Travel Writing is Not Dead

Review: Travel Writing Is Not Dead

A burning question deeply haunt everybody concerned whether travel writing do have its ascent in the current context. Perhaps, travel writing is dead, some would claim while large chunk of experts firmly believe that it still maintains irrefutable impact thus can’t wane so easily. Large chunk of people representing the travel industry as well as other associated industries keep asking the same question whether travel writing dead or still maintains its relevance. Before we peep into what other renowned travel writers have said or expressed their ideas about this topic, as an expert at SEOContentIndia, I thought I must answer this question.

Today the world has become a truly global village because of technical resurgence and ample boom in the online environment. This renaissance in the communication infrastructure has directly and indirectly impacted the tour and tourism industry as well. None agrees to it that a travel and tourism company can survive today in the absence of quality dynamic websites whose rich and informative blogs and exemplary presentation create history.

It is obvious that too mark their place with greater pace, such companies always seek industry oriented contents which are capable enough to engage the readers besides improving traffic, building the brand and last but not the least generate the sales. Here is a point to make—writing ordinary content doesn’t suffice such requirements. The writer must be updated with the tips on how to write captivating travel contents.

Being a representatives of a well-established and reputed content writing agency, we firmly believe thus say optimistically that until now travel writing hasn’t died down. Our perception is also intrinsically enthusiastic that it isn’t going to die in the near future as well. Travel companies would always require regular flow of contents for their websites, blogs, press releases, videos and social media posts amongst others. Tour and travel industry is among the world’s largest industries with its effective global economic contribution of over 7.6 trillion U.S. dollars in the year 2016.

Benefits of Travel Writing Services for a Website

Travel Writing benefits for SEO

Why tour and travel companies always look for the travel content writing services? Travel writers at SEOContentIndia (SCI) have enlisted some important points to think and re-think. Please go through these points and share your thoughts about this topic in the feedback section.

Generates Organic Traffic

Problem solving and informative contents would definitely generate traffic for your website. With an engaging web content, you can easily convert your traffic into the paying customers. The overall length of time spent on your website by your audiences improves your search engine ranking as well. That is how you avail maximum benefit.

Improves Branding

High quality creative contents not only improve the ranking and generate traffic, but also builds your brand. People read the contents and visit your website thereafter time and again to find and evaluate anything which interest them the most. A proven fact is that content creation has already become one of the best ways to build brands.

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Supports SEO

Google always likes, loves and notices fresh, high quality and informative contents. Your website requires fresh contents on regular intervals in order to invite the Google crawlers to crawl your website. With such quality content, you can build quality link building strategies for your firm. High ranking also ensures increased traffic and thus more conversions.

Gets Returning Customers

If you attain success in creating contents which are truly fruitful and useful as highly problem solving informative contents, then you are bound to have your returning customers. Your audiences not only come back to your website, but also shares your contents in their personal social media channels for your further channelization. While generating travel contents, the writers must remain aware with the dos and don’ts of travel writing, which will definitely improve readership.


Travel writing experts have enlisted few points above to prove their point that “travel writing is not dead” and not going to wane at least for you and for the travel operators in the near future. Do you still believe that travel writing is dead while such exclusive contents come with bundle of advantages? Please share your thoughts on this topic. Tour and travel operators need websites and their websites would seek quality contents to provide information thus get the required search engine rankings.

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