Brand Mentions on Social Media

Brand Mentions on Social Media

It is a proven fact that the online world has already turned into an alternate reality today. Certainly, it is witnessed through the promulgation of eCommerce and online services business trends. The fact is undeniable that an alternative to the traditional businesses is already beforehand. And, to translate that dream of running an online business into a reality, you need to have a dynamic yet effective web presence. If you get brand mentions on social media and other channels, it is a great boost for your brand as well as overall reputation.

If you already have a website and want that to fulfill your ardent dream, it’s high time you take certain mature decisions for its constant endorsements thus attain the recognition you seek. Brand mentions also help you in SEO.

So, start with trying all the means so that your website begins to rank high and generates satisfactory traffic. According to one of the most reliable research finding in this context, ‘93% of all the online experiences begins with a search engine.’ If your website is not in compliance with the algorithms of the respective search engines, you are going to lose huge traffic and resultantly fail to attract the customers as well.

Google uses various algorithms and so does it take numerous signals into its consideration while it comes to prioritize any particular website for higher visibility parameters. Earlier, it used to content and backlinks enough activities sufficing the ranking aims to boost the websites. But, now the time has changed and along with that lots of newer elements to have come up to propel the transformations.

It is crucial to understand numerous other factors apart from Crawlability and Indexability of a website that Google most often considers “brand mentions” as an accurate signal to rely on. Brand mentions or citations prove helpful to improve the brand reputations in the online marketing industry in the current context. Besides boosting the brand reputations, it also improves the search engine rankings.

There are many free brand mention tools available, helping you track brand mentions in a couple of clicks. The tools bring all brand mentions on social media in no time.

While understood and assessed in a different perspective, it won’t be unfair to say that the place of a link is occupied by a mention or a citation. To put it simply, it’s the name of your company, brand or business appearing online—and which matters.

How to Gain Online Brand Mentions

Improve Online Brand Mentions

Here are the six popular ways to gain more brand mentions on social media and other channels. Once you start getting brand mentions, you should monitor it as well.

1. Grow Your Social Media Presence

Brand mentions taking place on social media indeed remain extremely impactful there. Also, it is confirmed that social media is one of Google’s vital ranking factors, therefore, building a presence on such platforms remains a must for each brand. When more and more people start talking about your brand, posting and sharing its contents, it is obvious that your brand is bound to get an SEO boost.

Effective social presence and activity are therefore vital for those brands seeking an improved online search thus a newer marketing boost. Keep up the activity and also encourage the mentions to get your site rewarded.

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2. Build a Personal Brand

Building a personal brand is always vital if you are keen to influence the business and to build, rebuild and transfer the trust. If you are well-established and industry famous individual, people will start mentioning you and to your brand in the different available channels. Whenever your business has the influencers like you, it becomes to attract the audiences and thus makes it more popular to that extent that you attain enough recognition.

That is why your focus should be on the steps to create a name for yourself. It will pave the way for the people to associate your brand with your name. A recognizable personal brand helps you to earn quality links. That is what you seek.

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3. Start Blogging

Blogging does not mean only writing and publishing blogs on your website. What matters the most is creating deeply insightful and authoritative contents for the blog posts which work extensively to get more online brand mentions. Furthermore, you should also explore the general authority sites or the leading industry blogs in your niche for the said purpose.

Until today, backlinks from the high-quality and authority sites still matter. They still influence your rankings in the SERPs. That is why creating strategies that can turn your unlinked brand mentions into backlinks remains a great idea to explore.

4. Reach Out to the Journalists

One of the best and sure-shot ways of getting your brand mentioned on social media and other channels is to consult the journalists in your niche. The reason behind it is that most such journalists do have access to a countless number of reputed online publications thus they can guide you as and when approached. They will get your brand mentioned easily. Furthermore, they can also create a story around your brand and its products and services for a newer boost.

Have you started a search to find some of the best journalists for your brand? If yes, then you may consider LinkedIn search as 92% of the journalists have LinkedIn profiles. Approaching them through such platforms will bring a satisfactory outcome.

5 Respond to the Customers’ Questions and Concerns

Over time, consumers have also gone online and they have already started using the social media platforms to ask questions, lodge complaints and or to ask for any support whenever they run into problems or face the crossroads thus seek professional guidance. Whether it is a complaint or just support, you must listen to your customer keenly, passionately and reply to satisfy them to the best extent possible.

If you listen and respond to your customers, then you will get the brand mentions. Even if you receive a negative mention, let them know that you are the one trying to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

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6. Encourage and Track Customer Reviews

Since both customers and search engines give priority to your business reviews, you should make it a priority to encourage customers to review for your brand and its products and services as and when possible. Nowadays, even a link-less brand mention has its value.

Encourage your customers to share their experiences online so that you get positive brand mentions. Even negative reviews are also helpful at a certain extent as they let you know the shortcomings of your products and services.

Wrapping Up – Tips on How to get more brand mentions in 2019 while the year winds up?

Brand mentions have become valuable nowadays, so should you start putting the time and efforts into getting more of your customers and prospects to talk about your brands or products and services online and thus you push your rankings up. Positive brand mentions also ensure that people think positively about your brand, which is mandatory to increase the trust, find sales boost and last but not the least, welcome the repeat customers.

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