Link Building Blunders to Avoid

Keep an Eye on Link Building Blunders

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies hardly rely on a single perspective for an ascertained success. Link building has been considered as one of the key factors and also strongest of the SEO strategies that are capable to make big difference. Being a strong force to reckon with doesn’t mean that for the sake of link building you should rely on anything and everything. Getting low quality backlinks means you are putting in a spade on your own foot.

Remember it that if you are doing any attempt to cheat Google through whatever means possible, you are simply inviting the bad omen—and you literally put yourself into another troubled crossroads. Google always seeks from you to create high quality and definitely organic backlinks for your website to smoothen the way for its constant and fast paced ranking that too without getting penalized.

Whenever you are getting any backlink, try to check such websites thoroughly. You should be aware of the fact that from which source you are obtaining the backlinks. Make sure that a selected link has weightage of good domain authority and also its page authority is satisfactory besides representing the same industry you are in.

Also, don’t forget making an assessment whether the pages are indexed in Google or not. That much of preparation from you, while choosing one, will definitely bring brighter future perspective of your website. Once you find that the website fulfills your parameter, you must proceed for that without any further delay.

Having quality backlinks from good sites will:

  • Improve your search engine rankings
  • Increase your website search traffic
  • Boost your conversions
  • Cement your online branding
  • Improve your credibility

Rather than having too many low quality backlinks, you must prefer concentrating to obtain select few high quality links for linking back to your website. Low quality, spammy or purchased links would always have their negative impacts on your SEO efforts thus you must avoid such activities to maximum extent.

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Mistakes to Avoid While Building Backlinks

Mistakes to Avoid While Building Backlinks

Webmasters knowingly or unknowingly create backlinks from low quality or spammy sites. There are good chances that they might negatively affect their websites. Such things must be avoided. We have discussed a few common mistakes here that should be avoided mandatorily.

Mistake #1: Creating Backlinks from the Low-Quality Sites

If you create backlinks from the low quality sites, then your chances are high that you won’t receive any favorable weightage from Google. In addition to that you should also avoid linking to the low-quality contents or pages with the low word-counts. Google always prefers you to create the backlinks from high quality websites which will definitely be helpful for you to improve ranking, generate traffic and last but not the least boost your overall branding.

Mistake #2: Building ONLY Do-Follow Links

Whether it is no-follow links or the do-follow links, you must give equal importance to both of them according to their actual positions for impact factors. Getting only one type of backlinks would be considered a bad practice for SEO thus Google might penalize you for many such activities. However, no-follow links are not as beneficial as the do-follow links. Still you need to give equal importance to both on the basis of their importance and feasibility elements.

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Mistake #3: Using Optimized Anchor Texts

Google does not also like the optimized anchor texts. If you are doing that to get a better search ranking, then you are perhaps having wrong perception and at the opposite side of moving towards success point. You might get penalized for getting the links with keyword stuffed anchor texts. Webmasters and SEO experts must also avoid using same anchor texts too many times. Instead, you can use several combinations of anchor texts to make that more natural and meaningful for the Google bots and therefore avail a genuine advantage.

Mistake #4: Building Links Too Quickly

Building links too quickly is always dangerous for the overall health of any website. However, there is no thumb rule in Google that how fast you should build the links. But, you must also ensure creating high quality links regularly. Instead of aiming for 50 links from the low quality or spammy sites in one go, try getting 5 links from the authority and relevant sites thus enjoy getting benefitted beyond your own perceptions.

Mistake #5: Linking Only to the Homepage

Don’t create links to only in Home page. You must maintain a proper balance while creating the links. What about the remaining pages of your website? You shouldn’t forget each of them and must ensure for a balanced and fully natural link building. If you ignore remaining pages of your website and rather focus on creating backlinks to Home page only, it would look vague. It will possibly cause for you to get penalized for propagating such trends. Ensure that you balance your backlinks throughout the pages of your website for proper coherence.

Final Say

The fact remains undeniable that link building has been evolving faster over the period of time. Google bots too have attained much advancement in more than a decade now to easily catch the suspicious activities thus paving the way for fast penalization through smooth cracking of websites. So, better you create only high quality backlinks to keep monitoring those links time and again for your own safety and for moral boosting. A bit of carefulness will definitely prove helpful for you to make your website go a long way and thus ensure you attain success in your online venture. Remove all types of unnatural or spammy backlinks on regular intervals to ensure that your authenticity is maintained for the betterment of your website. You will definitely remain in the limelight if follow such guidelines.

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