Travel Writing Categories

Know About Various Travel Writing Categories

Whether you are a manager or a CEO of a travel agency, you must remain aware of the numerous types of travel writing options prior to hiring a travel content writing service agency or a freelance travel writer to fulfill your writing needs. There are many types of travel writing, so they should know about each.

Travel writing is not all about providing information about the travel destination or a monument to visit. It is indeed all about writing in the specific manner to peruse your readers to read the full story and at the same juncture fill in the query form instantly.

Why Travel Agencies Need Travel Writing Services?

Travel Writing Services India

It is almost next to impossible to run a travel agency without having a dynamic corporate website in today’s cutthroat competition. While you start developing your corporate website, you would require adequate contents to turn that website dynamic and authentic for your visitors to find something valuable in it. Blank pages won’t let you grab any new customer even though you had designed your website artistically.

Owning your website which hardly ranks in search engines would rarely prove helpful for you to receive new clients through organic searches. To get rankings on the search engines, you need to use the vital power of content marketing. It is mandatory to focus on content marketing strategies which always seek the availability of sufficient contents in the form of articles, blogs, press releases and et al to truly act as a savior.

Travel agencies also need to have a blog attached to their corporate websites for a different type of identity development. A blog is beneficial for you in multiple ways, including improving website ranking, building overall reputation, providing matter for social shares, starting proper and timely communication with potential and existing customers and last but not the least invite Google for crawling purposes. Thus, tour and travel companies always seek contents to update blogs regularly.

What are the Various Types of Travel Writing Options?

Travel Writing Options

Like other writing styles, travel writing too has variegated categories for exploration. Companies should know them before hiring any travel writing company, freelance travel writers or even a blogger.

Travel Blogging

Travel blogging means a travel writer would write travel blogs or create a guest post and or write as a contributor on someone else’ travel blogs for the persuasive travel information. Nowadays, guest posts have become a sure shot way to improve ranking of websites thus demand of travel bloggers has equally increased. It is a great opportunity for travel bloggers to share stories in compelling & convincing manner.

Destination Articles

Travel Destination articles

In the destination articles category, travel writers would write about the popular destinations from around the world. Through the medium of such articles, writers would describe about the places for the readers to know them and to plan travelling their one day after learning from such write-ups. These write-ups cover several important things, including the history, tourist attractions, natural sceneries, trendy spots and et al information about a particular place.

Website Copies

In this digital world, every single travel brand must have a website. It means that there are number of website pages out there which are in the dire need of quality and actionable contents which are genuine and SEO optimized. SEO copywriting services involve writing anything from the introductory texts on Homepage to the employee profiles as well as About Us page amongst others.

Travel Product Descriptions

Travel product descriptions play greater roles to coax the masses to travel many places to enjoy different types of climatic conditions. That is why travel industry has found a new boost with people’s eagerness to travel to many locations for once-in-a-lifetime experience. Potential travelers always look for the genuine travel sites to avail better deal through reading the meticulously written travel product descriptions. They are ultimate idea explorations to attain knowledge. Travel writers are usually asked to write compelling texts for itineraries, holiday packages and for travel-related gadgets.

Press Releases

Travel press releases are written for the media houses to keep them informed about any new product or an upcoming event pertaining to the travel industry. Press releases are frequently written and distributed to increase traffic and to boost up the link building strategies. They are an inseparable part of travel industry today as there always remains new products, new events, and new stories emerging in this industry. They always seek media attention, and press releases fulfill that.

Social Media Posts

For tour and travel industry, writing calls-to-action for Facebook and even Pinterest board descriptions is an art to explore. You should not write for the sake of writing something. You must write to get the attention through social media medium. In this social media age, demand of Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing and other related services has increased manifold. That is why there is an ardent need of social media posts plan for which you must involve creative writers.


Travel e books

E-books are frequently written to seek people’s attention. Travel and tour industry has ample demand of e-books as they offer you maximum information in one go. Apart from educating your audience, you should also ask for email and other details before allowing them to download your e-books. Usually though, e-books run between 1000 and 10,000 words. And, they can be about anything from the general travel advices to tourist attractions and similar other information sources and the niche destination guides et al.


Tour and travel solution providers must know various types of tour and travel writing services available before their exploration of multiple parties. While hiring a travel writing solution provider, you should not forget to check the credentials of writing agencies minutely. Reputed and known agencies, including SEO Content India, don’t compromise with quality parameters while preparing various such creative writing stuffs for their countless parties.

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