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Benefits of Accepting Guest Posts on Your Blog

It is often noticed that several authority website webmasters or their owners keep receiving frequent requests from the bloggers seeking for guest postings. Many bloggers do accept such unsolicited offers while a few don’t and literally ignore any such proposal. Have you ever thought about it if accepting guest posts truly prove beneficial or not?

Through the medium of this post, we will be exploring multifarious benefits of guest blogging for both the parties—guest bloggers and website owners alike, who accept the guest posts and signal for the actual appearance of posts by permitting them to be published.

Guest posting for the purpose to create the backlinks isn’t a good idea. You should ensure it provides something new thus adds valuable information to your targeted readers. As problem solving contents are accepted as well as explored by several dedicated readers, your concentration should always be on the quality of contents.

Undoubtedly, there are countless benefits of guest blogging. It all depends on the steps taken and whether done properly or not. Some of the notable benefits are as mentioned below:

  • Creates quality backlinks
  • Increases website traffic
  • Improves brand awareness
  • Boosts website’s authority
  • Supports in SEO strategies

Benefits for the Website or Blog Owners by Accepting the Guest Posts

Benefits of accepting guest posts

Have you ever thought about the benefits which blog or website owners receive if they accept the guest posts on their respective blogs? There are a number of benefits of guest postings thus they should happily accept guest posts, provided the offer is reasonably genuine and worth accepting. There are certain crucial things though that must be crosschecked and need to be confirmed prior to accepting a blog to be published on websites.

Such steps are important to maintain credibility of websites and to ascertain that no damaging factors overpower an otherwise smooth website. The first and foremost criteria is that content of a chosen blog should be of the high quality besides it is well-researched and copyscape checked. Here are some commonest of the benefits to allow the external parties to write and publish on your blog, including:

#1. Keep Your Blog Active

Google admires fresh contents, thus adding guest posts on your blog means that you invite the Google crawlers to crawl your website afresh. If content of a guest post is fresh and well researched, then you definitely avail the SEO benefits from such posts.

According to Brick Marketing, active blogs help the SEO efforts through adding an additional page of content to websites every time a guest post is published and which can be easily crawled as well as indexed and thus it paves the way for the eventual rankings in the search engines.

#2. Update Your Blogs Frequently

Regular content updates—whether you write the blog posts or you get them from any guest author will definitely improve your domain authority, page authority and traffic to the website. It is a proven fact that practicing blogging consistently is a beneficial step on multiple aspects, including drastic improvement in the SEO page rankings, use of wide range of related keywords and last but not the least getting content for social media amongst others.

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#3. Improve Traffic and Popularity of Your Blog

It is a proven fact that with new posts on regular intervals, you obviously witness that more pages from your blog get indexed by the search engines. Resultantly, you avail the benefit of more traffic thus maximum popularity for your blog. Once your blog attains an organic ranking you had sought, you see an improved traffic and thus a new way out for easy conversion of traffic into sales due to having actionable content. It is one such unique step to improve traffic therefore blog popularity.

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#4. Get Social Visibility

Accepting guest posts lead to achieving greater social visibility and interaction as well. Once you publish a guest post, its author would love to share the post and talk about it on social media. With this, you will not only get an additional potential audience into your website but also improve SEO ranking. Social media strategies support SEO and generate traffic for a website.

#5. Get Internal and External Linking Benefits

Guest authors will approach you to publish their posts with a request that you offer them one or two backlinks. Upon publishing a post, you will definitely interlink that with your previous posts for a link juice. In addition to that, the guest bloggers will inevitably link to the post on your website at some point in the future, thus referencing that material.

#6. You Save Your Time & Resources

Writing a quality and well researched post is a time consuming process. If you get it written from any guest author, you only need to invest some time to upload that and that’s it. The time you save by not writing by yourself can therefore be used in the rest tasks like publicizing published blogs in social media to social bookmarking sites. You can also slightly modify your old posts in your spare time to improve the SEO strategies.

#7. Variety of Contents for Your Blog

It is an undeniable fact that different people have different writing styles thus their perspectives are easily witnessed in blogs they write. Through accepting the guest posts from various bloggers mean your website will have that variety of content. It will definitely be good for the overall health of your blog. Sometimes, readers feel bored by receiving the monotonous contents. While you update blogs from any of the new authors other than the one from a team you monitor means that a new variety of content is being created for you.

#8. Coax Others to Contact You

Once you start accepting the guest posts, other guest authors will also notice that. They will approach you thereafter to write for your blog. This way you will have the list of good number of people writing for you. It will not only improve the popularity of your blog but also enhance ample traffic to your website.

Some Cons of Accepting Guest Posts

Some Cons of Accepting Guest Posts

We discussed the benefits of accepting a guest post above. Let’s also highlight a few cons as well. It is necessary to remain abreast of positive as well as negative impacts of guest posting to ascertain that you take better decisions on the guest posting initiatives thus you have a strong guest post guideline in place.

You might lose your readers:

If people consider you an expert and visit your website to read you only on certain niche, they might discontinue reading while they continually get to see the contents being published are by others. Therefore, it is believed that guest posting might drive your readers away for certain extent.

Creates red flags for your website:

Don’t accept low quality and copied contents as they might hurt your ranking. Linking out to a website that is banned by Google might create the red flags for your website. So, you should be very much careful with your guest posting plans.

Set the Criteria for Accepting Guest Posts

Set the Criteria for Accepting Guest Posts

You should have some concrete steps and proper criteria to accept the guest posts. If someone doesn’t meet your requirements, ask them politely that you can’t accept one’s guest posts. Your criteria might include the following:

  • The writer must have verified Google Plus profile
  • Don’t allow a link within the body
  • Allow only one link in a bio profile
  • Guest posts should be over 1500 words
  • The writer must have strong social media profile

Things to Consider Before Publishing a Guest Post

Things to Consider Before Publishing a Guest Post

Once you get the blog contents as per your set requirements, you need to have a clear plan in place to do before publishing that on your blog. Here are certain most important things which you need to do before publishing, including the following:

Check Contents Minutely:

You should read the content thoroughly and then decide whether it would be accepted by your readers or not. If the content quality is good, then use a plagiarism checker tool for further clarity.

Beautify the Content:

You should add SEO optimized images to further beautify the guest blog content to improve ranking and to engage the readers. Try using small paragraphs, headings, sub-headings and bullet points in your content to engage the readers.

Link It to Your Old Posts:

Link juice is helpful for SEO purpose. So, it is advised that you must link it with your old posts. Internal linking is always good in the eyes of Google thus it not only boosts the rankings but also improve your own credibility.

Don’t Call It a Guest Post:

People don’t prefer reading guest posts as there are the common perceptions that guest posts are written only to create backlinks. Keep it in consideration and treat the contents accordingly for better evaluation.

The Final Verdict

Now you are aware of the pros and cons of accepting guest posts. So, you must take your decision only when meet the set criteria while accepting the guest posts. Guest posts are always good for both the authors of a post and the owner of the website where a post is being proposed for publication purpose. Besides generating traffic, you will also improve your organic ranking through such steps.

Writing an informative and engaging guest post for average readers isn’t an easy affair. If you are seeking some help in this regard, do check out our guest post writing services as well as blog writing services. You will definitely have better idea on guest posts writing and their publications for good.


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