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How Do SMO Services Improve Rankings to Website Traffic?

Websites are bound to bring exceptional results as wonderful outcomes provided you keep an eye on all the associated key factors. The logic is simple that your website will prove effective and successful only if you do an untiring preparation from developing one until running that strategically. By following certain rules and giving heed to what is major and minor demands to fulfill; you can definitely run any website smoothly to start attaining unexpected outcomes sooner or later. That is how you fulfill your ardent dreams when success welcomes you for the efforts you made.

It is a proven fact that social media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are somehow or the other deeply interwoven due to the multiple known and unknown factors. Thereby, they can’t be separated from each other at any stage. The need of the hour today is to take concrete steps by keeping the constant changes and the recurring developments in the digital world into consideration. It is high time we understand such causal relations between social media and SEO strategies.

Some Amazing Social Media Statistics and Facts:
  • There are 3.499 billion active social media users
  • People have 7.6 social media accounts On Average
  • The average daily time spent on social media channels is 142 minutes a day
  • 91 percent of retail companies employ 2 or more social media channels

Through careful planning for both and with an aim to focus on building a solid online presence, you are definitely going to attain incredible successes. Strategic planning for both is certainly going to help you in the natural improvement of organic rankings. Therefore, you possibly attract the maximum number of target audiences to your brand.

It goes without saying in the above-mentioned context that if you are keen for the constant improvement in rankings, traffic and therefore boost the sales, then plan for the strategies which ensure for the powerful social media presence. Businesses cannot afford to ignore social media channels, especially Facebook in the current context of information explosion through all sorts of social media platforms. As per Bluecorona, 61% of all the visits from social media websites come from Facebook only. When we talk about Twitter, it has a total of 1.3 billion accounts, but 336 million accounts remain active.

Let’s understand in that context now how you can increase website and blog posts’ traffic through your Social Media Optimization (SMO) efforts besides all other usual efforts you can do. SMO strategies are designed and developed to drive traffic from all social media channels, including bookmarking sites and social networks.

How Social Media Optimization Helps to Increase Rankings

How Social Media Optimization Helps to Increase Rankings

Ranking and traffic of websites solely depend on each other due to the unique and everlasting interconnectivity they maintain. If your webpages are performing well in the search engines, then it is obvious that you are bound to receive huge organic traffic and that resultantly boosts the sale. We have enlisted below top 6 ways through SMO which can boost your website ranking:

1. Integrate Social Media Channels into Your Website

To promote your brand or company and to boost that for its online presence, you need to incorporate certain social media channels on your website. Incorporating the social media channels into your website is not enough. You also require doing some additional efforts. Out of all the efforts you do, striving to popularize each channel you might be using at present would remain paramount.

Always consider integrating the social sharing buttons into your website as it is one of the simplest ways of integrating the social profiles into your website. Make all the channels visible to everybody so that your audiences can find them easy to do the needful.

2. Create Relevant Social Contents

It should be remembered that blog contents are completely different from social media contents. Each social media channel has specific yet different rules and regulations to follow when it comes to content publishing. Make sure that you have different types of contents ready for those multiple platforms as per their suitability. By writing the attractive, engaging, appealing and valuable contents, you are definitely going to attain that required popularity you had sought thus you become popular and get maximum circulation. You are gradually noticed by all and sundry.

Whether you are a service provider, a product seller or an online retailer, you will always require a sufficient quantity of fresh and unique contents which must attract the website visitors. Planned SMO services will definitely help you to generate sufficient traffic.

3. Boost Brand Awareness

Social media channels give all website owners a great opportunity for their brand awareness. Regular activities on social media will also prove supportive for you to generate a loyal following base. That will gradually peruse the masses to perceive your brand as a genuine and trustworthy one. Brand awareness will also help you to generate online traffic. Your brand value is the key to your success. That is why ensuring for its availability on all popular social channels should be mandatory.

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4. Use Keywords in Your Social Media Posts

Creating social media accounts is an easy step but maintaining them to fulfill the desired needs or requirements through such unique mediums requires putting in lots of efforts. Writing general contents won’t work for them. You must incorporate your keywords of such contents prudently. It helps search engines to understand your industry and topic. In addition to that, such planned efforts will also prove helpful for you to keep your contents relevant to your target audiences.

While using keywords, you should know about long-tail keywords Vs. short-tail keywords in detail.

5. Consistency is Key to SMO

While creating social media profiles, you must ensure filling out 100% profile information first. Search engines prefer only those sites which carry complete and thorough information. Once you are done with a great profile with your website URL, the next step is to start uploading the posts on regular intervals. Use various types of posts to keep your audiences engaged and to urge them to visit your profiles, therefore, try to understand your business activities with social networking medium. This way you can increase traffic through the SMO strategies implied.

6. Create Backlinks that Attract the Social Contents

Create backlink-worthy social contents because they will help you in increasing your authority with the search engines. Whenever you are creating user-friendly social media contents, the direct benefits come to you while even other brands or people want to refer to your contents and vice versa. It will greatly help you to gain the backlinks to your social media profiles and even the websites.

Summing It Up

Social media marketing services help you improve ranking, generate traffic and thus boost sales. Keep in mind the above-mentioned activities while you do social media for your brand. Nowadays, social media works as an extension of your SEO practices and thus greatly influences your reach, brand identity and last but not the least trustworthiness to overall online presence. That is why you can’t ignore it at any stage.

If you are looking for SMO services, especially for Twitter marketing services, do let us know now. We have a skilled and expert team to design and implement SMM services as per the customers’ requirements. We are here to assist you in your path to success.


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