Is Guest Blogging Dead

Is Guest Blogging Dead or Still Alive for SEO Boost?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategically empowered resource to push the websites move ahead through enhancing rankings. It incorporates various elements to countless factors associated with it for the desired metamorphosis. Online world is vital to reach up to millions in the shortest possible time. It is equally a monstrous task to bring each and every visitor into one’s fold through eCommerce. That is why SEO uses multiple mechanisms for a guaranteed success.

Guest blogging has been given ample value in SEO ever since online businesses started attaining dominance in the worldwide locations. Debates still go on whether guest blogging for SEO truly important in the current scenario. While strategic changes occur each passing of the day, it is debated too much but the fact remains undeniable that guest blogging always generates inbound links.

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If looked through the eyes of the experts in a social media domain and from online business fraternity expertise, this debate is ably countered that “webmasters and SEO experts are probably hearing rumors that guest blogging is no longer a viable option to improve organic search rankings.” At times information is shared that many websites are being penalized for using guest blogging for SEO purposes. There is no doubt in it and possibilities are there for penalizations. But that is not the only case always. The focus should be on a meticulous guest blogging strategy that should leave positive impact rather than forcing you to get penalized due to unplanned steps.

guest posting still alive

Being an entrepreneur or a website owner, you should look for various ways and means to improve website’s organic rankings to generate traffic and boost sales. Once you are at a direction to generate traffic, there occurs fast improvement in the conversion rates due to presence of actionable and scannable contents. Therefore, you should look for the latest news in SEO industry to keep yourself updated and well-informed. It is high time you are kept updated with the insights on how to promote your website in a pace that can actually bring greater rewards.

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How to do guest blogging in SEO

Google and several other search engines always trust authoritative websites. When you receive links from a reputable source, they start giving SEO boost instead of causing or imposing penalties. Our SEO experts at SEO Content India have enlisted some notable tips here. Keep them into consideration while guest blogging for SEO to attain success.

Don’t over do

It is a popular saying that “excess of anything is bad.” One of the overlooked problems with guest blogging is that people are inclined to overdo that. They should keep changing anchor texts and websites for guest posting. Diversify your link profile and get inbound links only from authoritative websites. Always maintain consistency in doing so without overdoing such steps.

Concentrate on the content quality

Content was king; content is king and content will remain king in the future as well. So, you must concentrate of content quality of each and every guest post you look at. Don’t publish a guest post for link building. In fact, a guest post without even a single link can still help a business if quality of content is comparatively very good.

A high-quality, well researched and readable guest post content can boost brand awareness. It can definitely help you build your profile as a thought leader besides promoting your brand to attain newer recognition.

Make the select guests posts interesting

make the guest post interesting

Do you know how to make a guest post interesting? There are several things you can do to turn a post into interesting one to appeal to your readers, including adding supporting images, writing and re-writing catchy headlines and et al. Add images only after optimizing them for SEO. It will not only make the post interesting but also provide SEO boosts. In addition, try to use varied formatting for an improved reading experience.

Use social media channels

Content is useless until it reaches to the potential readers or audiences who are your future customers. Social media channels offer unique platform from where you can easily engage your potential customers to land them on the website. Approach any social media service handler company to turn this task professional to ascertain that your guest posts are made viral in the shortest possible time.

Link to other authoritative sites, not just your own

Whenever you publish a guest post in an authoritative website, you should take some links back to your website. While linking back to your website, don’t forget to link out to some authoritative websites. If you link to your own stuff, then readers will quickly realize that you are just after the links, which is not good for you in the long run. Whether you are linking to your own stuff or to others, ensure that the content you are to link is of high-quality. It must provide true value to your readers.


Guest posting is not dead and neither it is going to lose relevance in SEO strategies. When you use it with an aim to improve SEO, you should ensure involving yourself only in genuine quest for guest posting strategies. Get guest post writing services from professionals who have attained expertise to make unique selection of quality content. This practice will prove helpful if seek your audience involvement through it rather than focusing to get benefitted on the search engine platforms. A prudent step for guest posting will definitely bring greater rewards for your website.

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