how to turn unhappy customers into valuable resources

Tips to Deal with the Unsatisfied Customers

Both traditional and online businesses result into offering lucrative outcomes while operated dedicatedly. It should also be noted that when bringing the good fortunes through ample benefits sought, chances are high that you might face usual and unusual issues to handle in the business. So, profits are positive factors to make you feel that escalating trend to move ahead into the path to progress. While also struggling with tough times due to one reason or the other is something that might annoy but it ensures you face such challenges determinedly for incessant success.

Whether you are selling certain products or offer the services, it would be common phenomenon to welcome the dedicated and loyal customers as well as counter those that might annoy you too much. Many a times some unsatisfied customers would write negative feedbacks. You should be ready to face all such challenges of any such customers wholeheartedly although they make it tough for your business to sustain.

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Visionary Entrepreneurs Ignore Petty Loopholes

Visionary Entrepreneurs Ignore Petty Loopholes

The fact remains true that it would be almost next to impossible to satisfy each and every customer you serve. You should therefore remain prepared to face negative feedbacks of your impatient or unsatisfied customers with total patience and determination. Take that tough scenario as an opportunity to fix up certain loopholes in you which may have been highlighted in your products or services by that particular unsatisfied customer. So, its time you respond to negative feedbacks positively and with equal ease and sincerity.

It has been proved time and again that a good response to any customer complaint literally re-imposes faith thus it ensures that you receive that particular complaint only once because the perspective of your unsatisfied customer changes due to your dedication in replying a negative feedback. At times, you are brought out of the crossroads through considered and taken for a larger than life image they build of you. If you don’t reply to negative comments, your unsatisfied customer would otherwise further get fueled in the angers of revenge. They will consider that you took him/her for granted.

Chances are high that whenever such situations arrive that you ignore comments of the unsatisfied customers, they start writing more insinuating feedbacks on various social media channels or review sites. Such situations are more perilous than your apologetic replies you could give at the very first juncture.

How you respond to an angry customer would make a big difference between the customers who are satisfied with the resolution and the one vowing never to consider your business again. If you prepare yourself and get success in resolving a particular issue, you not only retain a customer but also convert him/her into a valuable resource for future. In order to build trust and credibility of your business, you must reply to such comments as quickly as possible—whether they are positive or negative. If a problem goes beyond repair, just apologize on behalf of your company to confirm to find a solution of a problem.

Here we bring some vital ways to turn unhappy customers into valuable resources:

#1. Listen, listen and listen

One of the most important points while dealing with an angry customer is to listen with patience. Until you listen to a person, he/she won’t feel satisfied. Take your time out to listen to the unhappy customers and think on finding effective solutions for the future deals. Whether you communicate over phone or email and or through a face to face communication, you should make your unsatisfied customer feel that how closely you’re paying attention to a problem that has been raised.

It is a proven fact that if you find solution of a problem faster, it will lead to motivate an unsatisfied customer to peruse to delete the damaging comments. You thus retain even an unsatisfied customer.

#2. Apologize gracefully

Keep the ego aside and apologize gracefully no matter an unsatisfied customer’s complaint seemed legitimate or not. Your graceful apology will bring a big change in one’s behavior even if you couldn’t undo a problem. At times an angry customer simply expects an apology for a problem and feels contented that one is being perceived right. In the online business environment today, it is an ardent need to turn an unhappy customer into a most vocal one to advocate for you to prove a boon in disguise for you to help you survive and grow. Once an issue is resolved, ask them to write reviews and also insistently request that negative feedback that had been posted earlier gets deleted on your ‘request.’

#3. Remain calm & try to control the damage

The reality can’t be denied and pushed downwards that negative comments always run faster than the positive ones with their too much damage potentialities. Your unhappy customers would not only write their experiences with you online but also propel others especially their near and dear ones to spread their collective anguish.

In dealing with them from beginning until the issue gets resolved, you should maintain cool and calm while trying your level best to resolve an issue amicably. Even your customer yells unnecessarily, you must maintain your calmness and so do you keep a situation under control. If you reply negative feedbacks in the same tone of arrogance, it would probably further escalate a problem to turn monstrous.

#4. Build a positive reputation

If you are success in pleasing an unsatisfied customer, then it proves a big reward for you. For sure that person would become more loyal to you than other satisfied customers of yours. Once an individual is in a fully changed mood and starts listening to you, do politely remind him/her to write a positive feedback about your company and especially the pleasant experience in getting the issues resolved.

Any of your customers, whose issues are being resolved by your company in one go, would literally feel delighted to share that story of conquering on social media platforms amongst others. Your company can share such reviews on the timeline. Remember, every unsatisfied customer can provide you a best opportunity to forge a long lasting positive relationship, provided that was handled meticulously and with utmost care.

#5. Follow up to cement the relationship

Ensure to resolve problems on time and by keeping the requirements of a customer into prime consideration. To a customer’s satisfaction, you must also make a follow-up to receive his/her feedbacks how your efforts were perceived. Convince them to contact you immediately if same problem recurs again. Try to offer them some discounts or free offers as per your suitability to ensure that one of your disgruntled customers is converted into a loyal one.


In order to run your business successfully, you not only require having an inflow of potentially new customers but also retain the existing ones each passing of the day. To retain those customers who may not be satisfied with your products or services, you need doing additional efforts. Above mentioned points will surely help you in this mission. Remain connected with such customers to literally turn them into the advocates of your company. This way you will be able to improve your products & services through an overhauling of what your company offers.

A retained customer is bound to bring more customers. You shouldn’t thus leave any stone unturned to satisfy each and every customer of yours. We, at SEO Content India, offer high quality and professional ORM services, SMO services and SEO content writing services among the bundle of services we offer. To obtain contents on real estate niche, food, health, manufacturing or product description industry et al, do get in touch with us now.

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