Remove Outdated Contents

Remove the Outdated Contents from Your Website

Introspection reignites individuals to plan something better in life. It equally applies to the websites. Operating websites also mean that you keep assessing them on regular intervals for several things including enlisting old or outdated contents to get them removed. Why should you do so and take steps to remove such contents as and when required? Webmasters and website owners need to thoroughly evaluate contents of their websites on regular intervals, regardless of whatever industry or vertical they fall under.

Even if your pages are high ranking, don’t forget updating outdated contents as and when required. Why should you do so? Keep in mind that pages in the top SERPs generate traffic but you won’t be able to convert them due to outdated contents. Thus, keep that important factor into consideration. Resultant affect would be in the form of increase in the bounce rates due to outdated contents failing to engage your readers.

Even with the old contents, you are left with good choices: you can either remove that completely and or update to reuse after certain level of rephrasing. In case the changes sought are minimal, then it is better to just edit that to get done instantly. Whatever step you take, make your decision only after doing thorough research. It is important to ascertain that your other tasks are not hampered and you have total concentration on rest important roles of yours. Before moving further, you must know the reasons when to remove the outdated contents.

Reasons Why You Should Remove or Update Old Contents

Why You Should Remove or Update Old Contents

Outdated and aging contents can rank well in search engines but at the same juncture they hardly retain their potentiality to create a host of issues for the site owners thus better to be avoided. Below are mentioned common reasons why outdated information can literally become a nuisance and/or liability for you. Think over it and plan your website management accordingly.

Discontinued products or services which are never, ever coming back

Having the pages on the products & services that you have discontinued would be good until the replacement completely takes over. Outdated and aging contents can lead to high bounce rates. Inaccurate information being followed would therefore resultantly hurt your brand/reputation.

Features of products & services are completely changed

If the features of your products or services have changes completely, then better you modify your contents accordingly to suit to the taste of your readers. There are several notable points which you must keep in consideration while re-optimizing your website’s dead contents:

  • Don’t Create A New URL
  • Update Your Keyword Research
  • Optimize Your Call To Action
  • Start Promoting It Again

Medical or financial contents must be changed over the period

Medical or financial topics related contents need to be changed with time to stay on the top of what is the current trend and what isn’t. Readers always seek current as well as useful information that provide them thorough information to help make their decisions. If your website contains outdated information, then it is bound to harm your website by increasing the bounce rate.

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How to Handle the Outdated Contents?

How to Handle the Outdated Contents

You must handle outdated contents meticulously in order to control the bounce rate and to catch attention of new customers. Our Content and SEO strategists at SEO Content India advises the below mentioned tips about how to handle the outdated contents professionally.

Re-write the outdated or obsolete content

Google always gives preference and indeed literally loves fresh quality contents. It is better to re-write the old ones and re-publish them with new zest. Interlink them with other pages to improve ranking and thus gain the authority of your website. It is advisable to hire any professional SEO content writing service for the said purpose. Their trained and professional writers and editors will bring that new lease of life in your content to make them thoroughly revamped and unique contents.

Redirect outdated or obsolete content

It is also a great idea to redirect your contents to something more current. Indeed, this process is comparatively easier that simply requires one to find out a new page for an outdated content to point to that implement the 301-redirect.


Outdated or obsolete contents won’t help you to generate queries. The fact remains undeniable that such contents will certainly lead to improve bounce rate to bring more harm to your online branding. Therefore, it is advised to keep identifying such contents and thus take proper action to avoid any unforeseen or unfortunate situations which would be damaging to you. If your contents are not completely outdated and seek a bit editing, then go for that. Slight editing of low quality pages can definitely improve ranking of your website.

This is how you can fulfill the purpose to keep your website in the lead while re-using your outdated contents. The only need is that you do sincere efforts by keeping an eye on your website on regular basis.


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