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Caveats to Judge a Bad Content Marketing Agency

It goes without saying that there is no dearth of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content marketing agencies. They can be witnessed anywhere and everywhere. The drastic resurgence in the communication infrastructure brought a renaissance in the form of a technological boom in the last couple of decades. Its impact is already seen in the form of fast transformation which has turned the entire world into a global village. The presence of a large chunk of SEO and content marketing agencies has become the need of the hour in the global sphere.

According to one of the recent authentic researches, in 2019, Google had received nearly 2.3 trillion searches. It clearly indicated how the online market is flooded with ever-increasing and a countless number of agencies every single moment. Interestingly though, all of them make tall claims that they are capable and can help you with your business to grow and attain success. Ironically, many such claims usually come from many so-called “agencies” which are literally run by just a few people in their small setups in say the basements of houses or any other place that hardly make them stand ahead for themselves.

Even though considered a saturated industry on the verge of facing extensive challenges, a good chunk of companies offers the best service too. Not all agencies are run in isolation as the gobbledygook’s selling dreams to an unsuspected struggling business. If explored for viable options to find a trusted name, a number of reputed companies are also in the market that offers remarkable SEO services and content marketing solutions to meet your expectations.

The proven fact is that if some of you don’t have experience with content and SEO, then it would be hard to gauge whether an agency you are approaching is to be considered a legitimate one or not. Remember that in case you are hiring a bad and unprofessional content marketing agency, you are simply going to welcome your doom. Such a decision of yours will directly impact as the resultant outcome would be the worst causing waste of important resources, time, energy and of course the money you spent. Last and not least, such hurried or unplanned decisions might badly damage your brand name, to say the least.

Avoid Hiring a Bad Content Marketing Agency

Avoid Hiring a Bad Content Writing Agency in India

If you are one of the ambitious digital marketer or a business owner looking for the genuine and committed content marketing and SEO agencies, here are 10 common red flags that you must assess keenly to avoid coming in the trap of any bad company.

1. Permanent or long-term ranking promises

When a chosen content marketing and SEO agency gives you an assurance and also guarantees of attaining number #1 position for certain keywords permanently or even for a longer time, it means you’re literally dealing with a bad agency. No such claim should be considered and agreed upon in the practical context. It must be kept in consideration that rankings of web pages constantly change every second. And, Google’s search algorithm uses more than 200 factors to rank the websites. Then how come an agency claims to offer permanent ranking. An esteemed SEO firm, therefore, can’t promise such false claims for guaranteed search engine rankings.

When your competitors make any changes to their web pages, search engines too will update their results pages. Resultantly, you witness and get a change in your position in the search engines. Similarly, when another website promotes a web page, you notice a change in the rankings of your web pages.

Likewise, some digital marketers tweak their web pages for certain keywords. In such scenarios though, chances are high that they can even lose rank for others. This way you can easily notice some sort of ranking reshuffles.

The logic is simple to identify a Bad Content Marketing Agency. If it offers you some sort of guarantee for #1 position by focused at certain keywords permanently or even for a longer time, just take such assumptions into a reality that no way it is possible. Keep it in mind that such claimants are actually on the verge of rather creating some problem for you as possibly you would be duped.

2. Thin or Poor Content on their Website

Whenever you are researching SEO and content marketing agencies online, you probably will not find any that has bad or low-quality content. Without fresh and SEO optimized content, the agencies are not going to rank for the keywords that they want. So, keep this important factor into consideration.

While searching a content marketing and SEO agency for your firm, always use a few minutes in checking out their websites before you call them. If their websites have thin content, then they are definitely going to be a useless one and not of your use.

If such agencies can’t produce strong and quality content for themselves, then how can they offer concrete solutions to you. The logic is simple that they can’t help you either.

3. One-time Fixes with No Maintenance

A good content marketing and SEO agency knows it well that optimizing a website isn’t a one-time task or affair and rather it is a continuous process. Your website always requires to be edited many times to remain in line with the latest Google updates. If you are not updated with the latest content marketing tips and tactics then your organic search ranking & traffic will suffer. Keep this key point in consideration to make a learned decision in selecting the agencies.

