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Writing is an art to sum up words creatively for the meaningful expression of a thought process. No matter how expressively you write, it is a must to get your write-ups edited & proofread professionally. It guarantees error-free, qualitative and catchy write-ups which not only appeals to the readers but also impresses them all. In addition, our pages are SEO friendly means that they get easily ranked and thus generate leads.

Our website content editors have expertise in editing website content while placing keywords naturally and keeping in mind other SEO elements. Therefore, our content editors for websites and blogs have become popular for SEO friendly editing services.

It is one of the major reasons that demand for content editing services & proofreading services in India has been increasing each passing of the day now. What turns professionally edited and proofread write-ups meaningful? Skilled creative writers and authors constantly rethink to overhaul SEO content pages, website content, blog content, etc. for their creative structuring for their quality enhancement. Highly focused editing tasks polish the write-ups including thesis and numerous other support drafts by turning them professionally prepared unique final write-ups.

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Editing services remove the smallest of errors like taking care of punctuations, grammar, spelling, sentence structure, style and word choice options to name a few. We offer to edit services as per the requirements and maintain the word limit restrictions. Our English editing services in India are appreciated by a number of clients located across the universe.

A copy would remain incomplete until it undergoes rigorous editing & proofreading process by professional copy editors & proofreaders. Such services are the exclusive roles that professionals play to assure for quality end-product without any loophole. Whether you want English manuscript editing or proofreading services, our agency is the best in the market.

Editors & proofreaders serve a large chunk of writers including professors, post-doctoral researchers and professional writers, etc. Their extensive work is meant to cater to the business needs of specific customers.

Scientific academic proofreading and editing services are the need of the hour today. They are ardent needs for the authors of PhD theses, dissertations, research papers, news content, journal articles, books, essays, article content, guest posts, and other professional documents amongst others.

Editing & Proofreading Services for the English Documents

Ever since the inception of SEO Content India in Noida, India 2016, we ensured for fast, affordable and professional editing & proofreading services which are meant for all categories of English Documents. Since the establishment of this Company, we invited a qualified and experienced editorial team to work on multiple projects.

Our team is trusted and relied on customers from around the world for the errorless editing of documents they seek. Many professional writers & authors contact us to ensure their copies are turned flawless and factually perfect for multipurpose uses.

SEO Content India has been helping both novices as well as senior writers which also include academicians; professors, PhD scholars and researchers with our online editing & proofreading services assistance. We have been approached by several people for an overview of the written works to proofread before they are sent to the publications for their maximum acceptability chances.

Most often authors and writers contact us to get their works edited & proofread thoroughly in case they had been rejected due to too many English spelling and grammar errors.

Hiring US for Proofreading & Editing Services

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Our Professional Editors

We at SEO Content India maintain a robust team of highly qualified, experienced and professional editors. They are experts in the variegated fields so do they offer assured quality editing & proofreading service. All editors from our Company undergo a rigorous selection process prior to being hired. And, they are also supported by the latest technology tools.

Privacy Protected

Our team maintains high-security standards in order to protect the works of each of our clients. This is aimed at maintaining proficiency without breaching the model code of conduct. Security of customer’s document is important for us thus we strictly maintain that confidentiality and never ever share the documents with any third party. We keep the details of each and every client’s project safe and secure.

Fast Turnarounds

Streamlined work process at SEO Content India allows our team to return an edited & proofread document to respective clients in the least time—even less than 6 hours. You have a choice to select turnaround time fitting to your need as your own deadline fixed for us. We would keenly help you if you are willing for your work to be completed in the short notice.

Quality Assured

Our team maintains extensive mechanism through trying hard for an assured quality work done in real-time communication for customer satisfaction. Keep each and every client happy and satisfied is our main prerequisite. Quality Assurance process at our end for editing & proofreading services is not only rigorous but also unique due to being independently verified to maintain the international standards.

Contact Us Now to Obtain Quotations

contact us nowSelect your own turnaround time for us and email the document now to obtain your quotation from our team. Our editors & proofreaders thoroughly review all documents before preparing customized quotations. You are given options to track the changes we make during editing & proofreading. It helps you understand our work better. Once we understand the exact requirements, we can successfully deliver the project within the stipulated time. Even after delivering the editing project successfully, we remain open for editing so that our customers get cent percent satisfaction.

All orders are covered through our 100% satisfaction guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with our work, we would refund the payments received. Our website/web content editing services are appreciated by a number of clients located all over the world, including the USA, the UK, Germany, France, etc. among others.

Anybody from anywhere in the world may contact us for our editing & proofreading services. Our 24X7 customer care service responds to every customer represented by various time zones for the assured professional services we offer.

Are you looking for editing services near me? We are just a call or an email away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Editing Services

Q. What is the Difference Between Editing and Proofreading Services?

A. Proofreading services are aimed for basic grammar check by eliminating misspellings, typographical errors, and punctuation errors. On the other hand, editing services aim to overall restructure the content by making changes for clarity, readability, and smooth narration.

Q. How can I Hire an Editing Service Company for my Writing?

A. We are a well-established and popular English language editing service provider in India. You can hire our English language editing service company in India just by sending an email or directly calling.

If your blogs and articles are not performing well, our agency can help you achieve your goals by editing your existing content.

Q. What is the Purpose of Editing?

A. Irrelevant or duplicate content can affect your organic ranking and devalue your brand’s trust among your audience. The main purpose of editing is to make your content free from grammatical and factual errors.

Q. What Does it Mean by Language Editing?

A. Language Editing can be defined as the editing of language only. This type of editing aimed at improving flow, consistency, and readability of the language to ensure a reader-friendly and error-free document.

Q. What is the Editing Services Rates in India?

A. Our editing services rates in India are INR 1/Per Word (around USD 20 an hour). But, the price depends upon your requirement and quality of the document. Our content editors in India get the work done within your budget without compromising the quality.

Q. What does Copy Editing Include?

A. Our copy editing services involve a detailed review of a copy, which means we make the copy easy to read, understand and memorize. In addition, we also check the copies for grammar and spelling errors.

Q. Do you Provide Research Paper Editing Services?

A. Yes, we do provide research paper editing services to our clients located all over the world. Our research paper editing services in India are popular as we offer to edit services by using track changes so that our clients can see exactly what has been changed or improved.

Q. What is Academic Editing Services?

A. With the best academic editing services, we have gained the trust of a number of students, international students, senior academics, research students and professors. All our academic editors are experienced and highly qualified.