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News Article Writing Tips to Increase Viewers

News is a fast perishable content. It requires a set of rules for the writers to apply while they write news stories. Writing a news story is an entirely different from of writing from the rest content writing categories including articles, blogs, website contents or numerous other informative pieces. This distinction must be understood in the specific contexts like news stories tend to present an information in a particular way and most importantly they are time bound. That is why news writing requires the writers to apply an exclusively unique format which differs from other forms.

The Newsy Elements

The Newsy Elements

Professional news writers need to focus keenly on the four important elements – the news; context, impact and emotion – in any news story being written. Skilled news writers therefore balance all such key factors while combining them to maintain the credibility factor yet making news stories truly interesting. The main art of a news writer to stick to is that one cleverly answers the 5 W’s and 1 H—that refers to the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How in the very first paragraph itself.

Your ultimate goal is to let the readers read that from start to end. If you fail in that to persuade them to read, then for sure all your hard work literally goes in vein. News story writers at SEO Content India Company are being groomed regularly to write the compelling news stories for the readers to enjoy reading them. All news writers at this organization are therefore thoroughly trained to learn the basics of the enlisted tips. Having the knowledge of newsy elements and techniques to craft a news story which remain a fact finder yet an interesting read thus ascertains readers’ attention.

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When a news writer implies all the above mentioned elements and prepares a news story accordingly, then for sure their news stories grab the attention of every single reader. Having this knowledge how to write a news article guarantees you to apply the credible factors in newswriting steps. A news writer conveys relevant information within a certain word count and brings the facts before a target audience concisely.

#1. Write Compelling, Informative News Lede

Your News Lede is the first thing which seeks the attention of a reader. If you fail to coax your readers to read at that point itself, then you are at the wrong track and need to rework on it to move ahead further. No matter how effectively is information shared thereafter, the flaws at the very first step would prove a biggest reason of readers’ disenchantment. Your Lede must convey main points of the story within 35-40 words and thus must remain interesting for the masses to literally develop interest for the whole news story. Always keep it in mind that target readers of news contents are common masses and not the individual groups or even the individuals.

#2. Provide All the Available Details

The next stage soon after the Lede is to prepare a short paragraph that will further elaborate the news story. Make sure that you are trying to provide all the details possible in that particular paragraph as a support statement to your Lede which can make the news truly appealing yet credible one. The first paragraph will be helpful for the readers to think over it and take a decision whether to continue reading further or not.

#3. Support the Facts with Additional Information

You must include any additional information which might help a reader to learn more and have detailed information about a particular news event. Readers want maximum information and you are supposed to fill up their requirements within the word limit. In addition to that, you must try giving a source to authenticate the information you provide to them through your news story.

#4. Edit and Proofread the News Story Minutely

A news story with grammatical or factual errors will irritate the readers dually. They will not only raise a question mark on your language skill but also on the facts shared. It is thus important that you should get a news story edited by professional editors. Hire a professional editing service provider agency or company to ensure you receive high quality professional editing services. Try to make your news story error free to the best extent possible.

The companies or agencies offering editing services check your news stories from multiple angles. They polish the news story by making it more coherent and effective for the readers to take interest in that. It is your duty to double check information like certain names, dates and or contact information and addresses et al in a news story. Give prime focus on that particular aspect.

#5. Use Relevant Images

Use Relevant Images

An image is worth thousands of words. Images play pivotal role in writing the news stories. Select the best suitable one for your readers to understand the news story to its fullest. It is thus necessary that you provide them relevant images with a news story written for them. Having original images are always better. If you use other’s images, do give him/her credit for that. Remember it that copying the images of others violate the Copyright laws thus you shouldn’t indulge in such crimes.

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#6. Conclude Your News Story

Why shouldn’t you appreciate and congratulate your readers for sticking with you to read the news story until end. So, do that through offering them something unique like providing the potential solution to the problems or challenges which had been expressed in the news story. Try with giving them good conclusive lines at the last as an expression of gratitude. It will be a truly learning experience for them.


Above mentioned tips will definitely prove helpful for you to improve the quality of a news story written so do increase the readership. Always try to keep these points into consideration while creating the news contents. If you want professionals’ help for the same, then for sure your search ends with contacting SEO Content India. We are professional content agency and offer all types of writing solutions for national and international customers. If you have any questions regarding news contents, just let us know that. Our professionals will call you to resolve the queries at the earliest.

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