An agency you hire must be open for the many fixes with maintenance. It is because search algorithms change with time. Those of you who didn’t update the websites as per the Google updates always fell behind. Therefore, if an agency you are going to hire doesn’t have a credible maintenance plan, look for somewhere else instead. Always keep in mind a few major and minor signs of a great SEO agency and match those signs before hiring one.

4. Work Secretly

You have hired a bad content marketing agency for your firm if it does not reveal its working procedure. You would never let your marketing agencies do whatever they felt like doing without telling you. You should be ready with must-have points to remember before hiring a content writing agency. Your SEO and content marketing firm must explain everything they are going to do for you. In case they are not willing to do that, then you should rather consider not hire such a fake agency?

5. An Eye on the Unethical Practices

SEO changes with time therefore your chosen agency must be ready with the best SEO practices and strategies. Remember that there are a number of unethical SEO practices, including Keyword cannibalization and link farming that wind up killing your SEO potential in the long run.

When a chosen SEO and content marketing company insists that they can’t talk about their practices and strategies, you should assume that they are going to use the black hat SEO methods which are extremely dangerous and unfavorable for you.

6. No Proper Communication Plan

If any chosen SEO and digital marketing agency want to go into business with you, they need to have a proper communication plan as well. It will help them tailor the strategies suiting your firm and especially its specific industry.

A large chunk of reputed and known agencies have their proper communication plan with customers to ensure a better increase in sales. Reaching the person working on your behalf at any time is a great way to attain better results. Your point of contact in the agency should be in touch with you on a regular basis with updates on your website’s progress.

If you’re dealing with an agency that doesn’t offer regular communication strategy and fail to offer the required transparency, then start making another online search to find someone else instead. A bad content marketing agency can badly ruin the reputation of your firm. Keep this important factor into consideration.

7. Generate a number of Inbound Links

Link building in SEO is a great way to improve the ranking and to generate traffic to a website. When it comes to link building, you should focus on both the factors from the external link building strategies to the internal link building strategies as both matters the most. If you get hundreds or thousands of links coming into your site, then it is likely a bad idea.

8. Considering Only Metadata

There are a number of factors that always remain pivotal and responsible to bring an improvement in the ranking of your website. If you hire an SEO agency that has only focused on the metadata, then you are in the companionship of a wrong company. Meta titles and meta descriptions are useful, but they are only one small part of a much larger SEO infrastructure. Understand this key element to take a genuine decision to select the agencies.

9. Overloaded with Work

Before signing a contract with an agency, you should confirm that how many clients your contact is working on at once. If the person is handing 10 or more projects at a time, then chances are high that your website is only getting a few hours per week of their time.

It is one of the signs of a bad SEO or content marketing agency, so leave it and make another search. Being overloaded means he or she won’t be able to focus on your project.

10. Does an Agency Maintain Poor Writing Skills

If a content marketing service agency cannot write a perfect email, then it would be a bad idea to hire such an agency to represent you and your business. Such an agency will use the copied contents for your business, which is not good in the long run. Apart from potential customers, Google also doesn’t like duplicate content.

Your content is often the first thing a potential customer comes across when he/she is looking for your products and services. If the content your agency creates is something from copied or poorly written versions, customers will assume you are not very good at what you do. Such an agency may hire a company for content editing service if it has a zero-defect policy in its content.

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Summary – Signs of a Bad Content Marketing Agency

The fact remains that it can be quite hard to determine if the chosen content and SEO marketing agency you are working with is a reputable firm or a bad one instead. Before signing a contract with content and SEO marketing firm, search online reviews, references, or case studies, or talk to its customers.

A bad content marketing and SEO agency will harm your online credibility and organic ranking in the long run. It is better to not hire an agency than hiring a bad one at all. Make an online search and review the profiles carefully before you are going to zero upon one.


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