FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions]


As a representative of particular corporation or an individual service seeker, you might have countless questions in mind before approaching us for our assistance to provide content solutions. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page answers your many such questions that often come into mind. We, at SEO Content India, have shortlisted few commonly asked questions. Our aim is to offer our customers a thorough insight into variety of services offered. Here we explain notable aspects for which our clients often seek for instant replies.


Question 1: Explain parameters to judge quality of contents you create?

Since inception itself, SEO Content India has always remained strict in following the rules to create high quality contents. Our team does extensive research by keeping in view customer-centric content requirements. We assure that our customers are offered what they seek from us. Our agency provides best services to motivate for a maximum client retention. Several of our existing customers from domestic and international locations are loyal who rely on us since the very first project itself.

Our team efforts define the initiatives we have been taking as an Indian Content Agency. We ensure that each content page created by the respective writers pass through rigorous quality check process from Senior Editors at our Editorial section. Once they approve the contents after thorough proofreading and editorial accuracy, we begin the process to deliver content projects to respective clients. All clients are encouraged for keen assessment of submitted contents to approve or return for the further modifications, if required.

Question 2: Can you explain various content categories to make selection?

Contents are of multiple verities. You should learn about the type of content written before using them on numerous stages and for certain purposes. Take for example SEO copywritingcontents meant for websites, articles and blogs. Each of them vary in the contexts, structure and themes thus they remain of multiple genre. Tone and writing style too vary to the most.

Out of many content writing agencies in India, SEO Content India ascertains to offer variegated contents to its clients. It became possible for us due to our robust team of writers. Each of them are professionals with decades of experience. They have been creating contents in multiple niches. They are thus well aware of various dimensions to variances of contents to write in particular types to fulfill an exclusive need. We create pages by keeping specific formats and need in consideration.

Our agency provides training to every writer on regular intervals to hone writing skills. They are always groomed to understand latest SEO techniques to prepare contents accordingly. We, as a fast emerging content creation company, provide SEO-friendly contents that rank easily in all search engine pages for you to get noticed.

Question 3. Does your Company offer free trial services?

SEO Content India always focuses on customer-centric approach. We ensure that prior to actually proceeding a business relationship, customers know us well. We often encourage them to know about our work. We eagerly provide them smaller assignments that help to understand our writing style. The write-ups usually range between 300 to 500 words and are free trial writings meant to assess our work. As an Indian content agency on a global standard, we ascertain that our clients are provided with best avenues to assess us.

This way customers can easily judge quality contents to compare us from the rest Indian website content agencies to take timely decisions. Besides paving the way for customers to understand our work they learn us more through a free trials’ service. Both parties develop amicable and enduring relationship. It greatly helps our customers to know about our works. Our team evaluates project needs and the specifications sought. We use resources to involve writers of specific background for a task fulfillment. Such steps are important to develop a professional relationship, and to create project quotations after a need assessment.

Question 4: Can you provide exact time frame for say a Batch of 5 pages to complete?

Each project we work on are allotted 20 hours’ daily time frame, excluding the time taken by our senior editors for monitoring purpose. It is a usual practice for every project of 2500 words (5 pages) to finish as daily target. SEO Content India usually schedules a project of such work volume of 5 pages for 24 hours. It also includes 4 hours for evaluation purpose to proofread and resolve other editorial issues before submitting to parties. We ensure that each page is minutely assessed for its smooth readability. Our editors check grammar, make keywords stuffing ratio assessment and also focus on SEO optimization strategies implemented. Thus, we are at home to deliver 5 pages daily for a single project.

Question 5: Is your team seeking additional funds to do revisions?

SEO Content India never asks for any additional charges to make any revisions. It doesn’t matter for how many times they are asked to be done. The revisions can be minor or major but we do that for free unlike rest content creation agencies that often charge. Our team encourages critical feedback from each and every customer to enhance our own work qualities. We readily revise pages as and when required.

Question 6: Can you explain your work process function thoroughly?

Our first step to take a kick-start of projects is from customer’s confirmation that they would be availing our web content writing services. It begins with a focus that every patron briefs us work and guidelines to go to next step. Our team works on a project and keeps updating with part completion to sharing the work regularly. We encourage customers to go through the completed portions and provide feedbacks or remarks. We do best efforts to finish projects before deadline with an aim to give ample time to customers for evaluation and feedback. It gives us an opportunity to work on the issues to fix due to finding ample time for that purpose.

Question 7: Do let us know payment terms of your agency?

SEO Content India charge per word basis for the pages written. Rates usually vary depending on types of content to project categories. We ask for an initial down payment of 25% to 50% to be paid mandatorily prior to project begins. You can make rest payments on regular basis thereafter final web content deliveries we do. Our team sends final payment settlement invoice for rest payment once a project is successfully completed and submitted.

Question 8. Do you permit clients for personalized communication with the respective writers?

As a trusted agency, SEO Content India provides ample room to customers to talk to respective authors working on projects. We provide contact details of a writer being assigned a project to work on. It is done purposefully to ensure that a writer is guided in case any special requirement is to be fulfilled. We encourage sharing direct number and emails of assigned writers to discuss and to work on projects.

Question 9: Does your agency offer SEO related services as well?

SEO Content India began the SEO services as a recent initiative. These services are fully customized and planned according to current search engines and Google updates in trend. Sole purpose of our Agency is to ensure that every client availing our SEO services find better avenues to obtain the quick ranks in famous search engines. Our professional SEO experts monitor such projects keenly.

Question 10: Guide us how to get started a projects with your team?

Check the Send Enquiry page by clicking here now. Just fill in your requirements in the online information form and submit that. Our team will do the rest, and in no time one of our executives will contact you with a quotation.

Still want to know more? Shoot a question at info@seocontentindia.in