Generate Organic Traffic without Google

Ways to Generate Organic Traffic without Google

While dramatic shifts are being witnessed almost everywhere, can you defy this general perception that there remains ample scope to get the organic website traffic even without relying on Google—the search giant that boasts a globalized monopoly thus literally keeps others at the periphery. Let’s think otherwise and go against the tide as to how such an exceptional claim can prove the truth to believe and accept in the current scenario. If you learn how to generate organic traffic without Google, you will keep generating traffic even if it is a recession.

This blog will highlight such claims in the context of the fast transformations occurring beforehand and the multihued impacts with and without Google search engines for websites’ boosts.

It is a proven fact that any website would remain incomplete if it fails to generate the desired traffic from the major and minor search engines. While optimizing your website, you should keep this crucial element into consideration. To begin with a concrete step, you should keep mind all potential methods in mind to ascertain that your website generates organic traffic. Should webmasters be advised not to rely on Google as their only traffic sources? This question must also be replied in the contextual perception today while every moment is a challenge with innumerable metamorphosis in the digital world.

Although Google until now has almost 75.74% of the search engine market share, it does not mean that you should rely on this search engine giant only. Shouldn’t other scopes be taken into account as experimentation yet perusing for a rewarding outcome? Remember that your organic traffic might be wiped up anytime which otherwise can resultantly take all of your years of SEO and content marketing efforts away overnight. If such a scenario arrives, you come at the doldrums and remain helpless.

Disadvantages of relying on Google as your only traffic source

We have already discussed above that Google is one of the major search engines available today and is relied upon by the majority. At the same juncture though, should you also optimize your website for the best search engines for better and do a positive experiment? The problem of only relying on Google is that it changes its algorithms approx. 500-600 times a year, claims Moz. Those algorithm changes may ruin your website ranking and traffic in the long run.

Even if they don’t ruin your ranking and traffic, a question mark arrives if certain possible downplays are to be encountered. Let it be kept in mind that keeping your website safe is the great option for you in the long run, therefore, you shouldn’t compromise on it at any stage. According to SearchEngineJournal, “you must not rely on Google blindly as it has failed to resolve some issues yet, including Google indexing bug”.

Despite all of your search engine friendly efforts, you could be slapped with the penalty for something which you did a few years back. This is what remains the most haunting and element as a caveat not to forget at any stage.

Ways to Get Organic Traffic without Relying on Google

Get Organic Traffic without Relying on Google

There are several ways which remain and prove extremely helpful for you to obtain enough traffic for your website for which you always strive. We have enlisted those ways and means after doing extensive research. Indeed, they are considered as great ways to save your website traffic even if you are slapped with a penalty from Google.

1. Produce Video Content on YouTube

When we talk about traffic, we must not ignore YouTube as well because it too has over 1.9 billion monthly active logged-in users. Forbes confirms that the world’s second-largest search engine is none but YouTube, therefore, it can’t be underestimated or undervalued. That is why you must start producing effective and appealing video contents for this medium to welcome viewers who find them worth watching for being engaging and interesting enough for them.

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Promote your videos on various social media sites for possible traffic from there as well. Even if your website is being penalized by Google, your YouTube traffic won’t be affected in that scenario. Whether it is a manual action or an algorithmic downgrade on Google, you will be able to survive if you have multiple sources of traffic.

2. Rely on Other Search Engines Like Bing and Yahoo

Whether you are being penalized or going to be penalized by Google or not, you must consider the traffic of other popular search engines as well such as Yahoo and Bing. According to a research finding, ‘Bing‎’s search share is ‎2.63%, while Yahoo’s ‎1.8%.’

It is therefore high time to learn the search algorithms of Yahoo and Bing as well. Technically, all search engine algorithms take the ranking decision of any particular website based on the keywords and backlinks. But, Bing has unique features to rank older domains and have more official endings such as .edu, .gov, etc.

3. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing services have become a genuine source to generate traffic for websites in the current context. The conversion rate of email marketing is 3.34 percent, therefore, you should have a robust and easy-to-use email service in place. You should learn the tips to write a perfect email newsletter content so that you get the maximum benefits.

4. Remain Active on the Q&A Sites

There is no dearth of Q&A sites, including Quora, which often seek the attention of innumerable searchers. Indeed, all such Q&A sites offer a great opportunity for you to generate highly targeted traffic for your website. Your answer should provide a genuine solution to a question raised so that you are being searched and re-searched to pave the way for your generating traffic.

The main purpose of the Q&A sites is to provide genuine answers. Don’t spam these sites just by asking questions and answering them on your questions. Think more, think bold and ascertain how your involvement brings positive results.

5. Offline Marketing

In this cutthroat competitive market today, you won’t be able to exist and retain if you are not online. But, it does not mean that you should not try offline marketing strategies and ignore that completely. Apart from a cost-effective option, offline marketing is the easiest one and always has long-lasting impressions too.

Offline marketing covers wide areas starting from the business cards to billboards, banners and flyers, brochures amongst others. Brochure writing tips will help you generate more leads. It also encompasses the face-to-face networking strategies through speeches, seminars and presentations amongst others.


As we know that it is next to impossible to survive in the online market today if you overlook Google yet at the same juncture, you should be ready to sustain with your alternate preparations in case you are slapped with a Google Penalty. So, explore other ways to generate organic traffic without Google.

We have elaborated a few important tips and tactics above and it is our firm belief that they are going to help you drive traffic to your website without relying on Google. And, the best thing about such tips and strategies which we discussed above is that they are completely free of cost thus they won’t make a hole in your pocket.

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What other ways you would like to share here to generate web traffic without Google? Keep us posted with your valuable comments and arguments as a healthy debate that peruses for an exemplary solution to rely on.

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