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Ways to Build Traffic That Ensures Ranking of New or Struggling Websites

Venturing into something new is as much translating a dream into reality with a step forward as pushing self on the verge of thrones. The challenges would be too many and on all stages especially if you are delving into either traditional or online business to make fortune. According to a survey that had been done for all those small businesses that incepted in 2014, only 56% of them made it to the 5th year to 2018. It high time to introspect and understand that challenging scenario to overcome the draconian phase and survive in business. So, the time has come to consider increase new website traffic fast.

Several new websites offering products or services business literally struggle to build traffic and fail in assuring improved rankings. Sometimes, new websites usually encounter failures due to many known or unknown reasons. Failing to generate traffic means loss of organic ranking. Often such challenges slap the new entrepreneurs while Google goes for regular updates. Its resultant impacts are vital for new businesses. What should the new websites do in such a challenging scenario then? They require the implementation of an entirely different workable strategy for being a new brand to step into the sea of an online market that has the entire world its marketplace.

Finding potential customers from that huge market becomes a tough nut to chew if there is a lack of strategic planning. Worthless steps or failing to put in proper strategies directly impact the traffic and ranking so come the consequence of failure in business operations. The fact is undeniable that “there is a pioneering role of contents in the digital transformation of businesses”, so it comes to prove a great rescue, troubleshooter and torchbearer to sustain in the market with a strong pitch.

This post will help the new website owners to learn and unlearn how to increase the organic ranking of their websites to boost traffic. There remain uncountable ways to build new sources of traffic for new websites. What matters the most is how and when strategic plans are transformed into realistic actions to welcome the rewards.

To boost the ranking of your pages, you need to know about Google’s freshness algorithm and much more. Once you obtain an organic ranking on most appropriate and suitable keywords, you will get traffic automatically. The subsequent step should be to retain that gain. You should be ready with the tips and techniques by their suitable implementation to get traffic to your new website fast to fulfill the primary goal of escalating business in the newer heights.

Why More Traffic to a New Website?

new website traffic growth

Whether it is a new, struggling or an old website, it would require traffic to ascertain that the specific products and/or services are sold to the targeted clientele. Neil Patel identifies that social represents a decent 6%, but it’s still a small player in the overall game of increasing traffic as direct and search account for 40% and 34% respectively, therefore, adding maximum value. Other benefits of increasing new website traffic free include:

  • Boosting to introduce your products and/or services faster
  • Accumulating the insights about your audience to make decisions
  • Improving your SEO and search engine credibility
  • Generating more leads
  • Reaching up to maximum customers

To achieve the above-mentioned benefits, you must focus on the key prerequisite—to drive traffic to your website right away. Driving traffic means appropriate traffic, which is your prospects.

Avoid Instant New Website Traffic Generators Online

Instant New Website Traffic Generators Online

There is no dearth of countless paid and free instant new website traffic generators available online. Make it a point that you never ever believe in their ‘tall’ claims and avoid all such tools. Considering an automatic website traffic generator tool of any sort for your site whether paid or free is bound to bring the bad omen that you didn’t want. Such tricks might damage the overall health of your website. Some major disadvantages of paid or free instant website traffic generators are as follows:

A. Hurts Your Rankings

Auto website traffic generators can hurt the ranking of your website pages. With the advancement of technology, Google has gradually become smarter and it can easily detect any spammy behavior and suspicious activities. Google can easily monitor how your audiences are interacting with your website. Any auto website traffic generator tool would bring irrelevant traffic thus that won’t be of any use in the eyes of Google. Chances are high that your website might rather get penalized for such activities.

B. Irrelevant Traffic

Auto instant new website traffic generators online may bring huge traffic to your website. Ironically most such traffic usually remains useless and irrelevant for your website. The ultimate goal of bringing traffic and to improve raking is to let your audience take action. If the audience is irrelevant, then neither they will take any action nor stay on your website. It will result in a problem of increased bounce rate to rather annihilate your website ranking.

C. Might Get Your New Website Banned

Using auto website traffic generator tools could force you to get your website removed from Google. Always remember the fact: There is not a short cut to success. Try to build up high-quality and sustainable traffic to your new website as it is still in the struggling phase and seeks to be groomed and nourished. For new website traffic growth, you must stick to only genuine and organic tools and resources.

How to Drive Traffic to Your New Website?

Drive Traffic to Your New Website

Whether it is a new website or a struggling one, keep the below-mentioned tips and strategies in mind. They will prove extensively helpful for you to get traffic to your new website fast thus obtain a result which you had dreamed of.

