article writing tips to persuade readers

Five Article Writing Tips to Persuade Readers

Writing is an art to some words as the expression of ideas in a written form. A good piece of writing persuades to seek reader attention to read from start to end. Quality write-ups always leave a greater impact in readers’ minds to motivate for a renewed approach and change in the perceptions. Article writing requires you to combine your imaginative thought processing, expressiveness and of course make the best use of words which should enshrine keen sense of bonhomie and belongingness while the readers read the articles.

Senior editors, content strategists and editorial mentors at SEO CONTENT INDIA have summed five most crucial factors that weight charismatic impact in readers, if the suggested tips are implemented in writing articles for the web. Professional and skilled article writers are well aware of such important factors. As a writer, you must remain abreast of your readers before starting to write anything. It is always necessary that as a writer you decide whom you target to read your piece.

Furthermore, there should also be equal awareness about your end goal when you write articles to seek your reader attention. In addition, quality articles also improve the ranking of a website. Your article should remain imprint in the readers’ minds, at least for a while for them to feel your mind. That is how your aim to reach up to your readers through your write-ups can fulfill.

Persuade your Readers to Take Buying Decision

Persuade your Readers to Take Buying Decision

Obviously, it would be possible only if you anticipate the questions before the readers and let them feel something noteworthy as well as challenging in your article. Here is listed five notable factors whose implementation in your article writing can bring a big difference. You can emerge into an expert article writer by incorporating the below-mentioned points:

1. Identifying your readership

Writing articles without the focus on the readership is like throwing an arrow in the dark. It is important that before you start writing an article, first identify the target readership. By identifying readerships, you somehow attain success in using the writing process technique meticulously. You will be in a better position to craft your article to be read and further evaluated by the readers.

The focus of your article must also remain on shaping that to direct conversation with the reader style. It would be possible only if you are aware of your readership. Undoubtedly, your article would be read by others as well to be considered a bonus. And, your path to popularity as an article writer will enhance when people start admiring your articles.

2. Catchy and attention seeking headlines

If readers are attracted to the headlines, they would move further to read at least the first paragraph. Good headlines pull your readers to stop and read. You augur your readers through headlines but the next important step is how to retain them to read the whole article. It is very much important to equally focus on the next step to turn your first paragraph equally appealing. Try to highlight unique points in your first and then subsequent paragraphs. It will ensure that reader interests don’t wane until they finish reading the whole article.

At times you should also think like your target readers to understand what they might be expecting from you. That is why writing an article is an art to convey a certain message in a strong motivational language. Your article must have the best of the facts to be shared, introduced and brought into fore before a potential reader.

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3. Keep the write-up interesting until the end

You can’t disappoint your readers in the middle while one starts reading your article. It is the dream of every article writer that readers mustn’t stop reading an article. Should your readers share unfavorable comments when losing their interest while they read your piece? Of course, they shouldn’t. That is why your focus should be on maintaining consistency in an article from start to end. Consistency enhances focus so remains paramount.

Use of subheadings, bullets and several other easy tools to express your ideas are equally helpful. Such reliable measures ensure that your article is grabbed by potential readers. Your article heading, the first line of an article and then subsequent paragraphs should be coherent enough to retain reader’s interests thus attention without forcing them to leave in the midway. It would be possible only if you are able to maintain maximum consistency.

4. Speak laymen’s language

Even though you are well aware of your target readerships and also presume their knowledge level while writing an article, you must stick to a language which is simple and easily graspable by everybody. Rather than projecting your verbosity the focus remains on describing the ideas in a language which laymen as well as intellectuals get to know and take action thereafter. Let the reader interest be given prime importance thus maintained with worthwhile information presented in a language which everybody understands without doing the additional effort.

Keep your article simple and easy besides ascertaining that to turn that into an engaging work to be admired by the readers. If you are a success in doing so you can easily motivate the readers to read the whole article in one go. No way had your article bore a reader at any point of time to cause one losing interest. Offer them an impressive writing piece that is informative and equally entertaining. That would be possible by adding some humor, real-life examples & quotations and last but not the least offering a language which appeals to all and sundry.

5. Impressive ending


Readers must receive the jest of ideas expressed with certain guidelines for further action in an article conclusion. It is crucial for an article writer to sincerely focus in concluding paragraph as much as one had in the opening lines. Put recaps or summaries while concluding your article. Ending paragraph should be as much comprehensive as possible. Through turning your conclusion semi-informal and fully conversational you can easily peruse your readers to think on what is being explained. Your reader would start thinking in a reader perspective to value your ideas on the specific topic you describe. That is why, an article writer has to focus on the numerous factors to bring out an article that actually has potentiality to mesmerize the readers.


There is no hard and fast rule to write articles in a certain parameter only. Article writing doesn’t compel you to follow the ‘one-size-fits-for-all’ concept. There is ample scope to use the resources and creativity to turn an article into a truly hypnotic one for the readers to read, assess, judge and take action. What matters the most in writing is how to plan that through some brainstorming idea evaluation before starting to write an article.

From short & catchy headlines to subsequent subheadings as and when required, an article writer has to focus on length and tone of all paragraphs. Readers should be provided exactly what they expect from the article’s start to end. Rather than imposing unnecessary things through your article, it is necessary to turn an article conversational. You must keep your readers hooked by addressing the audience needs. Thus, you must prepare an article after doing good research, share the best possible facts and statistics and last but not the least keep your article compact.

Be a smart article writer, and understand the difference between an article and website content writing. Write, read, revise and edit until polished to be made best in consistency. Once you do so and present an informative article to your potential reader audiences, you will turn into a sought after article writer to be admired for multiple reasons.


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