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Duplicate Contents can Badly Affect your SEO

The famous saying, “Content is King” always remains worthy and argumentative due to factuality elements. The need of the hour is to remain careful as well as maintain an effective content plan while you peruse for your website’s content development strategies. It plays a vital role in not only improve the ranking of your website but also to help you increase its traffic to enhance the conversion rates.

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An important element that you mustn’t forget while generating content for your website is that no way there should be any duplication. If somehow or the other you use duplicate contents, you literally invite bad omen to liquidate your website’s credibility. While such content is not technically a reason for the penalties, it can still sometimes affect your search engine rankings. So, you should be careful in the content creation strategies to safeguard websites from getting spammed or pushed downwards.

What is duplicate content?

What is Duplicate Content

Search Engine Watch comprehensively elaborates multiple facets of duplicate contents which always prove damaging, as said through below argument:

“Duplicate content is a piece of content which appears in more than one location on the Internet”.

What are the factors you must understand to avoid duplications? So-called written contents are either completely matched with other contents thus better understood to have been copied and or they appreciably look similar to the rest available on the Internet channels. It should be noted here that such duplications cause the worst effects. The most damaging element is harming the credibility and ranking of websites in the long run. You should, therefore, avoid that and always take this aspect into priority by making concrete plans for content quality assessments.

The main reason to avoid it is that search engines are hardly aware of it which versions to include or exclude from their indices. One should keep the elemental, creative and technical factors into consideration while developing content strategies.

Why Avoid Duplicate Contents?

With the use of duplicate contents, website owners would discriminately suffer the decrements in rankings as well as traffic. It is the main reason for websites to move downwards over the period. In order to provide the best search experience to users, Google would rarely show the multiple versions of the same content as the credibility factor remains pivotal here. Instead, it prefers to show the contents which are older and genuine to the users. In fact, contents suitable for human readability and accurate in all respects get noticed easily. This way duplicate contents don’t get the visibility.

Whether it is an intentional or unintentional step, but it is a fact that 25 to 30% of the web content is actually duplicate content.

There are two major types of duplicate contents:

  1. Similar contents on different pages of the same website
  2. Similar contents available across the multiple domains

Duplicate contents on the same domain

Until recently it was confirmed that duplicate contents are not spams but one should still avoid all sorts of content duplicities. By doing so and through a timely caveat you support an ongoing SEO effort persistently to improve visibility to the best extent possible. Note it down that Google always discourages duplicity in the contents thus each of your steps should remain cautious.

Think of the consequences of the same content appearing on various pages of a particular website. With time, crawlers have also become advanced and so can they easily track the duplicate contents of a website. Although such content duplications don’t hurt rankings because they understand your intention.


It is true that in case you have the same content appearing in the different pages of a particular website is safe. The moment such contents are made available across the multiple domains, your problems start. You must avoid content duplication at the first instance itself to improve ranking and to get genuine traffic. Search engines prefer well-written SEO content meant for human readers and which can be shown in the search results.

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