College and University Admission Application Essays

Writing University/College Admission Application Essays

Gone are the days when one could approach the reputed universities/colleges for enrollment and attained success with doing little efforts. The stiff competition over the period of time has made it tough for the aspirants to get them enrolled easily. As one aspect of rigorous admission processes is beforehand, certain creative factors are also there whose comprehensiveness smoothen students’ enrollments. College Admission Application Essays are thus crucial for candidature assessments.

Remember the notable fact that whether you apply to any college or university for further studies, you would require drafting an impressively written Admission Essay to be submitted to the Admission Departments of the respective institutions as a part of your application submission process. Submitting applications systematically and through adding such essays are the planned means to give an opportunity to self to show the Admission Officers that who you are; why you chose that particular university or college and so do you easily relate your interests with the respective courses applied.

College Admission Application Essays therefore also reveal what you can do if given an opportunity and your admission is secured. In the nutshell, such essays are the best options to get your merit evaluated in one go.

Telling Your Story to the Respective Colleges/Universities

Telling Your Story to the Respective Colleges

Whether it is a foreign university or a college of repute for which an Admission Application Essay is sought, the very first thing you need to keep into consideration is that what does set you apart and how your candidature proves a distinguishing one. Keep SOP writing tips in mind but you should equally remain abreast of this fact that they are completely different from the Admission Essays. The best way to tell your story is to write a personal essay and to relate that with the specific courses you apply for. The aim should be to justify how you could prove better for a particular course in the chosen university or college. Your Admission Essay must speak up such key factors.

While writing the essays, you should keep in mind that the admission officers will go through a number of essays. So, your essay should be different and attention-grabbing to impress the Admissions Officers to the best extent possible.

Tips for Writing an Application Essay

We have enlisted here some important tips, which will definitely prove helpful for you to get your college Admission Application Essays accepted by the Admission Officers. So, you should keep the below-mentioned points into consideration while writing such essays.

1. Write about something that’s important to you.

Since you know that the Admission Committee has to go through a number of essays, they have a few seconds to decide whether to read that or not. You should thus write something that’s important to you and which appeal them to overview and read. How you can contribute to the college/university if you are given an opportunity to get enrolled for further studies? Such factors must reflect.

2. Start early and write several drafts.

If you have sufficient time in hand, write several drafts and go through them all carefully for an eye on the contents and the language part. If needed, you may also get the services of any editing company to further hone your draft. Put yourself in the shoes of an Admission Officer instead: Is your essay informative and interesting as well? Does it reveal your personality? Does it relate with the courses applied for? Such questions need to be replied with firm determination.

3. No repeats.

Whether you write a Statement of Purpose or an Application Essay, you mustn’t repeat any information without reason. You should also avoid discussing your awards, grades or test scores even.

4. Show; don’t tell.

Do not tell about your achievements or strengths vaguely. Even you should also avoid saying that I love to surround myself with the new people and with diverse educational backgrounds and or interests to similar other polemic statements.

You should show that you are a creative person and you can bring drastic change to the lives of masses, if given an opportunity to similar other worthy determinative statements which will prove impactful. You should show about your interests for a particular course or a college and et al.

5. Demonstrate name and ID numbers.

All your efforts will go in vain if you forget mentioning your name and contact details and related information like ID number (if you are provided by your existing college/university). In addition, ensure that you keep the copies of the essays you sent to the respective schools/colleges/universities intact—and when required, begin a follow up on them!


Above mentioned points will surely prove helpful for you to create a convincing college Admission Application Essay. You can even hire a professional admission writing agency to write and or edit such essays, whose approval chances increase due to being written professionally.

If you have already written an essay, make sure that it gets edited/proofread before the final submission is done. Do ask a professional editor, a teacher or parent to proofread your essay to catch and rectify the mistakes, if any. An essay must maintain thorough consistency. Rather avail services of any editing company that accept such outsourced projects to let help you feel reenergized while submitting your enrollment applications.


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