Hiring a content writing agency in India

Hire a Content Writing Agency: Tips to Keep in Mind

At times the sayings proliferates the realities so much so that they become ardent truths to believe, instead of what they are usually presumed. It applies to the famous saying ‘Content is King’ as well. You can’t imagine running an online venture successfully in the absence of robust content marketing strategies. In the fast paced online market trends nowadays, content marketing, in fact, has become an integral part of an online business promotion strategy which aims to escalate the ventures to their newer heights.

Creating contents regularly and then their supplies for an apt usage in different online platforms can definitely bring drastic transformations. Most important benefit of such steps is that websites enjoy ample improvement in the organic ranking thus they ascertain building your brand image through retaining and engaging readers. Whether you are a B2B marketer or a B2C marketer, you always require proper and thorough content marketing strategies for effective performance and therefore welcome towering success.

Demand Metric reveals through an infographic that content marketing costs 62% less and generates three times more leads than traditional marketing programs

Hiring a full-time content writer might prove a costly affair. Besides the financial factors, such decisions might also require your big share of involvement which you might not find easy to manage. Therefore, many companies prefer hiring reputed content writing agencies to get such tasks done with ease. Reputed and well-known agencies assure for generating high-quality, SEO friendly and compelling contents that generate leads for the respective organizations. In addition to that, reputed agencies also assist you in checking several technicalities including SEO and plagiarism compliance prior to creating customized contents to finally use in the websites.

Points to Consider Before Hiring a Content Agency

Helpful tips for hiring a content writing company

If you are planning to outsource your content creation tasks to a content agency or a freelance content writer, you should take your time to know a few things about that particular agency or an individual freelancer to avoid all types of future duping.

#1. Check Writing Ability

Whether you are approaching a full time content writer, freelancer or a content agency, make sure you have already checked their writing abilities diligently by assessing their previous works. Contact as many parties as possible and ask them to show their samples to you. You may go through their works to compare them for quality and shortlist a few thereafter.

If any writer or agency refuses to show you their samples or avoid signing the non-disclosure agreements, you should rather keep exploring for more. Don’t get settled until you find someone reliable and experienced in creating web contents. Contact their references to assess their working relationships as well.

#2. Find Out the Real Content Players

Several content writing agencies operate in the market today. Most of them claim to offer high quality, well researched and plagiarism free contents. They will have tall claims. Make an assessment if they keep their promises or not. Prior research about them before finalizing a deal is always mandatory. Hire an agency that keeps up the promises done. They mustn’t compromise with the quality at any cost.

In addition to that, you should also remain abreast of different formats of content writing. Take for example the difference between content writing and copy writing. To judge the quality of contents, you should first select a few companies and assign them small projects so that you can check if their claims and your requirements do match up to the contents to deliver. Once you get what you want, sign a deal instantly and move ahead to finish your project.

#3. Check Industry Experience

If you represent a popular industry like fashion, real estate and or travel et al, then it becomes crucial to check whether an agency being approached has experience in writing contents for your industry or not. If you are from an unusual industry, then ask them how they would go ahead and do justice to your project. An established agency will guarantee suitable contents by researching over the web to fulfill your customized requirement.

#4. Search Engine Optimization Knowledge

In this world of online resurgence today, it is next to impossible to survive if your website doesn’t have organic ranking. SEO friendly contents will always prove helpful to improve the ranking of your website or webpages. So, an agency you are going to hire should have basic knowledge of SEO strategies. It should optimize the header, meta title, meta description and heading as per your primary and secondary keywords.

#5. Assurance of Free Revisions

An agency or freelance writer you are going to choose must also assure you to offer free revisions until you are satisfied with the style and format. It may take a little while for a person or an agency representative to match up with your style. Sometimes, they charge for the revisions, which wouldn’t be good for the overall financial health of your organization.

#6. Reuse Existing Contents

Writing and publishing fresh contents is a good idea, but at the same juncture you can also reuse your old contents just through doing a slight editing and or doing some modifications. An esteemed content agency would take some time out to understand and evaluate your existing contents and thus see if they can quickly refresh or give new life to your contents to make them relevant for the current time. It would not only help you save your firm’s money and resources but also give you great chance of creating the backlinks.

#7. Offer Editing or Rewriting Services

Once contents are delivered, you might also ask the agency or writer to edit the content or rewrite that if required to meet your specified requirements. Little bit of beautification can change the overall outlook of contents and thus you easily invite and engage your audiences. You need content editing services as they offer countless benefits to your firm.

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#8. Compare the Prices

Pricing is one of the most important aspects which you must take into account before hiring a freelance writer or content agency. Don’t compromise with quality to save a few bucks. Make sure you get associated with a firm or freelancer which offers high quality professional content writing services within your budget. Going with someone who overcharges is also not good for your firm for the long run. A bit bargaining is good, but ensure that you are not compromising with the quality. Assign someone from your organization to check quality of contents to receive.


Hiring an agency or a freelancer can be a child’s play if you have access to Internet. It though takes a lot to hire any company which truly understands your value and generates contents which easily meets your requirements. Above mentioned points will definitely help you fish out the best agencies and freelancers around to boost up your content marketing activities. Remember that everyone has different writing tone, style and approach. Best writers would try to understand audiences first prior to creating contents which ascertain maximum clarity and remain highly engaging.


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    For me, it was a game changer when I started to search a content writing agency. These points have helped me to get settled with one, which offers high quality and professional services within the time frame.

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