10 new ways refresh old blogs

How to Refresh your Old Blogs in 2019

Undoubtedly, blogging is an empirical yet exceptional medium to convey certain ideas, voices, expressions and or business values in a creative language. Blogs promote your businesses yet don’t portray that enthused advertisement before the targeted audiences who might not be ready to accept the unwelcome advertising & promotional propagandas. Through the medium of blogs, you thus peruse your target readers to read for their knowledge enhancement, generate information, find ideas in a creative language and also become impressed of a particular product or service from your company yet doesn’t feel as if brought in the trap of some of the teasing promotional campaigns.

It could be a tough nut to chew to write blogs frequently especially when you run a successful ecommerce venture. Digital world too has drastic cutthroat completion today like we had been witnessing in the traditional businesses. Several obligations and one or other entrepreneurial preoccupations might make it impossible for you to write blogs every now and then. What should you do in such scenario the?

Can you ignore posting blogs on regular intervals to affect the already attained ranking just because you lack time to write contents? You can’t. Better to think of refreshing the previously written blogs in that case. You can save resources and energy by taking this sharp step. It will offer you equal feel as if writing a fresh content thus benefits you greatly.

Here the SEO CONTENT INDIA experts have enlisted 10 new and unique ways to refresh your previously written blogs in 2019 to avail remarkable benefits from them.

#1. Focus on the Brand Makeover

The ideas expressed in any previously written blog can be the existing on but there still remains ample scope to present that afresh in your brand facelift step to seek more attention. It should be noted well that even if your blogs are highly inspiring thus capable enough to have motivated your readers earlier, they would definitely be considered out-of-date after some time. While you are in the verge to keenly focus on a brand makeover, give equal importance to the existing blogs. Through getting them refreshed with newer inputs, you inject completely firsthand energy in them thus your blog turns fresh and best usable. It takes little time to get the task completed. Go for it and assess the remarkable outcome from that.

#2. Revise Blogs into Column Series

Your previously written blogs might have created wonders at a time you had posted that earlier. It might have given ample information on the variegated themes but it is bound to become irrelevant after some time period. Now, it’s the turn to refresh & revise such blogs to let them be presented into column series. It would require for you to have slight modification and refreshing for getting them fitted into any specific column structure. By doing so, you will definitely keep your readers hooked as they always wait to obtain more information from the future blogs. Present them under the specific series through revising your old blogs.

#3. Strategy for New Online Reputation Management

You write informative blogs to develop credence so that readers start following you and thus consider your authority on a particular subject. Your blogs can play pivotal role for online reputation management (ORM) strategies if written with this aim to appeal to maximum readership. It can definitely happen with the old blogs as well. Start with shortlisting the old blogs of a particular theme and then refresh them to suit to your new ORM strategy. One done, it would take little time for you to fulfill the ORM purpose with the help of blogs.

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#4. Polish & Tune Them with New Author Intros

It goes without saying that readers are always in the lookout of new writers to get their point of views. Even if you are presenting an old blog, if that one is reworked under sincere polishing, trimming and tuning strategy to be presented afresh to the targeted readership, people will surely have a look on it. When you present that like a guest post or a blog by a supposedly new writer, your readers start developing a new interest to read that. The only precautionary measure is that the whole process of polishing and highlighting a blog with a new writer introduction is done in such way that it must look a meticulous step. It will for sure appeal to your readers.

#5. New Content Format Experimentation

Content Marketing Institute suggests eight ways to take a fresh approach to content formats. By doing new content format experimentation of any of the previously written blogs to become fresh, you can create wonders in 2018. Any such blog can be revamped in the unique formats of Infographics, SlideShare decks, Live streaming, Video storytelling, Podcasts and et al formats to avail the possible benefit. The only need is that how creatively you refresh your old blog that should appear into an entirely new structure to appeal to all and sundry.

#6. Storytelling Blogging

Let the thread between your blog and literature tie to ignite a storytelling idea from any of your previously written and published blog into a new one. While refreshing the blog and by giving a personalized storytelling input, you not only refresh that but also narrate an entirely new voice to the old ideas. Creatively crafted ideas as incorporated in the previously written blogs with storytelling features will not only make them highly sought after before the readers but also bring an entirely new perspective to be accepted for knowledge and scholarly ideas.

#7. Theme Narrowing

There is no dearth of blogs on variegated themes. Several such blogs are written by mixing countless ideas into one as they are attempted to speak up various things in one go. Your previously written blogs might have such mingling of ideas. While you are planning to reuse them through this idea to refresh them to appear unique, let there be ample room for narrowing of ideas to obtain a new result. You simply need to attempt the spinning of previous work with a meticulous plan that requires to be focused at proper language editing and persuasive theme realignment. It will bring worthwhile results of the refreshed blog looking fresh yet thoroughly thematic.

#8. Language Consistency

It is art to say one thing in various parameters. Let your previously written blog do speak up similar ideas in multiple language parameters. Your focus should always be on bringing coherence in the language used to ascertain that even if same idea is expressed you have presented it in a different tune thus appealing to potential readers. Let them read a creatively espoused blog with a new thirst for knowledge.

If needed, get editing services in order to ensure the posts are grammatical and factual error free.

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#9. Engrossed Content Curation

There is ample scope to incorporate content curating elements in any previously written blog to turn that readable. Curata explains about many such tools to initiate content curation. Such tools can be applied in curating your own blogs as well. Simply pick up one from your blog bank and get that edited & rewritten through incorporating the content curating guidelines. Experts will make this task easy for you thus you can outsource such services to any content agency to do the needful.

#10. Increase Word Length

You might have used the thin blogs on previous occasions and also got benefitted earlier. Thin contents are no more appreciated or evaluated by the machines thus Google fails to recognize to crawl them. As you are refreshing your blogs now, let the smaller ones be increased in length to fit into the parameter of what the search engines want them to be. Besides adding extra words, you need to validate as well as evaluate the information being added and shared in them. It won’t require any additional resource but little bit of research to provide the updated information in a genuine word length to turn your refreshed blogs truly wizards in the particular themes having been described.


The fact can’t be denied that every written stuff become perishable thus fail to seek readers’ attention after some time. The need of the hour is to keep the ecommerce websites flooded with scholarly blogs every now and then. It is not always feasible to write & upload fresh blogs every time. You may have to shake up some of your older ones on multiple occasions to explain the old ideas with new energy. It will be possible only if you are aware of the options about refining and refreshing old blogs to work like a newer one with their additional vitalities.

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Above mentioned 10 unique ways can definitely leave charismatic impact in your contents creation plus management plans. The only need is that how persuasively you begin this task to obtain result. Several minor aspects are also there that would come up during the blog refreshing strategies. You simply require expert guidance to get such things done professionally. In case you are seeking such assistance, do contact SEO Content India now for expert solutions on blog refreshing. Our experts will offer you extensive guidelines in this domain like we do for various other content creation solutions.


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