How to Increase Google Reviews for a brand or Business

How to Generate Maximum Google Reviews for a Brand?

While biggest ever transformations are already happening in almost all sectors, all of us feel and realize a metamorphosis to witness each passing of the day. Take for example some of the common experiences in life when you should have often seen that people ask you to give reviews for the products and/or services you have used. It is an undeniable fact that genuine online reviews from the customers contribute irrefutably to increase visibility thus online reputations of the companies concerned.

When such scenarios are there, one witness an overall increase in the chances of conversions from the search traffics. This is what makes an organization at the right track to attain success. Online reviews play a greater role by paving the way for a new dawn in helping you write your success stories. Whether you are making a purchase or filling out an online form, the charismatic impact can’t be ruled out.

Majority of the potential customers look to their family members and or friends to seek honest recommendations from them on any new products or services they are considering to buy. It is though not always possible to find out such friends or the family members who have actually bought a particular product or used a service to obtain their personal recommendations. It is perhaps one of the primary reasons that several people have started to sincerely trust the customer reviews and thus the feedbacks of even stranger buyers or service users prior to availing a product or service do matter to them.

Online reviews dually benefit the companies or organizations to get their products sold or services used: They are extremely helpful in building trust and at the same juncture they propagate to “bury” the older bad reviews if there are any. It is not a tough nut to chew to explore the online reviews. Improving your online reviews on Google or anywhere is easy if you are aware of the trick to literally keep your loyal and even new customers hooked up to come into the fold and to inspire the prospects. In order to increase reviews on a regular basis though, all you require is doing a consistent effort to approach them with your requests. Your sincere and planned pursuance for the same is bound to make a big difference.

According to ReviewTrackers, 6 out of 10 consumers now look for Google for reviews before making any purchases.

Ways and means to obtain real Google reviews

How to obtain real Google reviews

Now that you are already aware of the importance and utmost value of Google reviews, let’s explore the next stage of understanding as the key facets why they are to be obtained and possible steps to take for the same. Vendasta confirms that 92% of consumers now read online reviews. Below is enlisted some of the unique means and ways which can mandatorily help you increase your Google and similar other review platforms for maximum consistently. They will also improve the chances of you getting additional customers by developing such trust.

1. Ask for a Review

Always remember that each customer is important for you. Ask each of them for their reviews once you serve them. Try to share your links with them so that they can easily re-share with their feedbacks. Don’t forget this proven fact in today’s digital resurgence that people have easy access to the Internet through smartphones and similar other devices. So, they can easily share their experiences, if asked for.

2. Let your customers know on how to leave a review

If you are keen that your customers should leave their feedbacks easily, you should start educating them through constant perusing and motivational appeals on how to leave a review easily with this conviction that such steps are for mutual admirations and benefits. Your company executives dealing with the customers should educate the later through proving them with the printouts and instructions on how to leave a Google review. Or, you can also write an elaborate blog on your website that also carries certain guidelines for the same. When you bring the educative blogs such as ‘here have instructions on how to leave a Google review,’ you can witness their impeccable impact to the greater extent.

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3. Simplify the process

You should be aware of this proven reality that many people want to review but still don’t attempt for the same because they hardly have any idea on how to go with it. It is high time you should educate them by keeping this process to augur them to leave their feedbacks and reviews. Offer them the simplest of the ways to get the tasks completed. You can provide them a link to open and write their reviews accordingly. Let them understand the whole aspect.

4. Respond to the reviews

You should respond to each and every review in the least possible time. When any customer finds out that a company representative regularly responds to feedbacks, he/she will be more inclined to share the feedbacks considering that a company will actually be reading it to respond to in future as well.

5. Response to negative reviews

Responding to negative reviews in actuality boosts the morale of your customers to place their orders and write positive reviews thereafter. They do so by considering for them in a win-win feel that their concerns had been noticed previously. There is a number of ways you can apply to counter negative reviews and change people’s perceptions but you must find out solutions to reply appropriately which suits a situation well.


Now that you are already aware of the benefits and strategies to keep generating Google reviews for your business, develop strategies for a substantial success too. Apart from asking them to write simple yet effective reviews, you must encourage customers to share their own experiences. With such strategies in place, you can achieve your goals in the short span of time. That is why it is advised to incorporate the above-mentioned steps into your marketing campaigns for an unfailing success.

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