How to Repair a Damaged Online Reputation

How to Repair a Damaged Online Reputation Today

No matter how popular your brand is or how honest you have been towards your client servicing through offering products and services, getting negative comments indeed remains the part and parcel of online business operations. Sometimes, your client writes a negative review about your company or its products and services without thinking about the effect of the damage.

So, you need to get such annotations to go out of search as negative comments online might very quickly damage your digital reputation thus bring the doom. You cannot delete negative comments by simply deleting them as unwelcome entries. There are certain steps which you must take to minimize damages caused through such unnecessary comments.

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Whenever you receive negative or bad comments or online reviews which you want to be removed, start with focusing on the polite re-reviewing or commenting to make sure that while doing so you don’t dishearten even those who actually try to damage your reputation. In this digital business atmosphere today, you have online reputation management (ORM) solutions. This processes professionally supports you to remove negative comments and to get such reviews out of a search for your benefit.

Effective ORM strategies help you minimize such damages. On the other hand, they start repairing your online reputation. Repairing the online reputation of any company or brand is not a child’s play though. You require following the effective and highly strategic planning plus their implementation to get the tasks done. It is equally a time taking process thus you must maintain patience while the process is underway.

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10 Tips to repair your online reputation

Online reputation management experts who have teamed up with us and work on different projects have tailored the below mentioned common strategies. They are considered perfect solutions which can surely help you manage your online reputation. They would restore your online authenticity to the best. Apart from a cost-effective strategy, these would take minimal time to start showing results.

1. Research on what is being said about you or your brand

Firstly, try to understand what coaxed a particular person to start writing negative comments about you or your brand. Try to resolve the issues and request him/her to delete the negative comments. If the person is adamant or out of reach, then wait for the discussion to end. You can start the repairing process once the controversy ends.

2. Request to delete the comments or reviews

When you find something inappropriate about you or your brand, you should consult the site owner and request its removal. You must elaborate on your reasons for wanting the defamatory material to be removed and thus develop a rapport with the owner of the site to let one understands your point. If the information is inaccurate, you should explain that. Getting the negative feedback deleted by the review writer is the best solution. If not, then you should consider ORM service.

3. Apologize if necessary

Satisfying each client is next to impossible. So, apologizing can also work for you in such instances. One of the best ways is to apologize as quickly as possible. So, you don’t inflame the conversation ahead. Or you can also promise to refund the price.

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4. Choose Link building

Create and launch a link building campaign through the websites, blogs and social media channels. It would be helpful to improve the ranking of your website and to dishearten the negative reviews. Use keywords and keyword phrases to rank higher in the search engines. According to search engine journal, link building is still the number one activity to improve the ranking of a website.

 5. Hire an ORM Agency

When you are busy, it would be useless or unnecessary to spend your precious time and resources in managing your online reputation. Instead, you must hire an online reputation management agency for the said purpose. Such companies would have a team to analyze your requirement to create the solutions which best meet your need as quickly as possible.

6. Generate positive content to boost online presence

Generate a lot of positive content about your brand and its products and/or services. It will not only you to improve traffic and support your ongoing SEO strategies, but also build your online reputation. In order to restore your reputation, you must generate positive content instead of suppressing negative reviews all the time.

7. Push down negative reviews that you can’t remove

There are situations, when you are unable to remove the negative content. In such a situation, you should generate positive content and optimize the content for search engines. Once your content starts appearing on the search engines, then the negative content will automatically start going downwards.

8. Earn positive reviews

You should learn ways how to generate maximum Google reviews for a brand. Earn and appreciate positive customer reviews and thus you can push the negative reviews down in your search results. If you get a master in dealing with the unsatisfied customers, you will start getting positive reviews in no time.

9. Get Local

Take the advantage of local search on Google Maps and other sites as Google gives priority to local searches now. While concentrating on local search, make sure you use only authoritative platforms and avoid spammy sites. It will also help you to repair your damaged online reputation.

10. Optimize Your Website

Find out the terms in which your website has negative reviews and optimize your website pages and blogs to counter those terms. A bit tweak in meta titles, meta descriptions and alt texts will help you improve the ranking of your own pages and thus you will suppress the negative reviews.

Final Say

Whether you manage a company or you are a celebrity, it is obvious that you would be prone to receiving negative online reviews and feedbacks. The moment you get such things, you need to find out the ways or hire a company to take the comments and reviews out of the search. Negative comments will not only mar your reputation, but also decrease your sales. Vendasta reveals that 84% of marketers believe that they have to build trust to survive and grow in the future

Reputation management services would also prove helpful to improve the ranking of your website. So, you can opt for it for dual benefits. If you do not wake up at the right juncture, you might end up paying a very high price later. There are many organizations offering the service, but a bit carefulness and evaluation strategy will help you get high-quality services from professionals at cost-effective rates. SEO Content India is also an emerging company for a number of online reputation management services, including celebrity reputation management, brand reputation management, among others.


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