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Classified Advertisement Benefits and its Connection with SEO

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), many associated factors, as the most helpful strategies, come into forefront for debate. You need to rely on such SEO strategies to ascertain fast paced improvement of website rankings. They equally boost organic traffic thus increase conversions. Classified ads are the most economical options, and at times they are indeed free solutions for various business promotions. Their roles in generating ample traffic to backlinks et al to websites can’t be ruled out. It should be noted here that in usual cases, a free classified ad posting website doesn’t ask for funds at all. Some of them though are paid sites but their services remain somehow better than the free sites. They often carry a price tag depending upon the size and type of advertisements to be posted.

What is Classified Advertisement?

Known as Classified Ads, a classified advertisement is also one of the unique forms of advertisements to bring awareness about products or services amongst targeted audiences. They are smaller advertisements in the newspapers or magazines and thus aimed at selling or buying products and/or services in the specified arenas. In a changed scenario of boom in the online media outlets today, Classified ads can greatly help you to boost products and services and or your blog exposures in the online market at the cheaper cost. Even if it is a paid option, it won’t cost too much so it remains a pittance as compared to rest marketing strategies.

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Classified Ads in SEO

classified ads for SEO
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Yes, it has been proved time and again that classified ads can greatly help to bring drastic improvement in the rankings of respective websites. So, people use classified ads to improve SEO. In most classified ad sites, you get an option to place your URL. And, getting backlinks is one of the best SEO strategies available nowadays. In addition to that, you generate traffic for your website as improved traffic helps you to boost the rankings.

Let’s look at the 5 major benefits of “free classified ads” for your business:

1. Drives traffic to your site

Several free classified ads’ websites allow you to place a short bio of your company and its products or services by supported a link that point back to your website. This way you can easily peruse potential customers to land on your website. Once readers com to your website, it ultimately increases the traffic thus your site starts receiving organic traffic.

2. Saves your time & resources

Whether a newspaper or a radio ad, it requires full involvement of many people and their precious time to accomplish tasks. Through active roles of several people from both the sides being involved in the deals, they are being finalized to get the tasks completed. On the other hand, posting an online classified ad to a free ad site requires mere few minutes and less number of human resources. You can even extend the duration of your ad in the online option.

3. Free availability

Most reputed or market monopolized classified ads sites operate for free. You don’t need to make any payment to them while get your classifieds posted on such sites. Before submitting your ad though, you mustn’t forget to check domain authority and page authority of those sites. Remember that the higher DA and PA is, the higher would be rankings in search engines. There are a few paid sites too. You may ignore them if face budgetary constraints.

4. Provide huge platform

Undoubtedly, free classified ad sites maintain huge traffic too. You are benefitted from them after getting in touch with countless new customers post placing your ad on such sites. Therefore, your chances go high to approach potential customers easily increase. Through helping you to reach up to countless new potential customers whom you sell products or services online, you are being facilitated to open up before a huge global market for your business.

5. Easy to use

If you closely evaluate you can find that most of the reputed and well known classified ad sites are easy to navigate. They are highly user-friendly and thus remain convenient options to place orders in mere couple of minutes. They are so much systematically planned that your potential customers can easily land on the website through your website URL in mere friction of minutes.


On the basis of above mentioned assessments, it has been proved that classified ad sites can easily improve ranking of websites. They are great choices because they hardly take time to provide backlinks. Thus, they help you to generate traffic. In addition to that, they also have various other additional benefits which you can’t ignore. Your business can’t ignore their easy connectivity and boost to respective businesses to hundreds of thousands of potential customers in one go.

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Even without rankings, you can start selling products or services with the help of several such classified ads as they are visited by the loyal customers who keep exploring such options to avail at least once. To know more about such service assistances from SEO Content India, do contact us now. We will help you get your queries resolved in laymen’s language through our enriched content solutions.

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