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                                      About Us

Welcome to SEO Content India—Greater Noida, India based fast-growing digital marketing & content agency in the Indian subcontinent. We are a team of experienced content writers and SEO experts. Leading content creation & marketing solutions provider today, our customized contents & SEO services cater to the needs of domestic and international clientele.

Established in 2015, SEO Content India has already attained several accolades in a short span of time. We serve the satisfied customers from worldwide locations including Australia, the United Kingdom (UK) & the United States (US) et al. An established content solutions provider firm today, we are committed in the project completion deadlines and keenly focus to turn our clients’ ideas into their success stories. Our philosophy works on the following:

  • Quality Consciousness
  • Professional Editorial Policy
  • Personalized Attention
  • Result-Oriented & Innovativeness
  • Exceeding Client Expectations
  • Constant Plagiarism Check Policy

Our Aims

SEO Content India aims to serve national and international customers by meeting their quality parameters. Our cost-effective services help the customers to stand ahead in today’s cutthroat competitive market. Guaranteed discounts on the first-time orders to large volume project deals, we offer content writing & content marketing services that are designed to meet everyone’s budget and fulfill the content goals in competitive pricing.

Our Policies

The sooner project deals are finalized; our Research & Writing Department initiates their brainstorming sessions to develop the strategy for customers’ need fulfillment. Once pages are written, we send them to the Editing & Proofreading Department for quality checking. Our Editorial Head minutely proofreads each sentence to ensure the factuality corrections and plagiarism-free end-products. Approved pages are then delivered to the parties only upon receiving final approval from our Editorial Team.

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Our Team

SEO Content India team consists of professional content writers & content marketers with more than decades of exposures. With diversified exposures, our team meticulously discusses customer needs with an eye for detail to translate ideas into realities. We strategize for the assured success of customers in the online world. Our writers take the rigorous steps to create quality content and market them too. We are always focused on meeting client deadlines. While doing so, we endeavor to create cheerful, faithful and long-lasting bonds with each and every customer.

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At SEO Content India, we value your business goals and understand why high-quality contents matter the most to you. We guarantee offering thoroughly researched and SEO-optimized website contents as copies in the multiple genres. In content marketing, we not only prepare your content copies but also submit them in the popular webzines.

Undoubtedly, it would be your ardent wish to reach the zenith of success through online marketing or your entrepreneurial goal fulfillment. Start exploring available options that suit your needs and budget.

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One of our customer care executives will contact you within a couple of hours. Mail us at info@seocontentindia.in

Or call us at: +91 120 714 9981, +91 9540 99 2636 (Whats App)

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SCI Team


                                                  The SEO Content India Story


We help several globally recognized brands with high-quality content & SEO solutions today.

Way back in 2015, the idea of SEO Content India came during an impromptu rendezvous—the team of experienced freelancers with their decades of exposures in the respective fields discussed ideas to translate into reality. Brainstorming sessions on why to delve into an out of the box entrepreneurship journey turned SEO Content India’s idea into reality.

That idea clicked and sooner we started attaining recognition from the global market leaders.

Our patrons re-imposed faith on us persistently to ignite this platform in the mission to accomplish what we promised to our clientele. Encouraged by senior editors, writers and SEO strategists, we have been creating customized, engaging, enjoyable and impactful content.

We are also lauded for offering cost-effective SEO solutions.

For us, sky is the limit….!


 Nusrat Sultana

                                                                                                                               Nusrat Sultana (Co-Chairperson)                                                                                                    

A thinker at par and visionary stateswoman, Nusrat Sultana is a focused, dreamer and visionary entrepreneur who founded SEO Content India to fruition her dream. A great admirer of interfaith and human rights through religious harmony, she foresees resurgence in the world through hard work and dedication.


Farhat Sultana

                                                                                                                                       Farhat Sultana  (Co-Chairperson)

The teacher turned entrepreneur, Farhat Sultana is an able administrator. She has been espousing for entrepreneurship since graduating from university. She remains one of the morale boosters of the SEO Content India team ever since it was incepted. Her abilities to manage the team are the constant boosts for a new dawn.



Asif Anwar

                                                                                                                   Asif Anwar Alig (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief )

The entire team of SEO Content India considers Asif Anwar Alig their true man of action. With his extensive experience of nearly two decades in electronic, print, digital and other media domains, he is a voracious reader, writer and thinker. His columns keep appearing in several international publications. He is a troubleshooter in this organization in the capacity of a visionary leader.

Jamalul Haque


                                                                                            Jamalul Haque ( Head Content Marketing)

Geek in the SEO strategies, Jamalul Haque worked for more than a decade in SEO, eCommerce and digital business planning industry prior to delving into entrepreneurship. India’s top-ranking SEO professionals take his opinions on various aspects of this medium.

He indeed lives into it—and always does newer experiments in the SEO strategies. An emerging thought leader, he is quoted for opinions in SEO strategies and planning.


Consulting Editors


Shadaan alam

                                                                                      Shadaan Alam (Consulting Editor, Columbia, Missouri, the USA)

Shadaan Alam is a journalist by profession, an active blogger, mother and creative designer. She created and owns younghopes.com and contributes to the reputed companies Amazon, Zazzle, Redbubble and et al.

Her association with SEO Content India as Contributing Consulting Editor is a platonic passion for the entire team. Her eye for the details and the keenness to bring out the best in every project undertaken always appeals to the team.


Ranga Chandrarathne

                                                                                          Ranga Chandrarathne (Consulting Editor, Colombo, Sri Lanka)

One of the finest editors from Colombo in Sri Lanka, Ranga Chandrarathne has attained expertise in writing on various domains especially in arts, literature and culture. He has been a fulltime newspaper journalist and is known for his extensive editing skills.

As a Contributing Consulting Editor of SEO Content India, he has been guiding the team at regular intervals.


Ananya Biswas

                                                                                                                      Ananya Biswas (Editorial Advisor, New Delhi)

Ananya Biswas represents that class of content writers who witnessed fast emergence and boom in the content industry. She is the finest writer, ghostwriter and content strategist. Her articulate writing style makes even dry subjects interesting.

She has been a great support to the SEO Content India team ever since this Company was formed.


Sanjay Poddar

                                                                                                                       Sanjay Poddar (Marketing & Sales, New Delhi)

An excellent copywriter with experience spanning to more than a decade now, Sanjay Poddar boosted SEO Content India since inception. He has served too many reputed digital marketing and content agencies.

He is one of the major driving forces for SEO Content India as an Editorial Advisor. His out of the way support is beyond expression through the medium of words.



                                                                                                                       Nuzhat S. (Corporate Relations Executive)

Earned her Master’s Degree in Gender Studies, Nuzhat Sultana is associated with SEO Content India as Company’s Corporate Relations Executive. She has been managing all corporate relations roles besides monitoring the social media networks of the company.

Her innovative and persuasive communication approaches as experimentation of new methods have taken this Group into the newer heights.