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Owning a website is not enough until it starts the generating traffic. Websites start generating traffic only after attaining the required search engine rankings. Are you aware of it how websites get search engine rankings? You must need to learn ways or outsource your work to a professional company so that your website gets ranked on popular search engines.

There are many ways to help websites get adequate search engine rankings, including SEO and social media strategies. Both social media marketing and SEO are interlinked thus they maintain a thoroughly causal relationship. In addition, both are organic and inbound strategies thus focus to build an impressive identity that naturally attracts the visitors.

Social media and SEO relationship
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Relationship between Social Media and SEO

Before we move ahead to know how social media can improve website ranking, let’s first understand the relationship between the two.

There are several factors which major and minor search engines consider to improve the ranking of websites. Out of the many such factors, one important one is to create great contents for that purpose.

What is Great Content and How to Define That?

Any content which captivate readers’ attention is a great and exemplary one to rely on. Their one of the most important identification factors are how and why popular search engines consider them besides their social shares, likes and comments. It means how much a post is shared, liked and commented on social media for fame.

Discover Seven Ways to Use Social Media to Improve Your Search Rankings

Improve SEO ranking
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1. Social Media Builds Quality Links

Social media links are considered high quality options. It is worth noting that through use of social media channels you can promote a company in the search engines and thus attain the positive signs of growth. In addition, popular social media channels maintain high authority in the eyes of Google thus the posts on them get easily ranked on search engines. Besides increasing traffic to your site, it’s also highly valuable for link building to ranking improvements.

2. Followers and Connections Do Have Significant Influence on Your Rankings

The number of followers and connections your social profiles contain do have their significant influences on the rankings as well. On the other hand, Google can detect the quality of followers and your connections. Thus, buying them won’t suffice the requirement. Instead, you need to build followings and friends organically through a strategic plan.

Working regularly with your social profiles will really help you build reputation online. It paves the way for you to start growing follower and fan base. While your posts including useful articles, helpful tips, open inquiries and general discussion items et al get noticed you start receiving the followers. Their interests are the beginning of a direct conversation to engagement you develop thereafter. Consistent social media activities prove helpful for you to encourage current followers to return. The sooner you start building your authority for the potential followers as well.

3. Optimize Your Content

Alike other search engines, social media channels are also searchable. Thus, you must optimize your content before posting them. A social content strategy helps the people search for and discover contents on social channels. Planning and researching on the keywords and their uses in headings, posts and even hashtags play pivotal role to improve the social search.

Once searchers find the right keywords, they go to profiles and click the links to get into your website, which you had desired. It not only helps you improve your ranking but also grows chances of converting traffic into customers.

4. Search and Follow Your Audience

The world of social media is transforming each passing of the day. If you are limiting your company in just one or two social media platforms, then you are undoubtedly going to miss out the biggest opportunities to get your contents go viral. Some people don’t use all social media platforms. You must have your presence on all popular ones as much as possible. It is important that you diversify your social media channels in order to get a high social media return on the investments through getting noticed.

5. Social Media Pages with the High Ranking Potentiality

Social Media Pages with the High Ranking Potentiality

One of the SEO benefits of social media is that most of the reputed social sites have their high domain authorities and ranking potentials to leave an irrefutable impact. Therefore, many of the pages on these sites, including profiles and posts, are likely to rank for the targeted keywords. That is why consistent social media activities are necessary and they can’t be underestimated.

6. Build Brand Awareness with Interactions

Social media engagement is always vital to attract followers with this aim to build the brand awareness. It would be a waste of time and resources if you merely post and ignore any comments or debates received on the social media posts. Take that into priority to get connected to those linking with you through their remarks, comments or even debates. Your personalized effort to valuing all those taking interest in you would strengthen the relationship. Getting involved with your audience through you replying back to them not only improves your brand awareness, but also help to get the desired search engine rankings.

7. Use Local Listings

local listing

Local listings on the social media channels help you to instantly improve your visibility in the shortest possible time. Improving SEO through using social media channels is also to create a local listing on the Google+. This platform will let people augur to write and discuss about your products or services you deal in. A company with the positive reviews tends to rank higher in the search engines. Facebook also gives you an option to feature a map, where you can provide your address et al. You can thus use such smaller efforts to avail the bigger profits in the meantime.


Popular Search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing, keep making updates and changes to their ranking algorithms. They take such steps with this aim to provide relevant and unique contents to each and every searcher. Social media have its positive influence in the eyes of search engines. Being active and getting liked, commented and even shared means you certainly get SEO benefits which you seek.

According to a report of Brand Watch in 2017, out of 7.6 billion world population, 3.5 billion has internet and 3.03 billion people active social media users, so you must not ignore the importance of social media. The users will increase so you should prepare for that and strengthen your presence.

Plan social media strategies now and do let them implement carefully. Do that in order to get the best results within a short time period. Professionally managed social media profiles and the execution of customized strategies pertaining to them thus tend to bring the relevant traffic to your website. They always leave charismatic impact. You can also get assistance of a content development agency in India to plan and implement social content strategies.

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