and find out the best local businesses in their areas to get hooked to for the products or services sought. You must, therefore, develop a concrete business plan as an entrepreneur to cater to the requirements of the local customers while serving the international ones. Proper Local SEO strategies can prove helpful to increase your chances of getting found by potential customers. It will definitely bring drastic improvements to your website in the local searches.

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Ways to Achieve the Local Search Rankings in 2020

1. Secure your position in the popular local business directories

According to thinkwithgoogle, 80% of people rely on online local searches for choosing the local businesses for their requirements fulfilled. Getting your website ranked locally is indeed a comparatively easier option. So, take proper steps to claim your local business listings now if you have not done yet. Before the Local SEO search space gets saturated with your competitors, you should ensure getting the advantage of your own early registration for your timely presence.

2. Don’t ignore the traditional SEO ranking factors

Although Local SEO strategies use various algorithms to rank as compared to traditional SEO, it is not acceptable to consider them entirely different. Several factors that boost SEO equally affect the Local SEO strategies, including notable ones like domain authority, page authority, backlinks and et al.

3. Focus on reviews and ratings

Focus on reviews and ratings

You should focus on the online reviews & ratings mandatorily. Don’t hesitate in requesting your existing or even potential clients to write reviews and or to give their ratings to you. According to a survey by Bright Local:

  • 97% of the consumers read online local reviews
  • 85% of the consumers trust online reviews
  • 73% of the consumers trust positive local reviews

4. Have accurate NAP Information

NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) has been one of the core metrics which Google uses to rank a website in search results. Google’s search engine always cross-references your NAP information with the number of websites, including your Google My Business Page, Yellow Pages, Yelp and rest local directories. It is vital because countless people use Google Maps to reach to your location and the phone number for immediate communication. Make sure you have kept them updated.

5. Consider local link building

Link building is not going to disappear in 2020 too. But you need to have your own proper strategies to obtain high-quality links. There should be total awareness on it how to generate traffic from link building. Local link building is an entirely different step in its context from link building for traditional SEO strategies. So, start making links to the local sites. If links are not possible, then consider the linkless mentions because it might become an off-page signal of equal weight to bring an added value.

6. Optimizing for “near me” searches

According to SEOpressore that “near me” searches have increased a lot over time. Apart from targeting your keywords by adding “near me”; you should also list as many locations as required in your Google My Business account. This way you may inform your business locations to Google so that it can show off your listing when any potential searcher is searching for the products and services you offer on those particular locations.

While optimizing keywords for search engines make sure you avoid keyword stuffing in SEO as it may penalize you.

7. Ranking for long-tail & question-based keywords

Apart from organic search, long-tail keyword optimizations are also beneficial for the paid search categories as well. If you are thinking for Local SEO in 2020 best practices, you should also use the question-based keywords, which starts with what, how, when, where, which, etc. To get some potential questions about your prospects, you can get the help of Quota and Google Search.

8. Keep brand building in priority

Brand building for local SEO in 2020 is going to be one of the most vital ranking factors. Brand awareness and brand building have come to the forefront in 2020 in order to keep your local business relevant and popular. For brand awareness and brand building, we should use social media channels aggressively.

If you are looking for a Complete Local SEO checklist for 2020, then you must include branding and brand awareness in your strategy.

9. Voice SEO will Work

BrightLocal survey reveals, 56% of shoppers have searched for a local business employing voice search on smartphones. And, it is also believed that the use of voice search will increase over the years. So, your local SEO strategy in 2020 must include Voice Search. In fact, it is high time to optimize your website for voice search.

10. Optimize your Domain

If you want to optimize your website for local SEO in 2020, then you should also keep in priority to choose the right domain name. Your domain name not only defines your business and its services or products but also make it easier for customers to remember your brand and make a purchase. Easy to memorize domain names get repeat customers more frequently.

Conclusion – Local SEO in 2020

The process of getting local search rankings would definitely welcome certain modifications in 2020 as compared to 2019. Change is part and parcel of bringing new developments thus slight changes in the process and or applications are indeed newer scopes for growth. You must focus on building relationships; helping your brand develop powerful contacts & links and generate traffic at the local level as much as you do for the international clientele base for overall business growth.

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If you are keen to take your business into the newer heights, do consistent hard work and ensure your Local SEO yields better results. Create natural links to provide your business information for the enhanced trade engagement rather than simply getting noticed. This is how you can attain success locally and internationally.

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