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Consider Blog Writing Tips to Boost SEO & Improve Traffic

It goes without saying that blog writing services has become an innovative source and one of the major content marketing strategies to boost SEO, generate traffic and boost sales. Such attempts pave the way for the websites to attain newer heights.

A survey by HubSpot reveals that businesses with their blogs have enjoyed 55% more visitors and 434% more indexed pages than their counterparts without blogs. So, having a website blog is vital and maintain it by uploading to get most out of it.

In addition to that, readability of your content is equally important. You can persuade your readers to grasp the main ideas of your blogposts through putting various things like incorporating bullets, headings, subheadings and clear paragraphs. They will add more value into blogs due to being easily readable stuffs to seek reader attention in one go.

Blog writing improve SEO

Next important step, the sooner your blog uploads, is to share your posts on multiple social media channels. Make it a mandatory step to increase their reach to common masses and also to your potential target group readers whom you can the sooner persuade to convert into the potential customers.

Social media marketing, which include LinkedIn Marketing, Facebook Marketing, etc. are popular to get your blogs seen by many people from your industry. Reason being; you have friends, audience and fans in your social media channels from your own industry only.

If your potential and existing customers are in a position to understand and judge your posts better through liking, sharing and or starting debates on them, they would be much more inclined to comment on them and share through the tweets and retweets for a new fusion in the information sharing. This is how you will spread your message to maximum number of people by doing little efforts. Such likings and people’s orientation towards you would pave the way for your popularity. You will be recognized in no time.

Keep your targeted audiences into mind while writing the blog posts. Think by keeping your feet in their shoes—through bringing audience/customer centric approaches. While doing so, you shouldn’t ignore the search engines part and thus keep that into consideration. High ranking posts are bound to generate additional traffic for your site. That would be an easiest way to convert the readers/visitors into your future customers to associate for the longer time period.

Blog Writing Tips Improve Organic Ranking (SEO)

There are countless tricks and tactics to use for a reader-centric blog writing approach. They would prove helpful to you and the potential readers vice versa to understand each other better. Such steps will prove helpful for you to bring ample improvement in website’s ranking to increase the traffic while readers are informed and educated with the newer ideas about the products or services whether to use or ignore.

Content marketing experts at SEO Content India have brought some of the vital content strategies here for you to assess and evaluate. Keep these points in mind while managing your blogs.

Write Title and Description

write meta titles and descriptions

Meta titles and descriptions provide you best opportunity to educate the search engines to make an assessment of your blogpost for its exactness. Search engines are thoroughly educated about the blogs for genre and other related information through such unique strategies. You thus guide them to let your readers or audiences are informed why should they click on your blogs and read them as well. Always use the long tail keywords naturally and also ensure you avoided keywords stuffing for better search engine attention.

Maintain Content Length

While creating blogposts, you should keep in mind that 400 to 500 words are the minimum to use. That would give search engines ample texts to crawl and plenty of keywords and context clues to understand what a blogpost is all about and why that should be noticed by all concerned. According to SEO Content India, rich content can improve your ranking easily. And, rich content is the content whose word length is anywhere between 1000 to 2000 words.

Use Image Alt Attribute and Name

Do you know that Google can’t read the images? To let the search engines understand them and what an image is all about, you must use proper image names. Second thing is that while uploading an image, you shouldn’t forget filling in the alt attribute by using your keywords.

Link Back to Old Blogposts

Link Back to old blog posts

To ensure the SEO benefits, you should link back to the old blog posts as well. It will definitely support for Google crawlers to re-crawl the old posts for the added advantage you seek. In addition to that, you would also succeed in keeping your visitors with the better reasons for retention for a longer time period. It will easily reduce your bounce time.

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Use High Quality Images and Videos

Once you upload a blogpost, you will definitely get the desired traffic to your post if everything is done systematically. Relevant images and blogs will keep your traffic engaged for longer time period. It is beneficial for your SEO efforts. Once your blogs start ranking, your traffic would automatically increase.

Wrapping it up Here

When you write a blogpost, you must think over it again and again what perused you and why are you writing that post. Try to answer such questions of yours which come in your mind. Keep yourself at the reader’s side what they would expect from you and as if they are asking similar such questions to you. Also, keep SEO in mind as it will always help you improve the rankings and eventually traffic to your website. Above mentioned notable points have been summed up by our experts.

Try to keep such points into your mind while churning out blog contents. It will definitely pave the way for a new dawn by revamping your website to obtain the desired popularity. Apart from improving SEO, you will certainly improve traffic and thus conversions.


  1. So this is a good read for someone who works at a start up. We are definitely trying to change the world, we will be posting more not just on our blog now since I have read this article. Sharing across our other channels will have to be something we incorporate as well as posting more often. We need your attention to help us change the way we do business on a day to day level!

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