1. Consider Google’s Freshness Algorithm

Fresh Content boosts SEO and therefore it generates traffic to ultimately build the reputation. Are you aware of it that what “freshness algorithm” actually means and describes? Such an algorithm is aimed at creating new and user-friendly content that should be relevant for the people who are searching at that particular moment.

The freshness algorithm is not about promoting a web page which has published content in the recent past. In fact, it is all about promoting trending and user-friendly content. Don’t fall into the trap of tweaking your old content constantly. Always try creating new ones instead.

For new website traffic growth, you may also consider these blog writing tips & techniques in your blog marketing strategies.

2. Create a Free Google My Business Listing

Creating a Free Google My Business Listing is one of the freeways to increase any struggling or new website’s traffic from Google. Create an elaborate lining so that your audiences land on your website and start placing their orders. Don’t forget linking to your new website as this is a great way to get maximum traffic to your new or struggling website for a new lease of life.

If you provide all pieces of information to the Free Google My Business Listing, your audience would consider your genuineness thus start placing their orders directly even without visiting your website.

3. Rely on On-Page SEO

It is a proven fact that there remains a number of SEO strategies to imply and attain success. You can perform any one of them for your website pages to rank in search engines for maximum assured organic visitors. On-Page SEO strategies include meta descriptions, titles and contents et al that bring tremendous results. It is crucial to have a strong On-Page SEO strategy in place to ensure ranking. Keep this important research finding in mind that 75% of the total searchers never go to the second page of search results.

4. Posts to Social Media Channels

It goes without saying that social media channels are becoming one of the most popular free marketing tools in the current scenario. They play a pivotal role in driving traffic to your new or struggling website. Popular social media channels like Facebook; LinkedIn and Twitter et al can create wonders if they are used efficiently as social media tools to gain traffic. Remember that your brand/company can peruse your social media audiences into your website visitors if there is an effective aligning of them with your website. What remains important is how you exploit an avenue in connecting your website with them for a positive outcome.

Social media is one of the most popular free marketing tools around. It can play a pivotal role to drive traffic to your website. Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other channels to promote your blog posts as well as rest useful pages of your website.

5. Include Hashtags in Your Posts

You must include hashtags in your social media posts. This will help to reach out beyond your network thus get yourself found by the users searching for products and services you are dealing in. Hashtags have become a great way to improve traffic to posts and also get them landed on websites nowadays. You may also hire any professional company that can drive traffic to your new website.

6. Interview the Industry Thought Leaders

Take interviews of the Thought Leaders from your industry and keep publishing their thoughts on your website. They will help your website attain recognition, enhance credibility and also increase traffic. The interviewees too will probably share such content on their social channels, thus you can expect a resultant expanding in its reach to ultimately benefit your website.

7. Start Posting on Medium

If you’re not growing your blog on Medium yet, you should start it now. The website has over 60 million readers a month, which you can target and invite them to land on your website. For Medium posts, you don’t need to start writing new content. You can just republish your old blogs and thus expose those blogs to the new readers.

8. Content Creation Strategy

Boost your content creation strategies professionally to attract and engage the most suitable and appropriate people to your website. Of late, blogging has been considered as one of the best ways of content marketing.

To generate content that can attract your audiences to the best extent possible, you must understand the buyer persona. Once you study and recognize the exclusive needs of your audiences, you can create content accordingly that will attract them to your website.

Writing a Good Blog Post that Attracts Appropriate Audiences

get traffic to your new website free

How do you write a good blog post that should the ability to attract the right audience? Below tips will help you with your new website traffic growth through blogging:

  • Identify your buyer persona

Read, research or if required, do a survey to find out the problems of your buyers. Through your content, you need to provide solutions to your audiences for their maximum benefit.

  • Conduct SEO Research

Know about the exact requirements or keywords which your prospective customers are searching for. Conduct SEO research to find out their requirements on search engines, therefore, ensure that you provide them with the right stuff—enriched contents.

  • Write a draft

Write an informative and researched blog content because it will bring traffic to your new or struggling website to the most. In addition, it would also help to increase new website traffic fast.

  • Publish

Publish your posts on your blogs consistently. Such important things to consider while writing blog content will definitely help you obtain traffic and to improve rankings.

  • Promote

You can promote your blog posts on different social media channels to bring traffic to your new website. Being updated with email newsletter sending tips are equally fruitful to generate the desired traffic. Professionally written content for email newsletters will also help you get more clicks. The more traffic your blog post generates, the higher it will rank in Google as well as other search engines.

