Does Linking Out to Other Websites Help or Hurt

Linking Out to Others’ Websites Degrade Organic Ranking or Boosts SEO

Isn’t it high time that each and every webmaster and digital media expert remains abreast of the fast-changing modules of a digital world that occur each passing of the day? Obviously, it is food for thought for every online business proprietor or those running websites for eCommerce industry and or offering services via digital platforms. They will be able to retain their positions only through keeping themselves updated with the latest SEO tips and tricks to follow thus they maintain that grip in the market.

A good chunk of people also opines that linking to other websites would rather impact negatively to the websites’ organic rankings. It is a crucial moment to come out of the delusion and to understand many realities in the context of the practical factors.

Whether it is internal linking or external linking, websites always attain a substantial improvement in organic rankings thus they boost the brand awareness attempts.

Before we move ahead, let’s think for a moment about the search engines and their ultimate aspirations. All popular search engines, including Google, expect from the users to obtain the most relevant and updated contents for any given search query. Through linking to a relevant and authoritative website, you not only ease a value addition but also provide great service to the searchers.

Here we once again bring before the esteemed readers what we have already said and discussed how to create link generating contents, which can definitely prove helpful for the websites to receive more backlinks and so do they eventually improve rankings, generate traffic and resultantly boost the sales. While you apply such strategies though, you should equally remain well prepared with well-planned and strategically outbound link strategies. It will prove a great rescue by ensuring that your website isn’t devalued at any point in time.

What are Outbound Links?

What are Outbound Links

Outbound links can be defined as links which go to some other domains from your website. Link out to others from your website not only helps the search engines to judge and understand your niche, but also supports to increase your website’s authority, therefore, enhance its value. An authoritative website gets ranking easily on the search engines.

Using the Power of External Linking for SEO

Undoubtedly, there are multiple SEO benefits while external link building strategies are applied meticulously. Let’s look at the things you should consider while linking out.

Benefits of Remaining Well Equipped with the Outbound Link Strategies

In case you link to others, then there is an increased chance that they will enjoy your post and thus link that it in the future in quid pro quo. This strategy has ample potentiality to attract the most important, relevant and valuable eyeballs while you link out to the authority sites.

Increases Relevance

Search engine algorithms can learn a lot easily about your website and especially on its authenticity from who you link to and who link you back. Such prerequisites are to be understood methodologically. By linking out to any of the high quality and authority websites, you indeed build a search engine’s trust in your website that you are a legitimate and genuine website in your respective field. Searchers will surely consider your page while searching the themed pages.

Improves Reputation

By using the external linking strategies to a relevant, high authority source, you can boost your own online reputation to the best extent possible. Most readers don’t have adequate time to research a lot. They often seek to be provided with the shortcuts to where they can find the most accurate information. If you are able to fulfill their needs by helping them meet their targets, you are definitely going to be considered as an authority and an expert in the industry to bring desired solutions.

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Encourages Backlinks

If you link to a website, then you increase your chances of being linked back as well. Endorsing the works of other bloggers, journalists, websites and companies will definitely urge and encourage them to do the same in return. Indeed, there is an unaccountable number of benefits through propagating the link building strategies. The major ones are boost in the domain & page authority, increase of your referral traffic, raise in the brand visibility, support in the brand authority and last but not the least ample enhancement in trust or credibility that you develop in the shortest span of time.

Boosts Value

Linking to other quality contents equally proves helpful for your loyal readers to get access to the useful information they seek. It eventually provides a fast and instant boost for your readers to get something worthwhile and thus you become their trusted source of information. If you establish yourself as an authority website, then your readers will definitely visit the website frequently to browse through the latest posts. Remember it that increased traffic will always improve the ranking, therefore, a trust of a website enhances manifold.


Linking out to the quality and authoritative websites is seen as a great way to improve site ranking, build credibility and boost online reputation to the greater extent possible. While doing so, you must keep into consideration certain worthwhile strategies to ascertain that you get most out of that. Try to make new sites open in the new link.

You can hire a blog writing agency to generate informative and well-researched blog posts for you. Once you update the posts prepared by the skilled and highly professional content writers, your next step should be trying to use both – internal linking and external linking to avail maximum benefits from them.

A reputed content marketing agency which you choose to hire would guide you on each and every stage how to get the most out of your content marketing strategies.

So, let’s know if you have something in mind to bring a new resurgence in your digital initiatives. Do you give no-follow or do-follow links to others? Think about all such factors to avail the benefits which bring a new boost in website popularity.

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