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How to Add Your Blog Contents to Google News?

Gone are the days when you could survive without Google. There has occurred an irrefutable metamorphosis in each and every digital platform as much as the online world has been witnessing drastic transformations each passing of the day. Can you ignore many such vital as well as minor elements while creating contents with this aim to mark a place by getting your blogs to go viral? The simple logic is that as and when you tailor blogs and articles to get optimized search engines and Google News, you avail maximum benefits.

While writing articles or blogs, you must optimize such contents for Google News too. It is something worth doing in the current context of exhaustive transformations in the information infrastructure through online search today. The logic is simple that when your posts keep appearing on Google News, you are expected to get hundreds of thousands of extra clicks to your website and that too with doing little or no efforts at all.

It is high time you understand many key factors behind it. Even for a trivial matter, people now click Google News considering it fastest yet easiest information source. And, most importantly, you don’t even have to be a media specialist or a journalist.

The proven fact today is that countless content marketers, bloggers, expert news publishers, media tycoons and of course SEO specialists are already using this typical, unique and effective resource cleverly for their targeted traffic and to boost the search engine visibilities. Let it be cleared here that to get your articles or blogs published into Google News, your website doesn’t necessarily need to be a news site only. What you need for the said purpose is any website that appears before the masses and which remains in the limelight for consistently posting newsworthy contents.

According to Wikipedia, Google News is a news aggregator and an App, which has been developed by Google to provide news to the readers spanning to almost all nook and corner of the world. Additional benefit and unique advantage which it assures is that it presents you a continuous and most importantly customizable flow of articles and blogs being organized from numerous publishers and other sources. Available on Android, iOS, and the web, it can be browsed from anywhere in the world.

Get Your Posts Published to Google News

Get Your Posts Published to Google News
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We have described the process armed with certain proven tips and editorial tactics to know and explore. By following them, you can get the search engine’s attention and find your posts published on Google News to literally create wonders. Here are the major points which you must keep into consideration.

1. Publish Unique Contents

The Google News Index values unique, original and informative content with proper sources only. Instead of simply regurgitating or repurposing any existing articles, your efforts should be on thoroughly concentrating to write and publish a relevant, unique, fresh and most importantly newsworthy copy. Such contents will definitely and certainly receive high priorities than any other ordinary article. Learning unique content creation tips will also prove helpful for you to enhance the business growth perspective.

2. Use Five ‘W’s in the First Paragraph

To write contents for the news portals, newspapers and or magazines means you must use popular news writing formula of 5 Ws. In the first paragraph of any such article, you should answer the five ‘W’ questions to define and express what you would be conveying further. The main aim of this writing pattern is to provide lots of information in the first paragraph in the one go.

Including the five ‘W’ questions & answers in the first paragraph will be helpful for you to improve readership and resultantly reduce the bounce rate. Nowadays, most of the readers have a small attention span and they scan the contents, instead of reading them line by line. Keep yourself at their footprints to offer what they seek.

Write your first paragraph by answering these questions.

  • Who?
  • What?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • Why?

3. Publish Fast & Update

Being the first matters a lot in the news medium. That is why the popular saying goes on that ‘a hawks’ eye media matters the most.’ Be the first to publish your articles and always ensure that they cover the latest topics. The article you write should be interesting, appealing and engaging enough to be shared on all social media channels for fast cache by the readers. Being fast also helps you to keep your readers in the know before anyone else does. Never ever wait unnecessarily while the value of the topics literally gets perished thus expired.

5. Headlines Do Matter

Headlines always play a vital role in getting your articles published on Google News. In fact, they are crucial for Google’s tracking formula in order to make your own candidature get counted. The logic for getting selected in Google’s news box is more “simply structured” than with the normal search results. Your headline should be a gist of the article written. So, making the use of the right words and ensuring to maintain the word combinations always remain essential. Use primary keywords in the headline and also convey your story by including the names, companies, associations or even events in your article title to seek maximum attention.

6. Image Optimization

Google News can include the images and videos embedded in your articles or blogs provided the articles are relevant to the images & videos used and vice versa. So, make sure that you optimize the images in order to improve ranking and get included in the Google News. Images and videos should have well-written relevant captions and alt-texts.

7. Technically Sound Website

The website in which you are going to publish your articles or blogs aiming them to be added into the Google News should be technically safe and sound. Loading time must be under 3 seconds because page speed always influences your potential search ranking. In addition to that, check the crawl speed and the frequency of the chosen website. Using HTTPS in your site is highly encouraged as it is considered to be the safest one for a website and its users.

8. Be the Brand

Your online reputation plays a vital role to improve the organic rankings and to boost the chances of getting your posts included in the Google News. Readers of any reputed brand will come back again and again repeatedly, based on what they start anticipating from your published contents. Establish your brand and strive to give your audiences what they expect while they click into your website.

In the Last

The inclusion of a website in Google News is basically not a hard nut to crack as long as the respective requirements are met. If you adhere to such rules, nothing will stand in the way of your website’s inclusion in the search of Google News. It will not only improve your traffic by manifold, but also boost the organic rankings. If you want to get the attention of your readers and stand out from the rush, be the first to publish on a current topic to seek the attention of innumerable readers.

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