9. Video marketing

It is the perfect time to add video marketing to your content marketing strategy. Cisco reveals that video will account for 82% of traffic by 2022. Therefore, all content marketers and webmasters are advised to include video marketing into their strategies as soon as possible. The proven fact is that messages conveyed through videos are frequently watched nowadays. That is why Video marketing has been considered as a great way to increase new website traffic fast and need not be ignored in the current context.

10. Content repurposing

You will seek that your contents boost SEO to drive traffic to your website? Content generation is a tough nut to chew for many. You may hire professionals to generate high quality and researched content. If you don’t have quality resources, begin with repurposing old content rather than writing new ones for some time. Pick up a well-performing blog post and repurpose that into a video or an infographic. Using contents that have already performed well in your blog will continue to drive traffic to your new website.

11. Use SEO tools

To drive traffic to your struggling or new websites, it is vital for you to be updated with some effective and resourceful SEO tools, including Google Analytics, Ahrefs, and SEMrush. Such SEO tools will definitely prove helpful for you to develop a solid strategy to generate traffic to your website. With such tools, you can also analyze the performance of your website.

If you want to know how to get traffic to your new website fast, start using the latest and genuine SEO tools today.

12. Consider historical optimization

Historical optimization is the process to update the old blog contents and to generate more traffic and leads. By doing so, you will invite more traffic to even any of your old posts. Once you update your old posts, share them on your social media channels as well so that your audiences get to know of it.

13. Plan for the Local SEO

If your company is a brick and mortar store, then you must consider local SEO to improve visibility and sales. To gather information for the local searches, search engines, including Google, rely on signals like local content, social profile pages, links, and citations to provide the most relevant local results to the user.

14. Implementation of Schema Microdata

Implementation of Schema Microdata is vital to get traffic to your new website free. It will make it easier for the search engine bots to find and index your pages thus your web pages would attain a new place on searches and increase relevant traffic to your new as well as old website. It can also lead to better rich site snippets to resultantly improve the click-through rates.

15. Link Internally

Internal linking in SEO has been considered as a great way to improve ranking and to generate new website traffic growth fast and effective. Apart from improving ranking and generating traffic, it also helps in a better, more useful experience for the users to enjoy and get them associated with you. Engagement of users is equally an important ranking factor.

16. Start Shooting Emails

Email marketing strategies can be a powerful tool to generate traffic to your new, old or struggling website. Apart from email marketing, word-of-mouth marketing tips and techniques have also become a powerful tool to convince people who are already enjoying your products or services. An email explaining about a new service or product can help you boost your traffic overnight.

17. Make Your Website Responsive

With the advancement of technology, people have started browsing the Internet by using mobile devices. If your website is not responsive to such smart devices, then you are basically telling your prospects to go elsewhere. Your website must be accessible and comfortably viewable across a range of devices including all sorts of smartphones and smart devices.

18. Have a Fast Loading Website

According to research, a one-second delay in page load time results in 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction and a 7% loss in conversions. When your website takes lots of time to open, your audiences feel frustrated thus start leaving you in the middle to rather make a new search. Therefore, you should have a fast loading website if you want to increase new website traffic fast and in a systematic manner. It will leave a bigger and better impact on your potential customers.

19. Build Backlinks

One of the main factors, which increase the ranking of a website, is Link Building. Backlinks from high-quality websites or industry influencers will not only take your business pushed in front of a larger audience but also it will begin driving qualified traffic to your website. While building backlinks, you must check the authenticity of the website you are going to build links. Get noticed on search engines for free with quality backlinks.

20. Target Long-Tail Keywords

Understand the importance of long-tail keywords for your website. Such keywords or key phrases are longer than the more commonly searched ones for keywords. Long-tail keywords or key phrases comprise 3 to 5 words which you must remain abreast of to avail the benefits. Being longer in size, they get less search traffic, but they usually have higher conversion values due to being more specific.

Conclusion – Ensure Traffic Growth to New Websites

Whether you have a new, old or a struggling website that had failed to attain the desired success, it would require ranking and traffic to generate leads. For traffic growth to new websites, you require the above-mentioned strategies in place. In addition, you also need professionally written content for your website to ensure better engagement of your readers and to let them take an action.

With the above-mentioned strategies, companies drive traffic to their new websites for free and vail of unaccountable benefits. Once you get that desired traffic, have actionable content ready to increase conversions.

Share your ideas on how to boost the traffic of a new website for free.


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