Link Farming is Bad SEO

Link Farming and Its Disadvantages

It is not enough to create a good looking website whose appearance impresses people only once. Always remember the proven fact that to generate leads organically, you must develop an SEO friendly website that maintains thorough consistency. And, you should equally focus on avoiding the black hat SEO techniques, including link farms. Black hat SEO strategies might help you, but it is time being and your website will be banned.

Assess the countless benefits that SEO friendly websites can offer you as a major player in your online business operation. A genuine website requires meticulous content creation, high-quality backlinks and an arrangement plan that can ascertain that each and every page remains interlinked.

Link Fam Activity Banned

Besides the above-mentioned advantages which such websites offer, you are benefitted in the other contexts as well. Such websites are not ordinary ones and therefore they include the meta descriptions and title tags to offer you the additional advantage you are seeking. Provide ‘alt’ text for pictures you are choosing to use on your website so that search engines can read those images meticulously.

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SEO techniques are of two types:

1. White Hat SEO
2. Black Hat SEO

Google, as well as numerous other popular search engines, approve the White Hat SEO techniques. It plays a pivotal role to lead your website to achieve the desired ranking. At the same juncture though, Black Hat SEO techniques are equally considered the spammy activities, which is considered as an illegitimate activity before the search engines as well. To get your website ranked quickly, owners usually start performing the black hat activities, including link farm activity.

link farming in SEO

Upon developing an SEO friendly website, the second most important factor is to make it a truly workable and appealing one to benefit you in all respects. It becomes necessary to apply the latest SEO techniques to get your pages ranked on the popular search engines without fail. You must take care of link farming in SEO in order to save your website from being spammed. Link Farming is Bad SEO, so be careful.

What Link Farm is All About?

What is Link Farm Strategies

A link farm is a website or a group of websites that are dedicatedly created only for the purpose to increase the link popularity of each other website through increasing the number of incoming links.

However, link farms are commonly viewed as a way to misguide search engines and are therefore they are considered Black Hat tactics.

Important things to consider while it comes to the link farms:

  • In case you are involved in the link farming activities, then stop them now.
  • If you have unknowingly used link farms to support SEO, then take corrective action now without making any further delay.
  • Ensure that you are avoiding all Black Hat SEO activities.
  • Keep enough content and interlink the pages to gain the benefits.

Why Link Farming is Bad for SEO?

Avoid Link Farming in SEO

Link farming has already been considered a ‘Black Hat’ SEO method by the search engines. There are several reasons to consider the link farming activity as a bad one—including at times the contents on the websites linking to each other hardly remain relevant & usable, not being created by a human and or of worst quality. All those people who actively involves in the link farming activities most often use different programs or services to create the contents.

Popular search engines can detect link farms easily. They most often penalize the websites which are involved in using such wrongful tactics. It is, therefore, necessary that website owners shouldn’t consider it a legitimate long-term search optimization strategy. It is advisable to avoid the link farms to ensure that websites attain better authentication over the period rather than getting penalized for such unethical activities which bring losses of greater magnitude.


There are many White Hat SEO methods which can always prove helpful for you to improve the ranking of your website. It not only helps you in the ranking purpose but also improves the branding of your company besides boosting your products and services to come into the limelight. In addition, you will improve traffic and boost the credibility of your brand and its products and services.

It should also be remembered that even though Black Hat SEO activities might prove helpful for you at the initial stage, but they will literally mar your ranking in the long run. In case your website is spammed, you would have little scope to recover that due to the availability of limited options for recovery.

Believe in the universally accepted formula of ‘slow and steady wins the race’ instead of taking any such steps in a hurry that damages your reputation. It would literally be a tough nut to chew to manage things thereafter if you do blunder at the initial stage. Go for high quality and genuine SEO services.

Writing content for blogs and uploading them is considered a great way to improve the overall reputation of a company or a brand. You may get the service at the earliest.

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