Google EMD Update 2012

Google’s EMD (Exact Match Domain) Penalty

In order to provide an improved search experience to the users, Google updates its algorithms frequently. According to Matt Cutt, Google updates its algorithm almost every day and around 500 times throughout the year. It is aimed at providing the best possible results for the searchers.

Every website on Google is an EMD site. For example, if you explore an ordinary website namely, it would still be an exact match for the search term “cloud company 100”. While you go deeper into this update, you find that it is not even truly targeting EMD domains. It is indeed targeting the low quality and spammy domains. Reputed and authoritative sites thus survived the penalty.

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What is Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update?

EMD by Matt Cutts

Google launched EMD (Exact Match Domain) update in September 2012 to prevent the poor quality and spammy sites from ranking well. Prior to that update, poor quality sites were ranking as they had the words which matched keyword search terms in their domain names. Websites with quality content and backlinks from the authoritative sites have survived the updates successfully.

How Can EMD Websites Survive the EMD Update?

When you have an EMD, you don’t need to possess all of your anchor text, metas, and on-page factors to target the keywords. In addition to that, you should also keep updating your website frequently, link to the high authority sites, create a strong internal linking and to find ways that increase user engagement. They will surely work for you in a long way. Some common factors to survive EMD updates include:

  • Don’t build the exact match anchor texts
  • Avoid stuffing keywords of your EMD into your title’s and metas
  • Social media presence
  • YouTube videos on the page
  • Very few affiliate links

How to Recover from the Google Exact Match Domain (EMD) Penalty?

If your website has already hit by the EMD update of 2012, then there is a maximum chance that the site is only penalized for the keywords contained in your domain. In this situation, you do not have a better suggestion than buying a new domain instead and start working again. Remember that while facing such situations, while your business is not totally depended on that one keyword, we recommend you to keep working with the other pages without fail.

Some Tips to Recover from the EMD Penalty

Tips to recover EMD penalty

Create Quality Content Only

Content always remains king for each and every website that is in the upward stride. Fresh, quality and SEO compliant content is one of the main factors in SEO to turn it dynamic thus you must pay attention to that factor. Such content will not only help you improve ranking but also ascertain to survive from any kind of Google algorithm refreshment penalties. You are also advised to avoid the thin, low and copycatted contents to your site at all levels.

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Refurbish Old Blog Posts

You can easily improve the organic rankings of existing blog posts just by editing and refurbishing some content of them to turn them into fresh ones. Optimize them with new keywords besides thorough modification and update in the content elements according to your current needs. Interlink the relevant posts but make sure that you avoid keyword cannibalization. It can mar your site even though previous attempts and plans were effectively monitored.

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Build a New SEO Strategy

Once you get penalized by Google, you are enlisted as violators and therefore can’t easily escape. It is high time for you to do another thorough introspection to plan for a new and fresh SEO strategy and implement that without fail. Avoid spammy link building strategies, including the link farming steps amongst others. Such steps would greatly help to improve the overall ranking. Careful planning and proper implementation of new SEO strategies will also bring back organic traffic to your website thus you once again follow the path to success.

Redirect Your Website to a New Domain

Whenever you are penalized for EMD reasons, the best means for you as a rescue step is to buy a new domain and redirect your website into that. 301 redirect from old to a new domain is suggested as it will redirect all your backlinks and traffics.

Final Thoughts

Google updates are aimed to provide a correct answer to the searchers. You are thus advised to work for your audiences as first preferences but equally for the search engines to notice your site. Apart from EMD updates, there were several other updates too which often penalize the low-quality websites. It is better for the webmasters to create an authoritative website to update that consistently with fresh contents. With a high quality website, you definitely survive EMD and rest Google updates. They indeed bring ample peace of mind.

High-quality sites will attract traffic naturally. Try to rank the individual pages of your website rather than focusing on the home page. Bit cleverness, and supported by hard work, can create wonders. You can easily maintain the ranking of your website on Google which is your ultimate ambition.


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