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Page Authority & its Importance for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies always prove meaningful for websites to gain drastic improvement. They would be truly fruitful if webmasters or site owners justify every single aspect with their keen assessment from idea generation to the incorporation stages. Experts at SEO Content India highlights a few selected factors in the context of Page Authority (PA). Read on to know more about it.

What is Page Authority (PA)?

To ensure the ranking of your website pages, you must have keen focus to improve page authority (PA). Let it be understood in a layman’s language that PA is a score of the pages developed by Moz. Several factors are associated with the websites to improve the page ranking. Link counts, MozRank, MozTrust and dozens others are some of the pivotal factors. Alike Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA) uses a 0 to 100 logarithmic scale which means high Page authority has potential to rank well in search engine results unlike those in the low authority.

How to Improve Page Authority?

Improve Page Authority

There are several ways to improve the authority of your web pages. It is an ardent need to improve PA in order to boost website rankings. You will resultantly welcome number of visitors that might turn into future customers thereafter. Search engine algorithms are changing constantly each passing of the day. Majority webmasters have searched countless patterns on how sites can gain more PA to rank higher. And, they have also dug into the depths of Google’s process to determine the keys to successfully increase your page authority.

How to influence your page authority?

Here we describe a few key factors that have causal relation thus bring maximum influence to your page authority for a big difference.

Fresh and usable content

Create fresh, usable and scannable content consistently to keep the readers hooked or engaged to your site every now and then. It is an undeniable fact that “content is the king,” and that it will always rule the roost in online world due to the persistently creative and thoughtfulness inspirations. Search engines now tend to improve the rankings of sites higher with contents that maintain the below features:

  • Fresh and engaging
  • Updated frequently
  • Explained, relevant & useful
  • Included proper data
  • Readable & actionable

Link to others and let others’ link to yours

Link to reputed websites and vice versa. That way you also help your audiences to obtain great information. High quality contents with exclusive data can easily urge others to source your pages. Through doing so, you can improve your traffic and thus enhance the page authority (PA). Creating links to your pages from other authority websites is a great means to ramp up your own page authority (PA).

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Make your website Google friendly

To turn your website Google friendly, you should find out on-page errors and remove them instantly. Make sure that you had appropriate page loading speed. Is your website mobile friendly? Also, ensure that its meta title and descriptions are properly optimized.

Optimize images for SEO

optimize images for SEO

Apart from the proper link building strategies, which you should always keep into consideration, make it a point to optimize your images for SEO. It is another key prerequisite you shouldn’t ignore at any stage. Use related images into your posts besides including descriptive ALT texts and descriptions. Do it religiously so that anybody and everybody finds such images on the search engines without any hassles. Even you should keep the file names related to keywords to further organize them and thus bring them right in order.

Improve your social presence

Publish your contents on various social media channels frequently. It is an innovative step to improve traffic to your website. In addition to that, you also find better platform with such channels to interact with potential customers. It differentiates from the rest due to personalized touch and easy reach to people from around the worldwide locations. Such steps are truly rational thus you come to know about your company or its products & services from genuine observers and or honest reviewers.

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You are also made aware of your strengths and weaknesses through social network channel based likes, shares and comments. Social media engagement improves the ranking of your website and so does your page authority (PA) improves.


Whatever might be your business goals, you have avenues to improve ranking of your website to generate traffic and boost conversions. In order to ensure that your web pages rank well in search engine results pages, you need to bring drastic improvement in page authority (PA) of respective website pages. Our experts enlisted above most trusted methods that prevail nowadays and which can boost PA. You might find and explore many other authentic methods as well which are other than those having mentioned above. Do share those with us. Let’s communicate further to discuss and share knowledge through exchanging ideas.


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